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Left Handers Club Newsletter – March 2012

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In this issue..

1. News round up

2. More new left handed products

3. Left Handed Cartoon characters

4. Left handers Desk Diaries half price

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1. News round-up

Here are some of the left-hand related stories that have caught our attention recently:

  • Lefties vs. Righties: How we decide differentlyWe like to think that we make decisions based on our ideas of right and wrong – and we do, to an extent. But according to recent research, our choices may also be influenced by something as simple as whether we're right or left handed.That's because right-handed people are more drawn to things on the right side of a screen or page, while left-handed people look to the left. Cognitive scientist Daniel Casasanto of The New School for Social Research says it's part of the “body-specificity hypothesis” – the idea that our physical bodies affect the decisions we make and the way we communicate with one another.Click here to read the full story

    and use this link to make your comments on this on our blog post

  • Top 10 most powerful left-handersThere was a video featured with the story above that listed the most powerful left-handers in the world and also some interesting facts about being left-handed This was their list:1. Barack Obama – US President2. Bill Gates – founder of Microsoft

    3. Benjamin Netanyahu – Prime Minister of Israel

    4. Oprah Winfrey – TV personality and media owner

    5. Hugo Chavez – President of Venezuela

    6. Michael Bloomberg – New York Mayor

    7. Fidel Castro – President of Cuba (up to 2008)

    8. Bill Clinton – past US President

    9. David Cameron – UK Prime Minister

    10. Felipe Calderon – President of Mexico

    What do you think of this list? If you have any other left-handers you think have been missed out please add them as a comment on our article here

    Top 10 most powerful lefthanders

  • The Health Risks of Being Left-Handed This has been a recurring story over many years – how left-handers are more susceptible to a whole range of diseases and problems, have more accidents, die younger etc etc. We always take these stories with a large pinch of salt and often it turns out the research was flawed or based on very small samples that were not valid, but it keeps us entertained!The Wall Street Journal ran a nice article on this recently that we thought you may fine interesting and have some thoughts on. It covers, among other things:* Dyslexia, schizophrenia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD

    * Babies born to older mothers and with stress in the womb

    * IQ and thinking methods

    and references to some interesting studies

    Use this link to see the article (link removed – see below)

    (sorry, but it seems the WSJ changed the status of this article some time after we linked to it so that you cannot see it all without opening a free account on their site, BUT – you can still see the whole article if you go to it via a search request)

    Search for “The Health Risks of Being Left-Handed” in Google or your favourite search engineand you should see a link to the article on near the top

    or click this link to go straight to the search results in Google

    Use this link to add any comments on this article to our blog post

2. New left-handed products

We put information on a lot of new products in the last newsletter (click here to see the details if you missed it) and now we have added a lot more!

Left handed geometry set

Left handed Geometry Set* Left handed 30cm ruler with no smear edges* Left handed protractor 180 degree anti-clockwise main scale* Left handed set square incorporating 13cm rulers going in both directions from to 90 degree corner

Supplied in clear blister with card back and all items printed with left hand logos.

Left handed geometry set

left and right nail scissors in manicure set Left and Right handed nail scissors in a setThis new manicure comes in a leather case (black, cream and pink available) and contains both left handed and right handed nail scissors so you can easily cut the nails on either hand. We also have two other new manicure sets listed on that page.Left handed manicure set 
Left handed watches

Left handed watchesThese new designs have standard clockwise movements but have the adjuster on the left side of the case so they can be worn and used comfortably on the right wrist, which a lot of lefthanders prefer. Available in men's and ladies styles with gold or silver colour cases and with a black leather strap


Pelikan left handed cartridge pen

New pen rangesPelikan have introduced new models of their best selling cartridge pen and also an ink roller pen with left-handed grip.We have also started stocking specially designed left-handed cartridge pens from Schneider and Faber CastellLeft handed cartridge pens

Pelikan school pen new models

Pelikan ink roller pen

Schneider cartridge pen

Faber Castell cartridge pens

Left handed cheese grater

Kitchen equipmentWe have a lot of new items in this section including this great rotary cheese grater that has been designed to work fully left-handedRotary cheese grater, Left/Right tin openers from Magican and Zyliss


Maped left handed child scissors

Maped Left handed child scissorsThis is a high quality child scissor with squeezable soft feel grips and rounded blade ends for safety – ideal for young children just starting to cut things out. Fully left handed with left blade on top for a clear view of the cutting line and a smooth, controlled cut.Maped 13cm / 5 inch child scissorsAlso available with harder grips and 16cm / 6 inch overall size and more pointed blades for older children

Maped 16cm / 6 inch older child scissors

3. Left handed cartoon characters

While most cartoon characters are either right-handed or change hands to fit whatever makes the best pose for a particular frame, we have noticed that there seem to be quite a few cartoon characters that are clearly and consistently left-handed.
Examples include:

  • Bart Simpson, Ned Flanders and Mr Burns from The Simpsons (and, occasionally, Marge)(The show's creator, Matt Groening, is himself left-handed)
  • Chuckie from Rugrats
  • Link – the sword-wielding hero from The Legend of Zelda
  • Chris Griffin from Family Guy
  • Doug Funnie from Doug
  • Arnold from Hey Arnold!and if we include puppets as well:
  • Kermit the Frog from The Muppets(a creation of the late Jim Henson, also left-handed)
  • Bear in the Big Blue House

We are sure you know many more examples and if you do please add them as a comment to our article on this here – Left handed cartoon characters – and if you can put a link to a page where there is a picture of them being left-handed that would be great and we will build up our list.

What is it that makes the artist or animator draw a left-handed character? We would be very interested in your thoughts:

  • Is it because the artist is left-handed?
  • Are there more left handed cartoon artists than you would expect from the 10% or so of left-handers in the population?
  • Is there anything special about animation that makes a left handed character easier to draw than the right handed ones?
  • Is it because when a cartoonist is drawing them he draws their writing hand on the same side as his writing hand (his right, their left)?
  • Are there deliberate reasons for making some characters left-handed – to seem a bit “quirky” or rebellious (Bart?)

Left handed puppets are interesting. The Big Blue Bear is left-handed on the show; he seems to do most things with his left hand. This is because the head controls are important and a right-handed puppeteer's right hand is busy moving the head and mouth and has to do other things with their left hand. In a similar fashion, a lot of Muppets are left-handed, because their puppeteers are right-handed, so the right hand is almost always used to operate the puppet's head.

What about left-handed puppeteer's – is it really hard to do as the puppets are designed for right-handed use?

We would also be interested in inks to cartoons about being left-handed. Here is one page we found (though not particularly funny!)

Here are a few more – I am sure we can find funnier cartoons than these?

Please click this link to post your views on this and any other left-handed characters you can find as comments on our article

4. Left handers Desk Diaries
2012 Left Handed Diary We have a few of these left and as we are now a few months into the year we are selling them at half price to clear – normally £9.99, now only £4.99.This is a spiral bound desk diary tailor-made for us lefties. To make it easier to use, it features planning pages on the left side of each weekly spread and ample space for notes. The right side features an interesting fact about left-handedness. The calendar also recognizes the birthdays of famous left-handed people.Following much pressure from us and Club Members, the publishers have now reversed the printing so that it opens from left to right – the proper direction for us lefties.

52 double-page spreads, one for each week of the year.
Size: 7 x 9 x 0.5 inches; 178 x 229 x 13 mm

Left Handed Desk Diary £4.99 / $7.86


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4 comments on “LHC NL March 2012
  1. Namitha says:

    I quite agree with Nancy Caldwell – I am in great need of a left-handed camera. Unless I click a self-photo, most of my images turn out quite blurry. 😛

  2. Nancy Caldwell says:

    Where can I find a left handed digital camera?

  3. Chris tandy says:

    It occured to me a few days ago that key-rings appear (or feel!) solely right handed. I am thinking of the steel split ring variety, and I seem to get that awkward feeling when trying to prise one open (and breaking a fingernail!) that they are the wrong way round for a left-hander like myself. Has anyone else become aware of this?
    I’m not suggesting that we need a range of keyrings that spiral the other way, of course. Us left-handers are pretty adaptable!

    • Keith says:

      Hi Chris
      Yes, this is definitely something we have noticed as well. I have not come across any “left-handed” rings for keys but if anyone knows of a source for them please let me know.

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