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Left Handers Club Newsletter – July 2013

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1. Left Handed Golf

Phil Mickelson wins British Open golf 2013

Congratulations to left-handed golfer Phil Mickelson on winning the British Open Golf tournament at Muirfield in Scotland last weekend. The 3-time US Masters winner has now added another Major to his collection and is the most successful left-handed player of all time. Mickelson is a natural right-hander who learned to play left-handed copying his father standing opposite him and it was so successful he stuck with it. A lot of people play golf the “wrong” way round for them and it can be a lot to do with eye dominance as much as hands.

We have a big section of information on left handed golf and have also researched the major manufacturers and online golf shops to make it easy for you to see their left-handed golf clubs selections and this is something we will be doing more on in the coming months


Use this link to see our page of information on left handed golf and left handed golfers

2. New Left Handed Products

Left handed key holder

We have a limited supply of left-handed key holders available, made from black leather and with a reversed left-handed design and specially made left-handed key rings.

The steel rings are designed as a mirror image of the usual right-handed ones so it is easy to get keys on and off holding them in your left hand (the standard design is made to be easy for right-handers and is very difficult to use left-handed).

Use this link to find out more and order your key holder

Left handed key holderleft handed keyrings

Left handed pencils

We have just had a new delivery of our specially made left-handed pencils printed with our slogan in a direction that makes it readable with the pencil held in the left handed (and upside-down if you use it right-handed).

It's a left-handed thing… You wouldn't understand!

Left handed pencils

The pencils come packed in sets of wither 5 or 10 and as we have ordered a larger quantity we have also been able to reduced the price of them by 40%.

Use this link to find out more (including a demo video) and order your pencils

and don't forget to pick up your Left-Handed Pencil Sharpener while you are there (reversed design so you can hold the pencil in your left hand and turn it in your natural anti-clockwise direction).

3. Left Handers Day – Tuesday August 13th 2013

Lefty ZoneAll year round, we have to fit in with home and office layouts designed for right-handers’ comfort – put up with household and work equipment that is designed to be efficient for right-handers and contort ourselves using back-to-front tools and gadgets that make us look clumsy and awkward in our efforts to make them to work.

The annual Left Handers Day is your chance to GET YOUR OWN BACK on your right-handed friends colleagues and family, by designating your personal space as a LEFTY ZONE where everything must be done left-handed! Download our unique Lefty Zone posters for prominent display, plus any others from our selection of LEFT-HANDERS DAY POSTERS to let right-handers have a taste of the daily frustrations we normally face.

Left Handers DayHelp us to spread the word on The Day by posting on Facebook, Tweeting and Emailing your friends and family, we will remind you nearer the time and give you some links and content to make it really easy to share.

In the meantime, download your complimentary posters here.


4. Left Handed Bridge

Bridge is a popular card game played by 4 people. There are lots of variations on the game and in some versions the players have to write down the cards in their hand before the game starts. Keith's Mum picked up the game card below at her bridge club where one of the players is left-handed, organises her hand in descending sequence from right to left and writes it down the same way (playing East on the card). Apparently it causes much confusion among the other players but she insists she is allowed to do it that way and the others are all back-to-front – Good on her!!

Bridge game card left handed

When we did some research on bridge and left-handedness it seems a lot of people think that left-handers have an advantage because of their creative thinking rather than the more linear thinking of right-handers (though both are obviously broad generalisations). Anecdotally, it seems a lot of very successful bridge players are left-handed and a lot of the top partnerships are made up of a left-hander and a right-hander so when working closely together they can get the best of both worlds.

Use this link to go to our post on Left Handed Bridge and let us know your thoughts on this and any evidence you can come up with and also if there are any other card games where left-handers may have an advantage or playing left-handed can cause difficulties.

playing cards left handed

We have left-handed playing cards that are marked in all 4 corners available in the Anything Left Handed online shop

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3 comments on “LHC NL July 2013
  1. Vidisha Vinay says:

    Being Left Handed is still a Taboo in India , in public but family YES…I love ur makes me feel different and msg to all righties we have two hands which are almost identical..then why the hip-hop on righty lefty thing…its just a hand..

  2. Mary Cole says:

    I am quite surprised that you think left-handers have such a hard time of things! I always think we are much more adaptable that right-handers or is it just me? I have two computers at work. One is set up with the mouse on the right side of the keyboard and the other on the left – it just suits the desk and the work. I have no problem at all and use a mouse in either hand without difficulty. My boss, who is right-handed, has great difficulty with one of them!

    My son once worked in a left-handed office – all four of them. One of them set up a row of computers with each mouse on the left side of the keyboard. Right handers used to come in, take the mouse in their right hand and wonder why nothing was happening (it was working the next screen along)! Actually, though, to have the mouse on the right side is surely better for left-handers as it leaves their left hand free to write etc.

  3. Pauline Woore says:

    I was looking at your left handed rulers, would it be possible to have a metal left handed ruler made as not all crafters are right handed, we need a left handed metal ruler so we can use it to cut card with and measure with.
    It would be worth looking into the tools that crafters use, that are just for right handed people e.g left handed guilotines and rulers for a start.
    Pauline Woore

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