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Left Handers Club Newsletter – June 2013 (2)

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1. Summer Flash Sale – 20% Off Everything!

Sale 20% OffHere is your chance to stock up on your favourite left-handed items before the summer at a big discount. For the first 100 orders only that we receive from Club Members, you can enter

Coupon Code LHC63

in our online checkout and get a 20% discount on EVERYTHING in our shop as long as your pre-discount product value is over £20.00

This won't last long so be quick! We will keep the code running until the end of June 2013 but reduce the discount to 10% after the first 100 orders, so you will still be getting a bargain.
Use this link to see if the 20% discount is still available now

Here are some ideas for essential left-handed items you can pick up under this offer:

Left handed scissors
Garden pruner
Left handed nib pens
Left handed watches
Scissors with reversed blades that cut cleanly
Garden and DIY tools that work properly and safely
Pens with left-handed nibs and lots of non-smudge options
Left handed and backwards watches and other gift ideas

Also don't miss out on:

Use this link now to see if the 20% discount is still available – be quick!

2. Things Right Handers Do that annoy us!

Wow! – this one touched a nerve! We have been inundated with comments and emails about the things right-handers do that annoy us. I have gone through them all and added them to our page on this here – Things right-handers do that annoy us. Use that link to see the full list or add any more of your thoughts as comments. Here are some of my favourites from the new ones:

  • Even though they take our empty glass from the left-side of our plate, waiters always replenish our drinks by putting glass back on the right side, so we have to cross our plate (and soil our dress sleeves) to get it. I once gave a waiter a hefty tip for recognizing I was left-handed and replacing my drink on the left-side where he had taken it from.
  • Putting knives and forks etc away in a drawer with handles on the right hand side.
  • Right handers change the handles of your drills and right angle grinders to suit them but don’t change the handles back when they return them.
  • Telling me there is something wrong with my scissors (I use left-handed ones).
  • Tablets are always packed the wrong way for lefthandersI've noticed that medication is always packaged so that it's more convenient for right-handers to extract. Every time I open a packet containing tablets, I open it from the left, where the medication is always blocked by the patient information leaflet, so you have to close up the packet and open it at the other end.
  • Right handers ALWAYS make their checkmarks backwards!

Use this link to see the full list and add your comments

3. Tying shoelaces left-handed

We have had a few emails recently with people asking about differences between left and right-handers in tying shoelaces and also saying that as a lefthander their shoelaces keep coming undone and is there some connection. We have found the same think so Keith contacted the world expert on shoelace tying, Ian Fieggen in Australia to find out more.

The short answer is, “yes” the way you tie your knots as a left-hander makes your shoelaces come undone, but it is not quite as simple as that.

Use this link to see the full story on shoelace tying and leave your own comments, experiences and advice and also find out about the Ian Knot which is ambidextrous, faster and, he thinks, solves the problem.

.Tying shoelaces left-handed

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