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Left Handers Club Newsletter – February 2013

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1. Changing writing hand and stuttering

This is an issue that we have mentioned before as one of the effects of changing the hand of a natural left-handed writer, but following some recent correspondence from members we have decided to give it a bit more attention.

We have received a lot of messages from lefthanders who were forced to change as children and developed a stammer as a direct result. This caused them a lot of difficulties throughout their lives and we were deeply moved by some of the correspondence, particularly as this could easily have been avoided by just leaving them alone! In some cases, the person was allowed to change back and that fairly quickly cured their stammer.

Writing left handed      Writing right-handed      Back to writing left handed

We have not been able to find any specific research on this and it is a subject that is almost entirely missing on the specialist stammering websites we have looked at. Here are some extracts from a few of the messages we received:

  • My teacher wanted me to write right handed. She taped my paper to the desk and made me write with my right hand. I began to stutter and my father was on me all the time to stop. I was grounded and humiliated by my father. I finally told him what the teacher was doing with my paper to get me to write right-handed. My father went to the school and told the teacher to leave me alone and let me write with the hand I wanted to write with. My stuttering stopped.
  • …those nuns had it in for me and were determined to make me right, no matter the cost. In this case, of course, it was the horrendous stuttering problem that emerged. No one could figure that one out. Not the expensive therapist, not even me. I just remember beginning to stutter.
  • When I was in infant school and learning to write I was made to write right handedly. I developed a stutter and became distressed by this. When my mother discovered what was happening, she went to the school to complain and insist that I should be allowed to write with my left hand. The school complied with this and my stutter vanished.
  • For almost twenty-five years, I stuttered heavily, so heavily people would turn their heads and look in other directions when I spoke or attempted to speak. More than one job was lost because I just could not effectively communicate my ideas.

It is clear that there are many causes of stuttering and it does seem to be at least partly genetic and has been shown to run in families.   Given the high number of people it affects, the proportion of them who have changed handedness as a definite cause is going to be very small, but from what people tell us, it can be a very traumatic and lifelong problem that, in these cases, could have been avoided by just leaving the left-hander to develop naturally!

We would be very interested to hear more of your personal experiences and also find out if there has been any more research conducted into this that we have not been able to find.

Use this link to see our full article, more of the messages we received, links to related materials and to leave your own comments.

2. New products – inches rulers, corkscrew, Stabilo pen sets

Here are some of our latest new left-handed products – there are lots more in the new products section of our website.

12 inch ruler6 inch ruler

Left handed rulers with INCHES and centimetres

Left handed rulers are scaled from right to left so you can easily draw a measured line in your natural left-handed direction. Our original manufacturer stopped making these with inches on and for a long time we have only been able to get rulers scaled in cm/mm. Now we have stock of a 12 inch / 30cm ruler in white plastic and also a 6 inch / 15cm clear plastic ruler. Both are made in England and have the inches scale subdivided down to 16ths. Get up to 40% discount by ordering 3.

Use this link to see our range of rulers


Waiter corkscrew left handedWaiter corkscrew in use

Left Handed waiter's corkscrew

Finally! This is the corkscrew we have been trying to get made for years. The traditional professional corkscrew design, with a fully reversed anti-clockwise screw thread so you can open bottles in the natural left-handed direction. No more trying to hold the corkscrew still while you rotate the bottle, just wind it into the cork naturally with your left hand then use the lever action to easily remove the cork.

Use this link to see more information and order your corkscrew

Foil cutter – The end of the corkscrew has two moveable jaws that each have two sharpened rollers – just position the jaws over the bottle top, squeeze them into position with your thumb and forefinger and then rotate around the top of the bottle to cut off the top of the foil cap easily and neatly. No need to buy a separate foil-cutter, this does the job perfectly!Two position lever support – you sometimes find with this type of corkscrew that you cannot lift the main handle high enough to completely remove the cork and then have to screw it in further or bend the cork and risk breaking it. This clever design has two positions for the lever support that goes onto the top edge of the bottle – the first one gets the cork started on its way out then a simple slide action makes it longer and lets you easily remove the whole cork.Make opening your bottles a pleasure by turning the corkscrew in your natural direction. Or leave it laying around for right-handers to use (or not!) and they will see the difficulty you normally face 🙂

Use this link to see more information and order your corkscrew

Stabilo pen setStabilo pen set pink

Stabilo Easy Pen range sampler set

The Stabilo EasyOriginal pens with their fully left-handed grip area have been hugely and now they have added a gel pen and ballpoint pen with the same left-handed grip but with a click action to open the point. All of their pens use fast-drying ink to help avoid smudging. To give you a chance to try these great pens we have put together a set including one of each and also extra refills for each. They are in a good quality clear zip seal bag and have an insert describing all the contents so they are a ready-made gift and also give you a 15% discount on the normal prices.

Also available in a pink / lilac / blue selection

(for other colour combinations, please order the items individually)

Use this link to see full details of the sets and place your order


Use this link to see all of our current reductions and gift sets on a single page

3. Is it Me? – more quirky things us lefthanders do

Latest visitor comments on our page about unusual things left-handers do:

  • One of the many things that I notice is when I open (birthday) cards, they are always upside down. Likewise, my family always complains that I put the cards in the envelope upside down.
  • Keith's desk with Mac on the left and PC on the rightWhen computers came onto the scene I was in a creative field using apple computers. I acquired a PC later. I use both now and use the Apple mouse with my left hand while the PC mouse with my right! I know from experience that the Mac programming is more intuitive and the PC is more linear. Since many of us experience ambidextrous tendencies I wonder if others have noticed effects.Note from Keith – this is exactly what I do! – I seem to spend most of my life using a computer and have a large Mac and also a PC on my desk, with the Mac on the left. I use them both at the same time, often ending up using both the Mac mouse in my left hand and and the PC one in my right at the same time! – Is it just me?
  • Most statistics state that left handed people have a shorter life span than the right handed folks. I think I know why. They poll old folks homes for information. I believe we lefties are too smart to get stuck in one of those places therefore the data is skewed.Note from Keith – not sure we can back this one up but I did love it!
  • Is it me, or do other people have trouble writing with retractable pens? Its the pens that you have to twist one direction to get the ball point exposed in order to write. I find that when I write with them, the ball point keeps getting retracted into the pen. I think that if I were to write with my right hand, this wouldn’t be an issue.

Tell us more about what you do differently by adding comments to this page

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6 comments on “LHC NL Feb 2013
  1. nigel says:


    From Sunny Durban South Africa.

    me and my collegue work together and are both left handed ,the problem we have is that everything we touch either falls out of our hands or break. At home i break so many cups and plates. Do any other lefthanders have the same experience.

    poeple make fun of us saying being left handed is being clumsy.

  2. Tracy says:

    Hi there from sunny South Africa!
    I was wondering if you know of any research that has been done on the prevelance of lefthandedness amongst kids who were born prematurely,or with a low birth weight?I am finding from feedback of workshops that there seems to be a high insidence of this…..

  3. Janice Belton says:

    It’s lovely to share the tribulations of life that being lefthanded offers. We know we are different, but I have struggled with ironing, writing, sewing, knitting and other things I hadn’t given a thought to, apart from having a sense of “this doesn’t feel right”. I was brought up in a righthanded home and, although Mother allowed my lefty ways (her father was lefhanded and forced to become righthanded), everything I was taught as a youngster was in the righthanded mode. I am thus confused, of course, and cannot do some tasks in a true lefthanded way. I do a lot of work with my hands: sewing, knitting, crochet, DIY, woodwork, cooking etc and find it hard to teach others. With your help I think I will discover what is truly natural. Thank Goodness I have found you!!!

  4. Steph Quennell says:

    Ha, I thought it was just me and retractable pens! i do have that problem! Computer mouse with left hand and try to bypass logical thought processes when it says ‘right click’. I also have to re-thread my necklaces when I can as they go on back to front otherwise.
    I work from home and my husband does the admin – constant ‘discussion’ about filing direction and file orientation but after 32 years together he’s very good-natured about it as he recognises the value of genius and unpredictability – we tend to colour code a lot so I don’t have to read stuff.

  5. Duncan says:

    I havenot managed to use a computer mouse with both hands, I am so left-handed I find I can’t even do something as simple as roll a mouse around with my right hand with any kind of coordination.

    I have had that same trouble with the pens described. I avoid buying the twist type retractable pens for exactly that reason.

    • Mani Thangadurai says:

      Hello Duncan!

      I’m sure you know that you can change the orientation of your mouse by simply going the CONTROL PANEL section of the computer and clicking the HARDWARE + PRINTER section. You will come to the mouse area, and once you click that you have the option of changing the buttons for clicking and so forth. Remember that you need to change the mouse placement from right to left.

      I often use the left mouse for when I am working on my laptop!

      And as for pens, I recommend Pentel’s TRADIO series. It is a sleek black pen with a unique soft nib refill which is available in red, blue and black. The nib is perfect for writing, you don’t need to add force.

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