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Left Handers Club Newsletter – November 2012 (2)

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1. News Update

Latest news items and blog posts on our website – use the links to see the full stories and add your comments..

2. Multi-Buy discounts

Members have been asking us if we can give a discount for buying more than one of something as they often want to buy a spare or buy for themselves and a friend. We have looked at some of our most popular products and done just that – given you discounts for buying more than one at a time!

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Left handed children scissors

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School pens with left-handed nibs

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Left-handed writing guide mat

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3. Last order dates for Christmas 2012 delivery

Christmas order datesGet ahead of the game and make sure you have all your presents ordered in plenty of time for delivery before Christmas. You can see recommended last ordering dates for various parts of the world here but why wait and risk getting caught up in the Christmas rush?

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2 comments on “LHC NL Nov 2012 (2)
  1. Marilyn Patrick-Smith says:

    I found that I could learn to crochet as a left-hander, by using a pictorial training guide as a mirror image. Also you just reverse the pattern for a cardigan, for example, (ie, the LH side instructions become the RH side of the cardigan and vice versa. The most important thing for LH children and adults is not to listen to RH people who try to disparage your efforts just because it doesn’t look right to them. We are practical and able people who just do thing the other way round with the handicap of being in a mainly RH world. Left handers are resourceful and can find a way round anything the RH person throws in our path. Just insist that you are allowed any LH tools that are available.

  2. Marilyn Patrick-Smith says:

    I was astonished to read the results of your survey into the teaching of LH children. Nothing much appears to have changed since I was a child (I am now in my mid-sixties). It has been so difficult to spend one’s life as many of the teachers believe LH children should, without intervention and needing to learn to cope in a RH world. This means taking so much more time than our RH counterparts finding out what tools MAY be available over the years, hardly FAIR! My poor mother had to ‘brave the dragon’ and insist that the school allowed me to write LH. This instruction came from my doctor as being forced to write RH caused me to have nightmares all the time. The school acquiesed but insisted I sew RH! What a mess and a tangle of thread! Then to be castigated by the teacher for the sad state of finished object. When later doing needlework I had to use RH scissors. The difficulty is the RH needs to be on the cloth to steady it and the scissors lower blade needs to be nearest to the edge you are cutting. For a LH worker using RH scissors this is not the case and causes an uneven edge. Also if the teacher sews part of a seam on your project, you do not gain from this in the same way as your RH counterparts as you have to undo the whole thing and start again from the other end. You also need your work marked ‘LH worker’ to ensure you are not marked down by examiners. Sewing machines are even designed for the RH worker – a pinned seam by a LH worker ends up the wrong way to enable easy removal of the pins as you sew. I think that teachers who think LH children need to learn to ‘cope’ without guidance, suitable tools etc., should be made to spend a week in a LH world and see what they think then. If they had to use LH tools and write the opposite way for a week I think they would soon change their minds.

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