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Left Handers Day update and Teacher Survey
(August 2012 second newsletter)

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In this issue..

1. New LHC introduction emails
2. Left Handers Day report
3. Teacher Survey
4. New left-handed pens

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1. New LHC Introduction emails

When new members join the Club we send them a sequence of introduction emailsto let them know about the Club and all the information and products on our websites. We have recently extended this sequence to cover a lot of the new information on the site and if you are a long-time member you will also get to see the new emails so you don't miss out. This may mean that you get both those emails and also our monthly newsletter quite close to each other occasionally but we hope you find the all useful.

2. Left Handers Day report

We had a very busy time on 13th August and the Left handers Club message and our information on teachers and left-handed children was spread far and wide.You can see some of our initial notes on coverage for Left Handers Day using the link below and it includes recordings of interviews with Lauren talking on Radio Sussex with a teacher's representative and Keith on Radio Winnipeg, Canada and Voice of Russia that you may find interesting.

3. Teacher Survey

We have now produced the survey document that we would like parents to pass to their children's teachers and also a system where you can enter the responses and any supporting documents and web links you find into an online form. We will collate all the information and produce a summary that will then be the basis for producing our own guidance notes for teachers incorporating current best practice as well as our own content and ideas.

The survey form covers:

  • Whether schools note the handedness of pupils and have any policy or guidance in place for teachers on how to help them
  • Whether teachers have been given any training regarding left-handed children either while they were qualifying or in their schools.
  • What provisions are made to help left-handed children with handwriting
  • Information on scissors and other tools and the level ,of support available.

It will be fascinating to see the responses to this survey and we are sure it will be a huge step forwards in getting some agreed guidance for teachers in place.

So, if you are a parent of a left-handed child or are involved in teaching or education in any way:

  1. Download the teacher survey form
    (three A4 pages with 20 questions in total)
  2. Give it to your child's teacher and explain what it is for
  3. Get the completed form back together with copies of any documents that are available and enter your results into our web form

Thank you for your help with this valuable exercise.

4. New ranges of Left-Handed Cartridge Pens

Left handed nibWe have just taken delivery of three new ranges of left-handed cartridge pens from a well established German manufacturer. They all have specially designed fully left-handed nibs that have the ball at the end rounded in our direction and the split in the nib set to give good ink flow as you push the nib across the page and the left half of the nib is pushed onto the paper.

All of these new pens have a specially made Iridium nib stamped with “L” to show it is the fully left-handed version and they all have click on caps. They all take the standard 35mm half-size ink cartridge. The pens are supplied with one ink cartridge in the body and a dummy cartridge in the nib unit – switch them over or insert a spare cartridge upside down in the body to keep the live cartridge in place.

Student pen  Student LH cartridge pen

A good starter pen with a fully left-handed nib. Lightweight plastic body and cap with colour coded plastic pocket clip. The cap has a press on action and the slimline grip area is grooved for a good feel.
More details and images here
Scholar pen  Scholar LH cartridge pen

A good school or college pen with a fully left-handed nib. Lightweight plastic body and brushed steel cap with colour coded end piece and steel pocket clip. The slimline grip area has a textured black rubber covering giving a good feel.
More details and images here
Oxford pen Oxford LH cartridge pen
A good quality office or home pen with a fully left-handed nib. Plastic body and cap with lacquered steel nib unit plus steel body and cap ends and pocket clip. The slimline steel grip area has grooves and a bevelled end to stop you sliding down towards the nib.
More details and images here

Use the links above to find out more and order your pens or you can see our full range of left-handed pens plus our videos on writing left-handed here.

If you think the information and entertainment we provide is useful, please show your appreciation with a contribution towards our costs.

Find out more and make a contribution – thank you! (Paypal or cards)

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2 comments on “LHC NL August 2012 (2)
  1. Elizabeth says:

    Good to read about the new pens. I am looking for a fine nib pen, please recommend one to me so I can purchase it. I bought a Pelican cartridge ink pen, but the nib is too thick and I have small writing and it doesn’t look nice with a thick nib. Wait to hear your recommendation. The Yoropens seem to be discontinued? Elizabeth

  2. Jo Nicholas says:

    Love the site – however, as my husband and i are both left-handed, our school did offer our left handed child some additional support, which we were able to supplement at home. This support has been totally absent with our right-handed child, as the school seem to expect right-handed children to learn from observation or home support, which our poor right-hander doesn’t get, as there is no example to learn from.

    We have now been told that the school suspects a learning difficulty, so our right handed child may finally get the support needed.

    Sadly it is not just left-handers who need support…

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