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Left Handers Club Newsletter – July 2012

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In this issue..

1. Left handed children and teacher training follow up
2. New left handed products
3. Your Left handed Child Ebook version

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1. Left handed children and teacher training follow up

We recently produced an article on the lack of guidance given to teachers on helping left handed children and asked for your feedback. We had a huge response, with over 200 comments totaling some 30,000 words and hundreds of emails – this is certainly the biggest response to anything we have ever posted.

We have put all this together as a series of pages on the website together with our thoughts on ways to improve the situation and ourt plan of action. This newsletter is a high level summary of the information with links to the various pages. If you want to just start at the top and read down the detail, have a look at our new page

Teacher Training and Left handed Children
– Follow up and initial feedback review

Writing left handed at schoolOur main conclusions from all the feedback we got are:

  • Despite many years of campaigning by ourselves and others, there is still virtually no guidance given to teachers on how to help left-handed children
  • An awful lot of lefthanders have had problems at school and not been supported by their teachers.   This has ranged from punishments and actively forcing them to change hands to just apathy and lack of knowledge so the left-handed children are left to get on as best they can on their own. (see detailed comments on teacher and parent experiences)
  • A lot of people think that only if the teacher is left-handed will they have any idea of what is needed, and even that is not always true.   There were many suggestions that all teachers should be made to perform the basic tasks their students face left-handed themselves to understand the issues involved.
  • When children do start to get some support and guidance, it is usually because their parents have complained to the school and insisted that their child is not forcibly changed or can be allowed to use the left-handed equipment they have purchased themselves.
  • Cutting left-handedWe also got a couple of very surprising comments from people that thought teachers should NOT try to give any special help to left-handed children and they are better off just working out how to do things themselves and learning to use right-handed equipment. (see these and comment yourself here)

We are going to re-start our campaign to improve this situation, starting with a simple questionnaire parents can take their children's schools to find out what, if anything is available to show teachers how to help left-handed children and and how it is being used. We will provide an online form for the answers and for you to attach any scanned paperwork so we can collate all the information.

You can help! – we will send an email when the questionnaire is ready – please pass it to your child's school and try to get some answers then send them back to us.

We will be doing a press release on this to raise awareness over the summer and will have the questionnaire ready for you to download in plenty of time for the start of the new school term in September.

Links to detailed information from this exercise:

Teacher experiences and lack of guidance

Positive comments on teachers and lefthandedness

Views that teachers should NOT provide special guidance for left-handers

Writing left-handed

Equipment problems (scissors, desks, computers, other items)

Forced change of hand

Advice and guidance to help lefthanders

History of the LHC campaign to get guidance on left-handed children to teachers

We look forward to your further feedback on this – add your comments to the relevant pages of information – and we will be particularly interested to hear from people who have time or resources to campaign on this issue in their own local school, area or country.

2. New left-handed products

Here are some products that have recently been added to our website

Maped Visio left handed ball pen Maped Visio left handed ball penThis pen features a hooked neck and off-centre tip which allows left handers to see what they are writing clearly and as the fingers are further away from the tip there is less chance of smudging. The pen has a soft-touch triangular grip area with the finger and thumb indentations positioned to encourage a correct left handed writing grip.
The fast-drying non-smudge ink gives a smooth ink flow for easy writing without any skipping when pushed across the page left-handed.

Maped Visio left handed ball pen

Also available in sets of 2 and 3

Vice Versa tape measure Vice Versa left/right tape measure 5mThe dual reading metric blade markings mean you can take a measurement from either the left or the right without the blade markings ever being upside down. And because the blade markings are printed on the underneath of the blade you can also do the same when working above head height.Note that this tape measure only has metric scales as all the space is used to show them in the four different directions.

Vice Versa Tape measure

Our standard left handed retractable tape measure 3m / 10 foot length marked in metric and feet and inches is also back in stock.


Left handed butterfly tin opener Left handed ‘Butterfly' tin opener 

This classic design is now back in stock in the full left-handed version. This is the high quality Everest brand product – hold in the right hand, put on the left side of the tin and push the top handle away from you with the left thumb(see our video on the product page)

Left handed butterfly tin opener


Maped left handed child scissors 6 inch Maped Left handed child scissors6 inch / 16cm for older children

Strong, lightweight child scissors with blades reversed for left handed use. 16cm / 6 inch overall length with two colour plastic moulded handles also designed specially for left handed use. Rounded blade ends for safety. Blades are marked with a left handed logo to show they are left handed child scissors.

Supplied on a card with clear plastic blister.

Maped 6 inch / 16cm child scissors

3. Your Left Handed Child Book download ebook version

Left Handed Child ebookLauren's definitive book on left-handed children is now available as an instant download that you can read using your computer or print pages for reference.

The physical book version is normally £9.99 plus postage, but the download ebook version is only £4.95 and with no delivery charge.

Full details and ordering information here

Essential reading for any parent or teacher of a left-handed child, this book is a practical and comprehensive guide to the challenges your left-handed child may encounter from their first years right through school life and beyond. From basic skills like dressing and handwriting, to learning new sports and musical instruments, this beautifully illustrated book explains common problems caused by right handed bias in equipment and layout and gives ways to help your child harness their creativity and problem-solving skills to become adaptable and confident in a right-handed world. Written by Lauren Milsom, a leading expert on handedness and founder of the Left-Handers Association, it gives a fantastic insight into a left-hander's perspective, covering aspects such as:

  • Development of left-handedness
  • Pre-school development
  • Strategies for everyday life
  • Left-handedness in school
  • Sport
  • Music
  • Practical and educational resources

Full details on how to order your download book here

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18 comments on “LHC NL July 2012
  1. Jennifer Micheli says:

    Good morning

    I have just printed out the Left-hander’s Calendar 2013. I have one question. Why did you start the week on Monday? Traditionally, the start of the week had always been Sunday on calendars. It is is so confusing.

    Regards, Jennifer

  2. charlotte stewart says:

    Anything Left Handed have the best left handed knives.
    I have been given a left handed breadknife from another supplier and it is not at all good. I can’t see where the fault lies but it is just as hard to use as a right handed knife.
    My Anything Left Handed paring knife is fantastic.
    Please carry on with educating teachers to help left handers. This does not happen at the colleges.

  3. Nicolette says:

    Hi, lovely ideas on this newsletter. It got me thinking…. we lefties are so used to facing ‘unfriendly situations’ and trying to solve how we will handle them, that we do not realise how easier life is for right handed people. One case in point is the left-handed tin opener. I always thought opening tins was such a chore – obviously because i had to use my right hand. Now I know how to overcome this silly problem. 🙂

  4. BigRedZingingFish says:

    I am left handed and so is my oldest son. My Mother used to tell me that in school some teachers ‘might’ try to make me change the hand I write with and if they did I should tell them…:”This is the way God made me and if you want to know anything further you need to speak with my Mother on the subject.

    There were several teachers that did try and I told them what Mom said to tell them and they never again tried to change me. They would occasionally make small comments but I kept on writing left handed and I have beautiful handwriting.

    Even as recent as 20 years ago they still had desks with a clamp they would use to clamp down a child’s left arm to their side so they were unable to use it in order o force them to write with their right hand.

    I have been asked on many occasion to help teach a left handed child to tie their shoes.
    This is sad they do not try to help the children more.

  5. Peter says:

    I did bring up the topic of dessert spoons with a serrated edge some time ago, but you were unable to help. I have some such spoons with the serrated edge on the left side, but of course for the left hander the serration should be on the right edge, so that dealing with for instance a slice of melon life would be a lot easier. My spoons were made in Japan and I wonder if you are now able to come up trumps with a solution with this very difficult situation – otherwise I shall have to give up eating melon.!!!! Awaiting you comment.! Cheers.

  6. Pauline Summers says:

    Any chance of finding a lefties camcorder?

  7. susan says:

    Oyster card swipe machines at underground stations, rail station ticket swipe machines and new airport swipe passports security at Gatwick are all on the righthand side. Is there anywhere where there is a choice?

  8. Sandra Weightman says:

    Hi, Has anyone else ever mentioned the problems faced at bank cashier/counters i.e. pen on the right side, not enough space to ’tilt’ paperwork so you can write etc? I always try to keep a pen in my handbag, but sometimes have to ask the bank cashier if I can borrow hers because the one provided is chained down on the right-hand side. I always get a frown when I explain that I am left-handed.

    This newsletter is fab! Keep up the good work 😀

  9. Debra Hodge says:

    Hi Love to hear from ya’ll in the UK. Just wondering if you would like to expand
    here in Pensacola Florida. I think it would be a wonderful thing.

    Debbie (850) 525-5982

  10. Tiffany says:

    Is there any where you can get a left handed liquid measuring cup? I have been looking for one for years and have been unsuccessful.

    • Judy says:

      I have glass liquid measuring cups in three sizes (1cup, 2 & 4). They all have measures on both sides of the handle. I view the measured liquid from opposite side which may be another solution. My brands are Oven Best, Pyrex & Fire-King. Hope this helped Tiffany.

    • Ken Johnson says:

      The Pyrex one litre measuring jug is symmetrical with scales in pints and litres on both sides, so it’s easy to use it left handed.

    • Diana says:

      Hi Tiffany, I have a great set of measuring cups from Pampered Chef that you look straight down into to measure your ingredients. The handles are extended lips with rubber covers at one end with the pour edge at the other end. Sizes are 1- 2- and 4-cup, and they are microwave safe. Awesome for lefties!

  11. Sofia says:

    Where can I buy the left-handed products??

  12. Neil White says:

    Was wondering if the information for teaching left-hand writers has been forwarded to places such as TES or teacher training xolleges/uniiversities such as NEWI or Goldsmiths College, University of London or individual schools for their feedback…or even Education Authorities for thei resource centres?
    Not being left handed although now with a grandchild who is this is all new to me

    • Keith says:

      Hi Neil
      We are going to finalise the guidance and make it available to parents plus send it to everyone we can think of once we get some more feedback on what is happening at the moment and what is already acceptable best practice in schools, though we are finding it hard to get that. Hopefully the questionnaire we are going to publish soon will help.

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