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Left Handers Club Newsletter – November 2012

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1. Teacher Survey responses

We have received enough submissions from teachers to take an initial view and it really just reinforces the points we put in our initial article and which we have picked up from our regular correspondence with parents and the comments on our website articles.

  1. Teachers are generally not given any specific guidance on helping left-handed children either during their training or in schools where they teach.
  2. There are only likely to be any school policies on teaching lefthanders if a left-handed teacher happens to be involved in the process of creating them and has their views listened to.
  3. Most teachers do not give specific help on writing for left-handed pupils and given the large number of left-handed teachers in our sample it is likely to be worse overall.
  4. Left handed scissors are provided in 60% of schools but the children are generally not shown how to use them properly.
  5. Nearly 70% of the teachers in our sample are NOT happy with the level of support provided for left-handed children and nearly all of them would welcome additional guidance on what they should be doing.

We were hoping to find some good practice and some sort of documented guidance or policies to help teachers in this area, but we have found nothing so far. We were also hoping to mobilise some parent power to make this a large and influential survey but the response has been very limited so maybe this is just not something people are concerned enough about to want to help change things?

Our plan now is to take the best of all the information on helping left-handed children from our own website and books and put it together as a short guidance note for teachers – more information coming soon.

You can see the full report on the results so far and leave your comments here

2. Left handers Essential Sets and Child Gift Sets

We have created some sets of our most popular products and packed them in high quality clear zip bags with printed inserts describing the contents so they will make ideal and very easy presents for any lefthander. There are 3 sets for adults and 4 sets for children of different age ranges (though we do not show the age range anywhere on the pack so you can decide what is most appropriate). Use the links below to see full descriptions and bigger pictures of the sets and all the items in each.

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Essential Scissors Set

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Kitchen Essentials Set

Left Handed Kitchen Essentials Set

The kitchen is a place where left-handers can feel most awkward unless they have our essential kit – left handed kitchen scissors, tin opener, peeler, anti-clockwise corkscrew and, of course, a left-handed bread knife

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School Starter Set

Left Handed School Starter Set (4-6)

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School Junior Set

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School Senior Set

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3. Last order dates for Christmas 2012 delivery

Christmas order datesGet ahead of the game and make sure you have all your presents ordered in plenty of time for delivery before Christmas. You can see recommended last ordering dates for various parts of the world here but why wait and risk getting caught up in the Christmas rush?

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4. Backwards calendar 2013 with Sunday first

Backwards calendar with Sunday first

In response to overwhelming demand, I have now created a version of the 2013 backwards calendar with Sunday as the first day of the week and you can download it here. I also wrote a short article about what day is the first day of the week and you can see it here

We also have a limited supply of our left hander's block calendar and left hander's desk diary available.

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One comment on “LHC NL November 2012
  1. tom lockley says:

    hello tom lockley here, i am sorry that i have only just got myself about things that have just got back to myself,as a lefty i never new about that because i could use both hands just i only write left handed i cannot write with right hand . as a sheet metal worker i could use both hands with tools and machines, where others could not. i am now retired and just sit back but it bore’s me so i always find things to do most me look after lawn and make model ships in the winter. yes i am a lefty but i was always from school and being a metal worker i never had any problems from any one.

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