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Left Handers Club Newsletter – August 2013

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1. Left Handers Day – Tuesday August 13th 2013

Left Handers Day 2013

Our annual Day for celebrating all the good things about being left-handed is coming up fast and we hope you have downloaded your complimentary LEFT-HANDERS DAY POSTERS.

We have been advised of some events going on for The Day and we would love to know about any more, so if you hear of any please contact us to let us know about them.

Niwot Left Handers Day The town of Niwot in Colorado, USA was named after Chief Niwot, whose name translates to “Left Hand” in the Arapaho language. They started celebrating International Left Handers Day in the town in 2012 and have now made it an annual event.

Find out more about the Niwot Left Handers Week here

Mullingar The town of Mullingar in County Westmeath. Ireland is organising The Left Hand Festival from 9-13 August 2013 including a big celebration of International Left Handers Day on the 13th.

Find our more about The Left Hand Festival here

Our left-handed mate Ian wrote a song called Lefty's Lament about the ups and downs of being left-handed and performed it for us for Left Handers Day. We love the lyrics so we recorded it and did a video including the words so you can enjoy it and sing along!

Use this links to see the Lefty's Lament song and words

If you have any thoughts on the song or know of any other songs with lyrics about being left-handed, please add details as comments on our Lefty's Lament Song post here

Ian at Left Handers Day

We have set up a new Facebook Page for Left Handers Day where we will post all the latest information so please LIKE it to show your support and get all our updates:

Left Handers Day Help us to spread the word about Left Handers Day by posting on Facebook, Tweeting and Emailing your contacts, we have set up a page of links and content to make it easy for you to share here

Share Left handers Day

2. New Left Handed Products

We have got two great new left-handed safety knives in stock – specially designed version for safe and effective left-handed use. These are professional standard box-cutters including attachments for cutting wrapping film and sealing tape but also make great craft knives. They have excellent safety features, safe spare blade storage and easy open and close action using the left thumb.

Craft knife S3
Box cutter S5
Spare blades storage
Craft knife S5 blade

Use the links below to find out more an order either of the two models:

Spare blades are available for both knives but they take different models so choose the correct one!

Pastry slice left-handed Left-handed pastry slice / tart server

This high quality stainless pastry slice was specially made left-handed with the serrated cutting edge on the right side so it can be used comfortably for cutting and serving in the left hand.

Use this link to find out more and order your left-handed pastry slice

Other new products

We recently added new left-handed models of corkscrew, pencils, Yoropens and children's sets.

Use this link to see our most recently added products

3. Changing back from right to left

We have had a lot of articles and discussion recently about left-handed children being forced to change from writing with their left hand to using their right and the adverse effects that can have:

We received an email recently from Virginia that asked about dealing with the consequences of this and whether it is possible to change a child (or adult) back to being fully left-handed and whether that would solve the various problems that had been created by the initial change.

Subject: Left-handed to right-handed. Can it be reversed?

I am a teacher and one of my students (he's 13 now), was diagnosed with dyslexia and has very poor writing and literacy problems. He was forced to change from left-handed to right-handed at an early age – all his family were left-handed and, apparently, they didn't want him to be a lefty too.

I wonder if the process can be reversed and if this would help him to sort those problems out, or if trying to regain his left-handed abilities would make things even worse.

Can you help me?

We are not aware of any studies or research results in this are but Keith looked through all the comments on the previous articles on this subject and there have been a couple that are relevant and do seem to be encouraging for Virginia and her pupil.

Use this link to see the full article and add any experiences or thoughts of you own as comments

4. One-sided clothing

We received an email from Graham recently that got us thinking again about one-side clothing that is awkward for us lefthanders to wear and use.

As a pilot I can get a pilots' pullover with a pocket on the sleeve to stow pencils etc. However as a left hander it is simply on the wrong side (pesky right handed designers). Can you let me know if I can get one with the pocket on the correct side, that is on the right arm so I can reach it with me LEFT hand and go straight to work.

Graham W.

Pilot pullover right-handedWe have reported before on left-handed underwear and we will be doing some more research on this for the next newsletter, but we wanted to get your initial views and experiences to help us get started. Clothing items that come immediately to mind include:

  • Pants / briefs with the openings going the wrong way
  • Shirts with pockets in the wrong place (left arm or left breast)
  • Trouser with one back pocket (on the right)
  • Zips and buttons that open the wrong way (though there is a whole issue here about men's and ladies clothing and the opening directions being different)
  • Technical clothing such as Tactical Vests and
    Gun Dog Vests.

We are sure you have a lot more ideas on this and look forward to seeing your comments – add them to our post on one-side clothing here.

5. Prince George – Future left-handed King?

Prince George left-handed?We offer our best wishes to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their son Prince George on 22 July. With a left-handed father (Prince William) and other left-handers back in the family tree, will the future King be a lefthander as well?

It certainly looks to us like he is sucking his left thumb in this picture and that was a definite and very early indicator with both of our own children. We will keep an eye on him as he grows up!

6. Top five products for confusing right-handers

With Left Handers Day coming up it is a great time to get right-handers to use your left-handed products and see what a mess they make of it! Here are our top five products for letting right-handers see how awkward things can be for us:

1. Left Handed Scissors

Just draw a circle and ask a right-hander to cut it out with your scissors. Apart from being uncomfortable, they will cut in their normal anti-clockwise direction starting on the right – they will not be able to see the cutting line and will cut at least one blade-width outside the line before asking “how on earth do you use these scissors”

Link to Left Handed Scissors

Left handed scissors
2. Left Handed Corkscrew

Best just left around for someone to pick up and use! If they ever work out that you have to turn it ANTI-clockwise, they will still find the motion very difficult using their right hand.

Link to Left Handed Corkscrew

Left handed corkscrew
3. Left Handed Tin Opener

Right-handers will be baffled as to how to even get it on the tin, let alone be able to actually turn the handle and open the tin!

Link to Left Handed Tin Opener

Left handed tin opener
4. Left Handed Pencil Sharpener

Even though it is clearly marked and the design and blade edge position is reversed, it will take them a while to work out you have to turn the pencil ANTI-clockwise and even then, it is a difficult motion with the pencil in your right hand.

Link to Left Handed Pencil Sharpeners

Left handed pencil sharpener
5. Left Handed Ruler

Though it is obviously “back to front” it will still cause some confusion if you ask a right-handed to draw a line of a certain length, say 7.5cm or 3.5 inches. if the draw from right to left using their right hand, they will find themselves pushing the pencil or pen into the paper and have difficulty drawing a good line.

Link to Left Handed Ruler

Left handed ruler

Have Fun!

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5 comments on “LHC NL August 2013
  1. Vidisha says:

    The products here are a bit costly when converted to Indian Rupee…please reduce the prices so that they are near to possible purchase..further I like the idea of lefty pencils sharpeners and scale..they give a sense of being different..but again the prices are sky high.

  2. Andy Mack says:

    Top five products for confusing right-handers:

    I would like to add left handed guitars, the number of right handers who assume everyone plays rh style then they pick up my lefty guitar and go “Um….!”

    Its good fun for me.

  3. Derek says:

    About Prince George: since left-handedness often skips a generation, are we not hoping for too much? From King George VI to the Duke of Cambridge, on the other hand, suggests a bigger skip than just one generation.

  4. Peter says:

    The left handed cake slice is a good idea – but I still have not found any similar items that are the same size as for example a teaspoon, so that it could be used to cut a slice of cake on a serving plate. The cake slice at £12 approx is obviously much too big to be used by individuals. Can anyone help please?

  5. C Pellerin says:

    I heard polar bears are left handed

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