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Left Handers Club Newsletter – October 2012

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In this issue..

1. Backwards Calendar for 2013
2. Left Handers Block Calendar and Desk Diary for 2013

More to follow soon on gift sets for Christmas and follow up from our teacher training survey plus our guidance notes for teachers.

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1. Backwards Calendar for 2013

Each year we produce a backwards” calendar running from right to left as a lot of people seem to enjoy it and ask for it. Like anti-clockwise watches, lefthanders find it a lot easier to read than right-handers so it is nice to confuse them! Our Backwards Calendar has now been updated for 2013 and you can download it free in various formats using the link below.

Backwards Calendar

Download the 2013 Left Handers Club calendar

2. Left Handers Block Calendar and Desk Diary for 2013

We have now got the 2013 versions of these calendars in stock, but we only have a limited number and will not be getting any more so be quick if you want one! There are more images of the products and videos of them on the product pages.

2012 Left Handed Block Calendar
2012 Left Handed Diary
Celebrate what it means to be a left-hander with trivia, facts, quotes, anecdotes, legends and more about left-handers and handedness.Each tear off page of this daily calendar includes a little known fact, quote, bit of trivia, or tale about left-handedness, or information about a famous left-handed person. It also recognizes the birthdays of famous left-handed people (a lot of them American).Left-Handers day-to-day Calendar is a block design with a tear-off page for each day. 365 pages. Size:5.5 x 5.5 x 1.7 inches; 140 x 140 x 43mm This is a spiral bound desk diary tailor-made for us lefties. To make it easier to use, it features planning pages on the left side of each weekly spread and ample space for notes. The right side features an interesting fact about left-handedness. The calendar also recognizes the birthdays of famous left-handed people.Following much pressure from us and Club Members, the publishers have now reversed the printing so that it opens from left to right – the proper direction for us lefties.52 double-page spreads, one for each week of the year.
Size: 7 x 9 x 0.5 inches; 178 x 229 x 13 mm
Left Handed Block Calendar £9.99 / $16.06 Left Handed Desk Diary £9.99 / $16.06


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