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Left Handers Club Newsletter – December 2012

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1. Site Search

We have recently set up new search facilities on our site that cover all of the information and products as well as information and survey results on our other web sites and should give you far better search results so you can easily find what you want. You can use the box in the top navigation bar of any of our pages

Search box and choose language

Or you can go to our search page here

2. New products – Child scissors and Leatherware

Here are our latest new left-handed products

General Purpose Scissors

New left-handed children's scissors

These lightweight child scissors have a larger finger grip that allows two fingers and can give better control of the cutting action and direction. With fully reversed blades for a clean view of the cutting line and rounded tips for safety. Available in 4 great colours and with a left hand logo and letter L on the grip and blade so everyone know they are left-handed.

Use this link for full information

Left handed essentials and junior sets

Left Handed wallets and purse


Standard right-handed wallets always seem to be upside down when you open them so things fall out and it is difficult to get hold of your cards and money.

This new range is made specially for us with a reversed design so they open the correct way and the card slots and other storage areas in the “left” places.

Made from top quality Italian calfskin leather to a very high standard these products will give you many years of good service. Use the links below for full information and more images of each item.

Small left-handed wallet

Full size left-handed wallet

Ladies left-handed purse / pocketbook

Use this link to see all of our current offers and gift sets on a single page

3. Last order dates for Christmas 2012 delivery

Christmas order datesGet ahead of the game and make sure you have all your presents ordered in plenty of time for delivery before Christmas. You can see recommended last ordering dates for various parts of the world here but why wait and risk getting caught up in the Christmas rush?

The next important date is: Orders for South & Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Far East, Asia, Japan, New Zealand and Australia need to be placed by early December (latest is 7.00AM UK Time on 5 December)

Orders for the USA, Canada and Eastern Europe need to be placed by Sunday 9th December.

Not sure what to select as gifts? Our Essentials Sets and Junior Sets make perfect presents!

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One comment on “LHC NL Dec 2012
  1. Robert Novickas says:

    I’m certain other lefties have experienced this. First of all, it’s the scissors thing. I couldn’t use the wee plastic scissors provided in elementary school. Some years ago, I bought your left-handed scissors, and I don’t regret the purchase. The problem: I can’t cut with them. I’m 70 and years of adapting to the use of right-handed scissors has enabled me to use them. I’ve somehow accommodated. But the left-handed scissors? The same thing happens with them that happened so many years ago. Instead of cutting, the paper folds over, and isn’t cut. So, depending on your age, it may be too late for scissors made for lefties! Thanks.

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