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Left Handers Club Newsletter – August 2012

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In this issue..

1. Left Handers Day is coming – August 13th 2012
2. New range of bevelled Left Handed Knives

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1. Left Handers Day is August 13th 2012

Create a lefty zoneThis year, we are going to:

  • Help you create your own LEFTY ZONE
  • Raise awareness of the need to give teachers guidance to help left-handed children

All year round, we fit in with home and office layouts designed for right-handers’ comfort – put up with doors, cookers, sinks, computer mice, keyboards and desks that are efficient for right-handers to work at, and hundreds of times every day we contort ourselves using back-to-front tools and gadgets that make us look clumsy and awkward in our efforts to make them to work…

On Left Handers Day, it is your chance to GET YOUR OWN BACK on your right-handed friends colleagues and family, by designating your personal space as a LEFTY ZONE where everything must be done left-handed! Download our unique Lefty Zone posters for prominent display, plus any others from our selection of FREE LEFT-HANDERS DAY POSTERS, re-arrange the room for your convenience, and settle down to enjoy the Left Handers Day website, totally dedicated to YOU.

How your brain is organisedIn addition to having a bit of fun we are using this Day to raise awareness of the issues arising from our recent article and feedback on teacher training and left-handed children. We have sent out a press release about this and expect to get some good media coverage of the story. If you have any connections in the media, please pass on the information.

Have a look at our Left Handers Day web site for all the latest information

2. New range of bevelled Left Handed Knives

Most normal” knives for right-handers are serrated on the LEFT of the blade – the idea being that the effect of the serrations counter-acts the natural inward (clockwise as you see it) twisting action of the right hand, leading to a straight cut. If a left-hander uses one of these knives, the serrations actually EMPHASIZE the natural anti-clockwise twisting motion of the left hand which leads to the classic overhanging” loaf or whatever is being cut. All our knives are serrated on the RIGHT side of the blade to give the correct balanced action for left-handers and generally people are very pleased that they can suddenly cut straight!

Cutting with a left-handed knife The correct way for a left-handerThe serrations are on the right side of the blade to counterbalance the natural inward twisting motion of the left hand, giving a nice straight cut.
Cutting with a right-handed knife The wrong wayThe serrations on a normal bread knife exaggerate the natural twisting motion of the left hand leading to a curved slice and an overhanging loaf.

See our feature on left-handed knives and the customer comments we have received about them

Our scalloped blade range of knives has been always very popular but some kitchen jobs are better done with a plainer, bevelled blade, but it still works a lot better in the left hand if it is bevelled just on the right side of the blade. We have now found a manufacturer to produce a range of high-quality bevelled knives for us, with dual density handles for great grip and balance. They are top quality steel and all dishwasher safe.

Left handed bevelled cooks knife

There are 4 matching knives in the new range – clicik on an image or item name to find out more or order.

Left handed paring knife Paring Knifewith the 70mm / 2.75 inch blade bevelled on the right side of the blade
Left handed vegetable knife Left Handed Vegetable Knifewith the 110mm / 4.25 inch blade bevelled on the right side of the blade
Left handed cooks knife Left Handed Cooks Knifewith the 180mm / 7 inch blade bevelled on the right side of the blade
Left handed bread knife Left Handed Bread Knifewith the 220mm / 8.5 inch blade scalloped on the right side of the blade for use in the left hand and to give a cleaner cut in bread.

Order at least 3 knives from our Chef Knives range and you will get 50% off the price of the cheapest one – just add them to your cart to see the discount calculated.

Use this link to order your knives

If you think the information and entertainment we provide is useful, please show your appreciation with a contribution towards our costs.

Find out more and make a contribution – thank you! (Paypal or cards)

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7 comments on “LHC NL August 2012
  1. Rosalind says:

    Are there such things as left handed pastry forks and pie slicers? I manage most r-h cutlery OK but these things are a pain.

    A left handed meat slicer (those things with a circular blade) and a hand mincer (The kind that either clips onto the edge of a work surface or has a suction cup underneath) would be useful too.

    • Keith says:

      We do not have any manufacturers fopr these items at the moment but I will add them to our list of items we are trying to source. You can see the list here

  2. Githio says:

    Hi,Am a leftie!
    Why do i always bump on other people along the path?Does it always happen to other left handers?

  3. CAROLYN DALY says:


  4. Ernie says:

    First I have ever heard of a left handed knife???

    • Keith says:

      A lot of people haven’t and just wonder why they can’t cut straight!
      Find out all about them here
      And see our range of left handed knives here

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