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Left Handers Club Newsletter – November 2011

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In this issue..

1. Sorry we have been away so long!

2. New left handed products

3. The Left Handed Compliment

4. Winter sale

5. Left handers Desk Diaries and Block Calendars

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1. Sorry we have been away so long

It is a long time since our last newsletter and we have been dealing with lots of problems to do with the warehousing, fulfillment and customer service arrangements for our left-handed products that have taken up all our time.

We have now ended the relationship with the company we were working with and set up a much smaller operation directly under our control and focused entirely on our left-handed business so we are sure it is going to work a lot better. What this has allowed us to do is bring a lot of products back into our range and source lots of new ones that were not financially viable under our previous arrangement but we can now supply again.

We are now back on the case and will be producing newsletters on a regular monthly basis! We will also be resurrecting some projects that had to go on the back burner for a while, including:

  • our Facebook pages and Group and posting regular product and news updates
  • producing more videos on left-handed products and what makes them different
  • bringing our survey pages and results analysis up to date
  • developing a Left-Handed Mobile App

If there is anything else you would like us to make a priority please send in your ideas by adding a comment to this page

2. New left-handed products

We have added a load of new products to our range since the last newsletter. Here are some details and links to some of them:

Left handed pencil sharpeners

Lots of new left handed pencil sharpener designs– in different shapes, sizes and colours and some with animal and pirate designs. Reversed blade so pencil turns anti-clockwise in the left handed natural direction.Left handed pencil sharpeners page in our shop
Video on why sharpeners are left handed(includes other items, the sharpeners bit is at 2:55)and if you need something to sharpen, try our

Pack of 10 left-handed pencils (how? – see the video on that page)

Stabilo non-smudge pens Stabilo Non-Smudge Pens– Stabilo have introduced a wide range of pens using extra fast-drying ink which is great for us lefthanders as we can easily smudge our work with our hand following the pen so closely. Stabilo have also extended the range and colours in their EASY range of pens and pencils that have left-handed versions of the ergonomic grip.Stabilo Non-Smudge pensStabilo EASY range of left-handed pens and pencils
Left handed kitchen items

Kitchen items– return of some old favourites and some new items:Tomato slicer, Butter spreader, Swivel blade peeler and watch out for two new ranges of left-handed knives coming soon


Left handed scissors

More special purpose scissors– all with blades reversed for proper operation in the left handNurse's scissor  Specialist wallpaper scissorwith extra long bladesRinglock dressmaking scissors with tight joint that will not come loose Embroidery scissors


3. The Left handed Compliment

This is one of those phrases where “left-handed” is used in a negative or abusive way without any real reason. This expression uses left-handed in the sense of “questionable or doubtful,” a usage dating from about 1600 according to Another explanation is that a left-handed compliment is an insult concealed in an apparent compliment and thus is the reverse of a real compliment, as left is the reverse of right. The left side has long been associated with wrongness and being “sinister”.

Some definitions:

  • A criticism or insult disguised as a compliment, an insult in the guise of an expression of praise
  • A compliment with two meanings, one of which is unflattering to the receiver.
  • Sometimes, a left-handed compliment may be inadvertent. However, the term usually indicates an intent to belittle or condescend
  • Also called backhanded compliment
  • A type of Asteism – Polite irony; a genteel and ingenious manner of deriding another.


  • The senator said that her opponent was quite competent for someone so inexperienced;
  • Your son is more handsome than I would have expected
  • That dress is lovely – it does wonders for your figure

If you have any more information about the origin of this term or any good examples of amusing “backhanded” compliments,

please post them as comments on this article here

4. Winter Sale

When we moved all our stock to our new warehouse recently, we found we had more stock than we thought of some items so we are having a pre-Christmas sale. Get some bargains to give as presents for Christmas!

Baseball Cap Left handed baseball caps – With the slogan “Lefties Do It Right and left-handed thumbs-up logo on the front. Adjustment buckle at the back so one size fits all.Normally £9.95 / $15..90, NOW £3.95 / $6.31
T Shirts Left handed T-Shirts– With the slogan:”As the right hemisphere of the brain controls the left side of the body then only left-handers are in their right minds”Normally £9.95 / $15.90, NOW £3.95 / $6.31
Pink sharpener Pink pencil sharpeners – For a long time people have ordered less PINK than the other colours so we have an excess.Normally £3.95 / $6.31, NOW £0.95 / $1.52
Back to school set

Back to School packs – 135 Child's scissors, plastic grips 6 inch, 154mm34B Pelikano Junior cartridge pen left handed158B Hand Hugger triangle barrel fibre tip pen38A Set of 6 silver left-handed pencils

37F 2-Hole pencil sharpener with chrome container

138B Ruler 6in / 15cm, clear perspex LH rule OK

Normally £19.95 / $31.88, NOW £9.95 / $15.90

Left handed essentials

Left Handers Essential packs – 260 Soft grip General purpose scissors 8.5in / 215mm94K Tin opener with geared rotary action (Black)331 Victorinox swivel peeler67 “T” Pattern corkscrew

Normally £18.95 / $30.19, NOW £12.95 / $20.63

lawn edging shears Lawn Edging shears (UK only) – This is a heavy duty edging shear hand made in reversed design for use by left handers moving from right to left along the lawn edge. We only have 5 of these left and they are not going to be made again so if you want some this is your last chance (there is a video of Keith demonstrating these on the product page – the edging shears are at 3:45 in the left handed tools video)Normally £29.95, NOW £14.95(UK delivery only due do to weight)
hair thinning scissors Left handed hair thinning scissors – This is a professional quality hair thinning scissor with razor sharp blades that have cutouts so only half the hair is actually cut with each snip.Normally £39.95 / $63.65, NOW £19.95/ $31.78
Faber Castell colouring reglar size Faber Castell Tri Grip colouring pencils (6 Regular size) – With triangular grips and rubber soft-grip dots these encourage a good finger position and correct grip.Normally £4.99 / $7.95, NOW £2.95 / $4.70
Faber Castell colouring jumbo Faber Castell Tri Grip colouring pencils (6 Jumbo size) – With triangular grips and rubber soft-grip dots these encourage a good finger position and correct grip.Normally £5.99 / $9.54, NOW £3.45/ $5.50

RIGHT handed Stabilo EASY ergonomic pens– This is a smooth-writing, non-smudge rollerball pen with a rubber grip area with finger indentations to encourage correct writing position and has been hugely popular in the specially designed left-handed version.When Stabilo first launched these, they made us the only people in the UK with the product so we ordered right-handed versions as well and got left with more stock than we need.If you have right handed children as well as left in the family this is the chance to get a bargain!Normally £6.45 / $10.28, NOW £1.95 / $3.11


RIGHT HANDED Stabilo Pencil RIGHT handed Stabilo EASYergo Pencils – This is the propelling pencil version of the EASY pen above and comes with a right handed pencil sharpener to keep the lead nice and sharp.Normally £6.45 / $10.28, NOW £1.95/ $3.11(RIGHT-HANDED only)
5. Left handers Desk Diaries and Block Calendars

We have now got the 2012 versions of these calendars in stock, but we only have a limited number and will not be getting any more so be quick if you want one! There are more images of the products and videos of them on the product pages.

2012 Left Handed Block Calendar
2012 Left Handed Diary
Celebrate what it means to be a southpaw with trivia, facts, quotes, anecdotes, legends and more about left-handers and handedness.Each tear off page of this daily calendar includes a little known fact, quote, bit of trivia, or tale about left-handedness, or information about a famous left-handed person. It also recognizes the birthdays of famous left-handed people (a lot of them American).Left-Handers day-to-day Calendar is a block design with a tear-off page for each day. 365 pages. Size:5.5 x 5.5 x 1.7 inches; 140 x 140 x 43mm This is a spiral bound desk diary tailor-made for us lefties. To make it easier to use, it features planning pages on the left side of each weekly spread and ample space for notes. The right side features an interesting fact about left-handedness. The calendar also recognizes the birthdays of famous left-handed people.Following much pressure from us and Club Members, the publishers have now reversed the printing so that it opens from left to right – the proper direction for us lefties.52 double-page spreads, one for each week of the year.
Size: 7 x 9 x 0.5 inches; 178 x 229 x 13 mm
Left Handed Block Calendar £9.99 / $15.91 Left Handed Desk Diary £9.99 / $15.91

Our own Left Handers Club Backwards calendar has also been updated for 2012 and you can download it free in various formats using the link below

Backwards Calendar

Download the 2012 Left Handers Club calendar

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35 comments on “LHC NL November 2011
  1. Jan says:

    I am left handed but also do so many things right handed. I write with a pencil/pen left handed but on a black board I write right handed. I also use scissors right handed and playing sports am right handed. Hanging a picture, I use a hammer with either hand. I use my left hand 100% of the time with the mouse. In that regard, I have seen a number of mice advertised for lefties, and I recently purchased the Goldtouch mouse for lefties and really like it.

  2. susan says:

    Hi, Is it just me, or did cameras suddenly become very right handed. I managed very well with my film camera of yesteryore. Now i have a digital SLR and am finding it very difficult to adjust anything quickly.

  3. Warmachine says:

    I FINALLY found the lefthand rolex I’ve always wanted….unfortunately I had to shell out $4200.00 above the price of the same watch for a right hander……there was ZERO compromise…..ZERO……bought it anyway 😉

  4. Natasha says:

    My mum is tring to teach me to knit but she is right handed and it is realy difficult. I also wanted a sewing machine for my birthday, so thanks for the comments now she will have to look for a left handed one.

    • Cathy says:

      My right-handed Mom taught me to knit by me sitting in front of her. So I say everything in reverse. Have been knitting for over 40 years!

  5. Violet says:

    hi, I live in Kenya, a country in the Eastern part of Africa and would like to start a shop that supplies left-handers items, do you offer wholesale purchasing?

  6. shahin says:

    Great………………U R Back :))))))))))))))))))

  7. polly filmer says:

    It would be great if us left handeds could get badges maybe saying.I AM LEFT HANDED AND PROUD OF IT.Do you know anywhere I could get one from. Its get receiving your letters and great being left handed too

  8. julie skinner says:

    please could you tell me do you have any pinking shears? (lerf handed of course!) thank you very much.

  9. Christine B. says:

    I just recently had to teach myself to knit and crochet left handed; I had to use the right handed instructions and “turn them around” to finally get the idea. I’m good enough in crochet now that I can work advanced complicated stitches; knitting, I’m still trying to get the hang of increasing, decreasing, and more complicated stitches. It would be great to see things for left handed crafters, paint by numbers, embroidery, that are left hand friendly.

    • Mike Cal says:

      All my crafts are patterned the “wrong” way say right handers. What crock!

    • Lynda says:

      Hi Christine,

      When I was a child I wanted to learn to knit and crochet but was stumped by the right handed how to books. What I did was sat directly across from my grandmother as she was knitting or crocheting and I could perfectly understand and copy her movements! Hopefully you have a willing friend or relative to help you with those “tricky” knitting steps. They really aren’t tricky at all once you see and understand the movements.

  10. Vic says:

    Thanks for the update — glad your back.

  11. Grace Attard Hedley says:

    Hi! I would like if there is someone in Malta who gets left-handed products from the UK or the US. Can you answer please.

  12. kristin says:

    welcome back! i do enjoy going through all of the great, make life easier products!
    I am looking for a quality tape measure!

  13. Eduardo Novoa says:

    Missing you a lot Guys!! I really glad to have you here again!!

    Hello from Monterrey Mexico to y’all!!

  14. Paul Williams says:

    Good to see you back. Looking at the left-handed products made me wonder why, even though I am a left hander, I prefer to do some things with my right hand. For instance, I have right-handed scissors, which I use comfortably with my right hand. The same goes for other scissors that don’t have a right hander’s handle. I also prefer to use my mobile phone – keying numbers etc – with my right hand. But I’m not sure this should be.

    Could it be anything to do with having a ‘lazy eye’ – which for me just happens to be the left eye? Does anybody have any thoughts on this, or know of any research?


  15. Lynda Owens says:

    Welcome back! I, too, have missed you enormously.
    I do have one request. You used to offer to new members a free app for the computer which would reverse the mouse to left-handed, that is, the right hand button became the “select” button, and the left hand button became the “option” button, and the cursor direction on the screen reversed so it was like holding a pencil in the left hand. Great advantage for close work and fast games. My computer had to be reformatted, and that option disappeared. I’d be eternally grateful if you could send it to me again. I promise I will keep at least two back-up copies on CD’s this time!
    Also, how early do those of us “across the pond” need to order Christmas gifts? With a daughter and a grand-daugher who inherited my left handedness, this is an ideal site to find gifts for them. By the way, my mother was also a lefty, and so was one of my cousins! Mom, bless her, taught me how to write properly before I even started school, and how to tie my shoe laces. It was a great advantage in the day when teachers didn’t understand how much simpler it was to simply rotate the angle of the paper, instead of to hold the pencil in that awkward “up-side down” manner.

  16. todd says:

    i was concern for long time since no email message and i feel that something happen like right hand take over and destroy sob but i am so happy that left hand are still stronger and better whew!!! Welcome Back :o)

  17. rajendran says:

    i am very happy to well come you

  18. Jody Horton says:

    Glad you were not gone forever, but showed up again, like a bad penny. How’s that for a “left-handed” compliment!?!

  19. B says:

    Welcome back! missed your newsletter, thanks for all that you do to keep us informed. Have a great week-end

  20. moira porter says:

    great to see you back such great ideas for us lefties, left handed people dont know they are alive until they use a proper pair of left handed sissors and potato peeler I have both
    Any idea if there is a left handed kkey board people I ask think it stupid but I( never use the number block on my lap top I also enquired about a left handed camer but was told to turn it upside down and use it that way
    Thanks so much for your trouble

    • Holly says:

      Hi Moira,

      I know you can get computer keyboards with the numbers pad on the left. But not sure about the camera. I know the frustration. i find trying to focus my 35ml and shoot the pic very awkward. I wonder if you got one of those cable shutter attachments and stuck it to the left side of the camera if that would work. Certainly better that turning the camera upside down!!

  21. Ken Woolard says:

    So happy your back !!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Debbie says:

    Great to see you back on line! Happy 11-11-11 to all my south-paw friends and to all those not in their “right” mind! LOL. God Bless and Thank You to all our Veteran’s!

  23. Wanda Sharp says:

    Thanks for the informative news letter. It was good to hear from you again.
    One item not available, that I know about:

    Left handed ice cream scoops (I have to “pull the trigger), then scoop the ice cream, let go of the “trigger” to release the ice cream.

    Also, the same way with the smaller version: the melon baller.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all…Wanda

  24. Violet says:

    missed you, good to know you are back!!

  25. Karen says:

    I want a left handed Bernina sewing machine!

    • Holly says:

      Hey Karen,
      How about ANY left-handed sewing machine. i hadn’t sewed in years until I got a Singer futura 250 machine. Love the machine, but had never realized until now how acward using one can be for a lefty. I’m one of those lefties that does some thing right handed some things left handed such as writing and eating. And i’m finding that the older I get the more things I’m finding that would be easier to use if set up for a leftie.

      Just want for mention my recent run in with discrimination at work. One of my co-workers that follows me complained about how the desk was set up, “everything on the wrong side.” I jokingly said “Now you know how I feel.” Her response was “Well, the rest of us are right handed.” as if I was suppose to change to the right hand!

  26. Brittney says:

    I am so glad you’re back. I was beginning to think the Left Handers Newsletter no longer existed.

  27. kel says:

    So glad your back as a mom to a lefty we always look forward to these newsletters. It helps me to better understand what he deals with day to day being in a right hand world so to speak. So glad you are back!! YEAH

  28. Mark says:

    Great newsletter, I always love perusing it. Does anyone know if there is a company that makes left handed Skill Saw.

  29. William Barclay Noel Jr says:

    Bravo!! Welcome back!

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