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Lefty Kissing, Life Choices and Knives

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In this issue..

1. Lefty Kissing
2. Left Handed Life Choices survey
3. Left handed knives

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1. Lefty Kissing

Left handed kissingSocial kissing seems to be something that causes problems for a lot of left-handers as we naturally move to the other side to right-handers, i.e. The Same Side! which can result in embarrassing kisses on the lips by accident or lots of dodging left and right to get the correct position. We had never really thought of this as a left-handed thing until we stared getting emails about it.

Click here to see our page on Left Kissing and member comments then add your own experiences.

2. Left Handed Life Choices survey

We are undertaking the biggest ever survey of left-handedness in various Groups of people to find out what advantages and disadvantages left-handers have and how it affects their choices and success of career, sports, social activities and other lifestyle choices.

We want to find out whether there is a link between being left-handed and the choices people make in work and other activities and to answer questions like:

  • Are there some jobs where left-handers have advantages or disadvantages?
  • Are there some jobs where there are more or less left-handers than average?
  • Do people think there is a direct link between these two things?

Use this link to complete the survey yourself

Left handed occupations

We asked whether people thought there were advantages or disadvantages to being left-handed in their group or whether it was the same for left and right-handers. Nearly a third of people who completed the survey thought that left-handers were at some disadvantage in their groups.

Right-handers may just put this down to general minority group moaning! However, left-handers are generally a very adaptable lot and used to putting up with inconveniences, usually without moaning. Also, we asked WHY they were at a disadvantage and got some very interesting comments. The disadvantages relate mainly to practical issues like equipment and workplace layouts that are difficult for left-handers to use.

It is also interesting that 16% of all the people thought they actually had an ADVANTAGE from being left-handed. Closer analysis (see below) shows that these advantages are generally thought to arise from the creative / artistic / intelligent / right side of the brain which is dominant in left-handers. They are also related to a fairly narrow range of jobs and professions.

Use this link to see our full analysis and conclusions from this fascinating survey

3. Left handed knives

Most “normal” knives for right-handers are serrated on the LEFT of the blade – the idea being that the effect of the serrations counter-acts the natural inward (clockwise as you see it) twisting action of the right hand, leading to a straight cut.

If a left-hander uses one of these knives, the serrations actually EMPHASIZE the natural anti-clockwise twisting motion of the left hand which leads to the classic “overhanging” loaf or whatever is being cut. All our knives are serrated on the RIGHT side of the blade to give the correct balanced action for left-handers and generally people are very pleased that they can suddenly cut straight!

Use this link to see our video showing how left-handed knives work

Cutting with a left-handed knife The correct way for a left-hander
The serrations are on the right side of the blade to counterbalance the natural inward twisting motion of the left hand, giving a nice straight cut.
Cutting with a right-handed knife The wrong way
The serrations on a normal bread knife exaggerate the natural twisting motion of the left hand leading to a curved slice and an overhanging loaf.

We have received a lot of comments and experiences on left-handed knives and you can see them all on this page. A few examples are:

  • I bought a left handed bread knife from your shop several years ago and it is one of the best items I have ever purchased. I can now cut bread in even slices without making a mess of the whole loaf! Cutting a French stick is no problem. I no longer have to ask my husband to cut my bread for me!!

    ~ Dr Claire Woodfield, Scotland

  • I didn’t realise how much difference a left handed knife would make – until I got one! ~ Denise Cox, UK
  • Wow, I had no idea that my problems with cutting softer food like bread came from what side the knife was serrated on! I thought I was just a sloppy cutter in general. I find the same to be true when I try to cut cheese or even tomatoes into slices. What a catharsis to find out that it’s not just me and the way I cut! Thank you! ~ Chris, USA

We stock two ranges of left-handed knives – one design with a scalloped edge on the right side of the blades that are great for slicing as well as general use and also a range that have a bevelled straight edge (on the right side of the blade) that is better for chopping.

Left handed knives scalloped        Left handed knives beveled

Use this link to see our full range of left-handed knives

If you think the information and entertainment we provide is useful, please show your appreciation with a contribution towards our costs.

Find out more and make a contribution – thank you! (Paypal or cards)

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2 comments on “LHC Intro 4 Knives
  1. Karen Curry says:

    I wanted a piece of cake from a cafe. I felt so stupid as the cake slicer had been designed for right handed person. I ended up using two plates instead. You find that in a right handed world that you have to be creative or conform. Why should I do something that is unnatural to me?

  2. Carolyn Hodges says:

    Started cooking with 4H Club age 9 and never thought about using a knife in my left hand, just photo copied moms movements. She could not teach me crochet or even sewing on a button but could teach me to do kitchen chores right handed. Some of my righthandiness could be that every time I had eye test for new glasses the left eye had gotten weaker so saw better doing it with the right eye that rarely changed. Was ambidextrous in writing thru high school.

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