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Left Handers Club Newsletter – September 2010

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In this issue..

1. Are left-handers more angry and emotional?
2. Left-handed leaders update
3. Helping left-handed children guides
4. Left handed language
5. The embarrassing left hand?
6. Left handed calendars and diaries for 2011
7. Left handed keyboard, numeric keypad and mouse
8. Currency conversion and Tell A Friend
9. Lefty bits and pieces

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1. Are left-handers more angry and emotional?

Lauren was contacted by the Daily Mail last week for her opinion on some new research that has surfaced, suggesting that we lefties are angrier than the average right hander.

The new study, ledt by Ruth Propper a psychology professor at Merrimack College in Massachusetts USA found that among left-handers, the two hemispheres of the brain communicate more with each other so have more interaction with the parts which produce negative emotion.

BoB Geldof at Live AidThe study, published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease suggests that this makes us more moody.   The article sites grumpy Bob Geldof and hot-tempered tennis legend John McEnroe as prime examples of angry lefties.

Lauren commented that in her experience, left-handers are on the contrary very easy going, especially considering all the frustrations we deal with on a daily basis, using equipment badly designed for us.   “Perhaps if lefties in general were a more militant bunch, we would have lobbied more vociferously for left-handed equality many years ago” .

She also took issue with the simplistic supposition that the connection between the two halves increased the feelings of negative emotions.   Surely such enhanced connections would also serve to   transmit positive emotions just as easily?   Perhaps it would be fairer to surmise that left-handers are simply altogether more emotional!

We have looked at the many videos of John MacEnroe going crazy during his tennis matches and this is the best compilation we found – enjoy! (though we are sure this can't be a left-handed thing, can it?):

Click here to see the John MacEnroe video or comment on this article

2. Left Handed Leaders Update

Following our piece last month on left-handed leaders we have had lots of feedback and information on other people to add to our list. We have included some that are not national leaders to show the spread of lefthanders in senior political roles around the world.

Felipe Calderon left handed 1Mexico president left handed The President of Mexico Felipe Calderon is also lefthanded
Laura Chinchilla - left handed president of Costa Rica This is Laura Chinchilla. She is the President of Costa Rica
since May 2010 for a term of 4 years (and by the looks of it another hook-style writer like President Obama).
Fashola - Lagos Nigeria state governor Here is Lagos State Governor, Raji Babatunde Fashola, signing a bill
into law. Lagos is in the South West and is one of 36 states in
Nigeria. Fashola is the executive of an estimated population of 9m.
Benjamin Netanyahu left handed Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is left-handed (on the right here, another hook-hander, seen with fellow lefty ex-president of the USA Bill Clinton).
Lee Hsien Loong Singapore Prime Minister Singapore's Prime Minister Mr Lee
Hsien Loong is also left-handed. We could not find an image of him doing anything specifically left-handed, htough he does always seem to gesture and point with his left hand – has anyone got a better image?
Brian Cowen left handed irish prime minister Ireland's Prime Minister, Brian Cowen, is 


left-handed, as was his predecessor, Bertie Ahern! (centre in this picture)

Our piece on President Obama created a storm of comment that was more politcal than anything to do with him being left-handed. We are not a political site, so it would be best to direct comment that are not directly related tothe handedness of any of left-handed leaders to more appropriate forums.

How many more world leaders are left-handed? If you come across any, let us know and send us details plus any images of them being left-handed and we'll start a gallery.

You can use this form to send us a message and attach images

We have had some requests to include other famous left-handers in our newsletters, especially sportsmen, and we will pick a couple to include in each newsletter in future so if you have anyone you would like us to include, use the link above to send us details and any images you can find.

3. Helping left-handed children guides

We have written some short guides that have been very popular on our site so we have now made them available on our main website and you can order them through the normal shopping cart with payment by card or paypal. These are not physical books but download books that you can print on your own printer so you can reprint the practice sheets as often as you want.

They also have the great advantage that there is no postage charge if you only order download items! As soon as you complete your order you will receive an email with the download link to your products so you can obtain them immediately to use with your child.

Left handed letter formation guide One of the most common problems we hear about from Left-Handers Club members and people who contact us for advice is that their young children are having trouble with writing, cannot seem to get the hang of certain letters and are getting in trouble with their teachers. We have produced this book to help your left-handed child form the letters of the alphabet with the minimum of difficulty in the directions that work bets for lefthanders. £2.95 / $4.58

Click here for full details or to order your copy


Left handed cutting and scissors guide We have produced this book to help your left-handed child with using scissors and cutting out shapes properly. Scissors are the item most commonly referred to as difficult to use by left-handers, and they are a perfect example of a totally right-handed design, which becomes extremely inefficient and uncomfortable when used in the left hand. Includes helpful tops and a series of cutting practice sheets. £2.95 / $4.58

Click here for full details or to order your copy

Use this link if you need left-handed scissors


Left handed pre-school children If your child shows any preference for their left hand, you should ensure they have items that work well if used left-handed and help them with some simple guidance that will make activities a rewarding and positive experience they will want to repeat. Using the simple tips and guidance in this book you will be able to help your child avoid the frustrations that can builds up from using the wrong equipment and approaches and give them a head-start for when they start school. £2.95 / $4.58

Click here for full details or to order your copy


Left handed writing mat download We have produced a download version of our hugely popular laminated writing mat to remind children of the basics for easy left handed writing – paper angle, hand position and grip and letter formations. This will print at high quality on an A4 or A3 printer paper in either colour or black and white depending what sort of printer you have available. The download also includes the right-handed version of the mat. £1.95 / $3.03

Click here for full details or to order your copy


Left Handers Club Members offer

We have created a single download with all three of the guides plus both the writing mats at a much reduced price of £6.95 / $10.80, saving 30% and we are making this set of all the guides available to Club Members only at an additional £2.00 discount – Only £4.95 / $7.69 for the 3 guides and 2 mats – less than half the normal prices.

Use this link to order the set of guides and when you place your order, enter the code LHCGD into the coupon code box in our shopping cart and click the “Update” button and you will see your extra discount calculated.

4. Left handed language

Latest updates on lefy language – as usual, not many of them are nice about us!

  • Njenga in Kantas tell us “Did you know Maasai name for a left hander means a monkey?”
  • Widdershins is another, meaning anything against the ‘norm' e.g. anti-clockwise or, indeed left-handed
  • Halida from Indonesia tells us “I'd like to comment of the Indonesian meaning for the left-handed term. I'm an Indonesian and it's true that the word for left-handed is “kidal”. But as far as I know (and I've asked my friends from various ethnic groups) it doesn't have any negative meaning. The official Indonesian dictionary defines “kidal” as “being more skillful with the left side of the body (left hand) rather than the right side”.
    I am of Minang ethnic group and since a lot of the words in Indonesian language come from Minang language I'm guessing “kidal” in Indonesia comes from the Minang language, “kida” which simply means “left”, no negative meaning whatsoever. The Minang language itself, depending on the region, uses the word “kida” or “kedoh” for left-handed.

We are still looking for words and language that are positive to left-handers – let us know iof you find any.

You can use this link to see our full page of left-handed language information and please add a comment on that page if you have any more information.

5. The embarrassing left hand?

Is it wrong to eat with your left hand?In Sri Lanka as in most South East Asian countries most
people use their fingers at meal times. It is considered rude to eat
with your left hand and this could lead to embarrassing situations. The
least of such situations will be when at a formal meal you are seated
next to a person using his right hand your left elbow keeps getting in
the way of your neighbours right elbow. I am a confirmed left hander

but have always used my right hand at meal times. Both my sons are
also left handed and they use their left hand at meal times.

Bob from Honolulu reported on the same subject, but a bit more forthrightly…If you are ever invited to a Middle Eastern sit-down dinner.. truly sit-down.. on the floor.. and find no utensils.. make absolutely certain that you use your right-hand to dig in to the platters.. as in Arab culture.. the left-hand has one important function.. to wipe one's rear!

If you have any views on this or have any other situations where using your left handed can be embarrassing or unacceptable, please let us know by making a comment on this article in our blog.

6. Left handed calendars and diaries for 2011

Left handed block calendar 2011We have just had delivery of the 2011 ring-bound desk diary and the block calendar, both with left-handed themes. The desk diary opens from left to right and has the writing pages on the left so you do not end up with your hand resting on the spirals. Both have left handed information on each page. Use these links for more information or to order your diaries.

Left handed ring bound desk diary

Left handed block calendar with one tear-off sheet per day

There are videos about each of the products on those pages.

We have also updated our own simple wall calendar with the dates running backwards and that is now available for free download – Use this link to get details and download.

Left handed backwards calendar 2011

7. Left handed keyboards and left handed mouse

USB Number pad for computerWe are often asked about keyboards with the numeric keypad on the left hand side but we have had difficulty finding them made to a reliable standard. Frank added a comment on our blog suggesting that a separate USB Numeric Keypad would be a good idea and we agree – using that you can position it on the left of your keyboard for when you want to enter a lot of numeric information with your left hand but also keep the keypad on the right of you computer for when you are entering numbers and writing left-handed at the same time.

Click here to see our list of contacts for purchasing USB Numeric Keypads

If you do want a full left-handed keyboard, you can see some links to suppliers here, (they are all in the United States).

Razer left handed mouseWe have also been advised of a new left-handed mouse that has been released and is suitable for gaming and high-end use.

Click here to see our article on the Razer DeathAdder mouse and where to get it.

If you know of any other sources for these items or have any other suggestions of computer equipment that would help left-handers, please add a comment to our blog posts on the USB Numeric Keypads and the Razer Mouse

8. Currency conversion and Tell A Friend

Currency conversionWe get a lot of emails asking us about prices for our products in various currencies so we have implemented a system that allows you to choose a currency then see our whole shop and checkout in that currency, calculated at current rates

Just click on one of the flags or click on the “Change Display Currency” link to select your country.

Go to our online shop and give it a try

We are also testing a new “Tell A Friend” system and we would really appreciate it if you passed on the message about Anything Left Handed to all the people you know. Once you click on the button (which is on the top right of every page), you can send a link to the page you are viewing either to individual addresses you type in or, much easier, allow the application temporary access to your email address book and just tick the people you want to send it to.

You can edit the subject and content of the default email that will be sent to your contacts. Please give it a try – we are sure your friends will appreciate it!

9. Bits and pieces

This is where we put the bits of news and comment that don't fit anywhere else. if these stories are of interest or you have more information or views on them, add a comment on the blog article and we may expand on them in future issues.

  • A radiologist friend noted yesterday the 3 of 4 radiologists in his medical group are left-handed, as are 3 of 4 radiological technicians in their employ. He noted that American surgeons are rarely (in his experience) left-handed, as virtually all of the tools and equipment presume right-handedness.Use this link to comment on the blog post about this


That's all for this month – we will be in touch again soon

Best wishes

Keith & Lauren

and all at the Left Handers Club

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19 comments on “LHC NL September 2010
  1. Brittney says:

    There was a time that I wanted to be right-handed, mostly because all through grade school I was the only lefty in my class and that made me feel a little weird and left out (no pun intended). No one ever told me that being left-handed was special and unique and because of that I beg my mom to teach me to be right handed. I thought that was the only way to be normal, and fit in with other people. It wasn’t until I enter middle school that I wasn’t the only person that was left-handed, and that it was o.k and normal. Now I love the fact that I am a lefty and would not have it any other way.
    Are there any other lefties that felt that way growing up, if so please reply back.

    • Ezra Kaimukilwa says:

      Yes Brittney, I’ m lefty but because of the stigma my parents taught me to use the right hand. Now I use my right hand in soft duties like writing and tough duties are for my left hand, so I’m double handed of a sort

  2. Taiwan says:

    The photographer – David LaChapelle
    is also a left hand

  3. Kim N says:

    I love this site for us leftys i would also love to give you some money but i am unemployed and cant afford it so i know it wont do much but send much love and respect to you for all your hard work
    unemployed umm had to do a course at our local job centre and 12 of us went in to this room where they had the chairs with the right handed sliding board that comes up and out for you to write on not one was left handed i had to apologise to the bloke next to me for turning my back on him as that was the only way i could use this board
    any idea if these seats are ever going to be made for the left handed person in all my liveing years i have never seen a left handed one and out of the 12 peaple in there i was the only left handed one

  4. Lisa says:

    I was wondering if you had any information on children using both hands and what this means. My son is 10 years old. He writes, eats, play guitar and even does a left one handed back hand in tennis but pitches and bats right in baseball and does other things with his right hand. Does this mean that he has not officially chosen a dominant side? Also, what is the connection between this and struggles with math, homework and general ability to focus? Thanks for you help.

    Lisa H.

    • Kim N says:

      Not sure if its any help at all im now in my 40’s and do most things with my left hand i do a few things with my right but im like your son my ability to focus on things and to do maths its a strange one for me
      My dad is also left handed but he was taught from an early age as he is now in his 70’s to do things right handed and loves maths
      maths and left handed i think do not go i think
      Kim N

      • Gayathri S says:

        Hi Kim,
        I am lefty too , Maths and me never go along. However one my good friend dominant lefty is Gold medalist in Maths. You may never know what lefty can turnout too 🙂


  5. ravi says:

    when i was 8 years old my parents try their level best to change my left handed way to right handed but they did’t.
    Since my grand pa was also left handed. When I came to know about this site I feel very happy and I got the certificate. THANK YOUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……

  6. Vlatko says:

    Hi guys!
    Love the newsletters.


  7. Catriona Slater says:

    Further to the comments regarding left handed radiologists and left handed surgeons in the latest newsletter: I am a left handed Emergency Department Doctor, and my father was a left handed Orthopaedic surgeon. One of the best pieces of advice he gave me while I was training was to learn all the parctical skills in a right handed way first then transfer them to the left – it would take me a bit longer but I learned them right handed. Then I could easily transfer the skill to my left hand (albeit learning how to unclip the right-hand-design clamps was a bit fiddly to start with but I’ve got the hang of it now). So I have ended up being able to suture ambidextrously on the standard equipment – meaning that I can get in to awkward angles without having to swap me and all my equipment, while keeping everything sterile, to the opposite side of the patient to finish off the last stitch.

    I find that I now subcnosciously choose right or left handed setup, switch between the two and reverse the needle with a much quicker 3D understanding of what is going on than my mono-dextrous left OR right handed colleagues.

    It was hard work making my non-compliant right hand learn the skills but I honestly believe that if I’d just learned to suture primarily left handed it would have been in the ‘too hard’ basket to transfer the skill to my right hand.

    So go forth all ye left handed health professional students and make your left handedness an advantage by developing both right and left handed skills and becoming better at what you do than the monodextrous right handers. It’s a hare vs tortoise thing – you might start off slower but you will end up quicker. I’ve passed the challenge on to various of my right handed students to learn their skills primarily left handed as a route to becoming ambidextrous, but no takers yet….!

  8. Joan Woods says:

    I just want to be able to buy a PEN that has writing facing us lefties on the pen instead of it being upside down as for Right Handed users.

    I really like the Pencils from the left handed club that reads :-
    “It’s a left handed thing…… you wouldn’t understand”

    Can you do some PENS with this logo on please!!!

    Joan M. Woods

    • Keith says:

      The only pens we have that are printed in a left-handed direction are the sets of Yoropens here

    • Tammy-from Canada says:

      I agree with you. It’s a little thing, but it seems to matter. But it is not only pens and pencils. I always look for mugs with things printed on the appropriate side for us lefties.

  9. Malcolm Alger says:

    Keith + Lauren,

    Love the newsletters.

    Sydney Australia

  10. Jim Holechek aka Jim Kane says:

    Hi guys, I sent an e-mail attachment to your long http address, but I’m not sure it went through. It was my lefthanded book proposal. I can send it by USPO if you can’t give me a private e-mail address that works for me. Thanks. Jim Holechek

  11. Chas Kenny says:

    Firstly. Welcome back, I was beginning to wonder what had happened to you.

    With regards to the left handed computer mouse. The one that I’m using is ambidextrous in design. I’ve set my computer for left-handed use. This means that I have to reverse the mouse controls so that the right button performs the task of the left button! I have also done the same to my computer at work!

    In respect of eating. I always set my table for left-handed use. My kitchen is set up for a left-hander. The only member of my family who is comfortable in it is my sister-in-law who is a fellow left-hander. I’ve made life easier by having as many left-handed tools as possible. People laugh when I mention I use left-handed kitchen knives etc, but they really are very useful. I no longer cut bread in triangular wedges!

    Chas Kenny

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