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Left Handers Club Newsletter – May 2013

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1. President Obama hit with a ruler
(for writing left-handed as a child)

Left handed president Barack Obama signing left handedWhen US President Barack Obama met Israeli Prime Minister (and fellow lefthander) Benjamin Netanyahu in March he told him that as a boy living in Indonesia, he was often hit with a ruler as punishment for writing with left handed. “When I was in Indonesia, it was considered bad manners to write with ones left hand.” Obama said. “Even though I would get hit with rulers, I just stuck with it” he explained, according to a press agency report of the conversation.

Obama was probably referring to his time at Santo Fransiskus Assisis (St. Francis of Assisi), a Catholic school in the Jakarta area that he attended from 1968 through 1970 (Obama lived in Indonesia for four years as a child after his mother married an Indonesian man). Catholic nuns are famous for wielding rulers in an attempt to break “bad” habits, but in Obama’s case, it was not effective. The left-handed president can often be spotted curling his wrist in a hooked writing style to see how his signature looks as he signs off on the nation’s laws – maybe we should refer him to our video on writing left-handed to improve his writing position!

2. Yoropens are back

The award winning Yoropen range has been out of manufacture for a while but now they are back, with brand new stock just received. These pens and pencils, with the offset writing head and moveable rubber grip are great for left-handers, encouraging a good writing position under the line and making it easy to grip comfortably, see what we have written and avoid smudging. They have had rave review from our customers and lots of you have kept asking when we can get more of them.

Use this link to find out all about Yoropens and see our videos demonstrating the features that make them ideal for lefthanders

Yoropen features

We have new stock of 3 items from the range as well as refills for all of them:

Yoropen Superior Yoropen Superior Ballpoint Pen

This is a high quality version of the ball pen that has refills available. It comes in Blue with blue ink or Black with black ink and each pen comes with one ink refill in it plus a spare of the same colour.

Use this link to find out more and order

Yoropencil Yoropen Pencil

The same great design in a pencil format with replaceable HB lead units (there are 9 spares stored in the body of the pencil that are pushed through as needed). Available with a Blue or Pink plastic body.

Use this link to find out more and order

Yoropencil Mini Yoropen Mini Pencils

A smaller version of the pencil and with softer 2B lead units for younger children (this is a set of two pencils, one blue and one purple)

Use this link to find out more and order

Find out more about the Yoropen range and orders yours today!

3. Bits and Pieces

A few quick links to things we have found interesting over the past month:

  • Left handed golf tournament. The second of these events exclusively for left-handed golfers will take place on 15 July 2013 at North Hants Golf Club, Hampshire UK.Let us know if you come across any other sporting events that you have to be left-handed to enter and we will give them a mention!
  • We were recently sent a poem about lefthanders by Nelson Allen Jr from Tanzania and we have shared the Left Handers Anthem with his permission. If you come across any songs or poems about left-handers or being left-handed let us know and we will share them.
  • Uhuru Kenyatta was elected President of Kenya in March 2013 and is a left-handed writer. He is pictured here signing the certificate of inauguration at Kasarani Stadium during his inauguration ceremony. See our Left Handed Leaders page for more.
4. Is it Me? – more quirky things us lefthanders do

Latest visitor comments on our page about unusual things left-handers do:

  • One of the many things that I notice is when I open (birthday) cards, they are always upside down. Likewise, my family always complains that I put the cards in the envelope upside down.
  • Most documents are stapled at the top left corner and that is easy for us left-handers to do while right-handers have to contort or rotate the papers round – a win for the lefties!
  • The various comments about the broom heads unscrewing was an Ah Ha moment for me. All this time I just thought they were poorly constructed!

Tell us more about what you do differently by adding comments to this page

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10 comments on “LHC NL May 2013
  1. Sally says:

    I find it very interesting about Left Handed items. My Mom, Brother and I are all SouthPaws, There were few, if any, left handed implements available. My mom was semi ambidextrous, and used things like scissors right handed. My brother and I both “converted”, using right handed things with our left hands.

    One thing I DO remember is getting routinely penalised for bad handwriting. You know the drill, with smudges on the paper, and on the side of your hand, from crooking it. My writing is still “unique”, so Thank GOLLY for typing! This place is Grand!

  2. Julie says:

    as we all share various computers at my work site, i always move the mouse to the left side of the keyboard, as this is much more comfortable for my hand/eye co-ordination. It’s amazing to hear the various comments of my right-handed co-workers, and some of the lefties as well( i never thought of that!) An ‘aha’ moment for a lot of people.

  3. Becky says:

    The yoropen looks interesting except for the fact that the printing is on the side that you would see if using it right handed-and the packaging is the same.

    • Keith says:

      That is correct and unfortunately that is the way they make them and we cannot have them specially printed and packed for us. They work just as well tough!

  4. Dulvan says:

    heyy keith.. I just saw your newsletter for may then I read about Obama story. I think I have same problem with him because I also live in Indoneisa which is the culture and manner about leth handed is bad, but after see Obama I feel normal now just like lef handed people else around the world… thanks ^___^, Regards, Dulvan S

  5. Peggy Hennessy says:

    I went to Holy Family Catholic School in North Miami, FL (from 1964-1973) and no teacher either nun or lay teacher said anything or did anything about my being lefthanded. And the same thing when I went to Notre Dame Academy in Miami for High School.

  6. Jacks says:

    I broke my left wrist during grade two and was forced to write with my right hand for two months. The teacher, Mrs. Pearson, asked if she could use the opportunity to switch me over because I was the only one in the class who was left handed and she was put off by it. My parents said no. When the term report cards arrived, my penmanship grade was marked as an F.

    My dad called the school and later met with the principal. At some point the teacher changed the grade and phoned to apologize, but my parents would have none of it. My father was a very mild-mannered guy under most circumstances, and very quiet. Somehow this got his dander up, I remember him telling her that if she causes more “trouble” he’ll report her to the school board.

  7. Keith says:

    If anyone knows of other famous people that were treated badly at school please add comments below with links to whatever evidence you have seen – Thanks

  8. Mani Thangadurai says:

    I hope those idiots at President Obama’s former school will hang their heads in shame! If I were in his position I’d publicly scorn them!

    On a positive note, I salute him for displaying such courage and stubbornness at a young age. Fair to say that it served him well!

  9. Barbara P. Turner in Chesterfield, VA says:

    I was in the 3rd grade at Sky Haven Elem. School back in the 60’s and I had Mrs. Bird for a teacher. She got mad at me and literally forced me to write with my right hand or either write “overhanded” with my left hand. Well, when I started doing that and my mom noticed and asked me why I was writing like that, she HAD A FIT! She went to our County School Board and almost had Mrs. Bird’s Teaching License revoked! Our 4th grade teacher Mrs. Martha Smith was the School Penmanship Instructor and got into the case and went to the school board with my mom. Mrs. Bird, btw, happened to be FORMER PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER’S AUNT! My mother didn’t give a damn who she was. She promptly left me alone after my mom and Ms. Smith got ahold of her at the school board.

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