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Left Handers Club Newsletter – August 2010

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In this issue..

1.  We are back!
2. Left-handed leaders
3. Left handed gestures – good or bad?
4. Lefties around the world
5. Back to school
6. New products

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1. We are back!

After a long period of absence due to other commitments and financial constraints we are going to re-start our monthly newsletters and hopefully make them better than ever. We recently sent an email to members explaining why we have been out of touch for so long and we want to thank all of you who replied with good wishes, feedback and ideas – it seems an awful lot of people like what we do, which encourages us to keep doing more of it!

We would like to give a special thank you to the people who made a financial contribution. A lot of the responses we got suggested that we should make a standard membership charge to receive our newsletters, but we would rather keep it free and with voluntary contributions if you think what we do is valuable to you.
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2. Left Handed Leaders

There has been a long history of American Presidents being left-handed, with Barack Obama the latest, but we now have a left-handed British Prime Minister as well in David Cameron.

obama writing left handedobama throwing left handeddavid cameron writing left handed
obama bowling left handeddavid cameron tennis left handeddavid cameron dribnking left handed

Nice to see the lefties in charge and let's hope they can be creative in sorting out some of the problems we face in the world today.

How many other world leaders are left-handed? If you come across any, let us know and send us details plus any images of them being left-handed and we'll start a gallery.
You can use this form to send us a message and attach images

3. Left handed gestures – good or bad?

In laboratory tests, left- and right-handers associate positive ideas like honesty and intelligence with their dominant side of space and negative ideas with their non-dominant side. To find out whether people link ‘good' with ‘dominant' beyond the laboratory, Casasanto and co-author Kyle Jasmin examined spontaneous gestures during positive and negative speech in the final debates of the most recent US presidential elections.

The 2004 and 2008 elections involved two right-handers (Kerry, Bush) and two left-handers (Obama, McCain). Casasanto and Jasmin found that right-handed candidates made a greater proportion of right-hand gestures when expressing positive ideas and left-hand gestures when expressing negative thoughts. But the opposite was found for the left-handers, who favored their left hand more for the positive and their right hand for the negative.

Across many cultures, expressions in language link ‘good' with right (the right answer) and ‘bad' with left (two left feet). Likewise, classical treatises instruct politicians to gesture mostly with their right hand, and only to use their left hand when delivering bad news.

‘Right' and ‘left' are also linked with political views, but the candidates' spontaneous gestures did not follow party lines. Both right-handers showed the ‘good is right' pattern, and both left-handers the ‘good is left' pattern. The association of good things with one's dominant side is something Democrats and Republicans appear to agree on.

So, the hand people use to make most of their gestures with may be a clue to whether they think what they are saying is good or bad, as long as you know their dominant hand. As us lefties are in a minority, is it possible that because we mainly use our left hand for gestures about good things, the righties may actually get the impression that we think it is actually bad?

This is getting too complicated but it is an interesting thought! If you want to know more, this is a link to the original research paper.

4. Lefties around the world

left handers worldWe had a lot of responses to our recent email from lefties all round the world wanting to participate in some way in our newsletters. We thought it would be good to feature a short article each month from a member in a different part of the world telling us about their experiences and how lefties get on in their country. If you would be willing to share your thoughts, please contact us using this form and attach your article as a text file plus send us a picture of yourself and any other relevant images.

Tell us about:

  • Words for left-handed and left-handed people and any alternative meanings they have
  • Your experiences as a lefty at school and work and whether people have been supportive and helpful to you
  • Any interesting experiences you have had that relate to your handedness
  • Anything else you think other member may be interested in

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing with other members.

We have produced a big page of information about left-handed language and these are some of the most recent comments on it:

  • Adolfo says – Here in Venezuela we often use the term mocho” to refer to a lefty, or la mocha”, to refer to the left hand. Mocho” would roughly translate as maimed”, or awkward, clumsy” or stuff like that, and la mocha” would be something like the maimed (hand)”.
  • We have a had a lot of interest in this page and loads of comments from people sent by email so we will keep adding to the content. We ARE still struggling to find positive language references to lefthanders though – can you help?
5. Back to school

September sees the start of the new school year and lefties of all ages are stocking up on study essentials. Here are some links to the most relevant sections of our online shop for you to have a browse through:

6. New products

We have had quite a few product changes over the past 6 months so do have a look around our site. We will highlight some of our favourites over the next few newsletters and have discounts on them for Club Members.

Stabilo gel pen

The Stabilo Easy range of ergonomic pens and pencils have been a huge hit with children of all ages and now they have released a more adult version of the pens in a gel rollerball model with a click action rather than the removable cap – and there is a special left-handed version with left-hand rubber moulded grip finger positions!

Available in Blue, Lilac and Green it comes with blue ink and there are refills available in blue or black.

Click here to see our video on this new pen and order yours

Stabilo colouring pens left handed

Stabilo have also created some sets of left-handed colouring pencils with ergonomic grip cutouts and again made a special left-handed version with the positions for thumb and forefinger moved to suit us lefties. In this set of 12 they have included a fully left-handed pencil sharpener and even taken the trouble to reverse the printing direction on the left-handed pencils so the wording reads correctly when held in the left hand.

Congratulations to Stabilo on continuing to make a real effort to make their range work for lefthanders!

The left-handed pencils are also available as a set of 6 (without the pencil sharpener) and as a set of 6 normal graphite pencils.
Click here to see our video on the set of 12 pencils
and click one of these links to order
Set of 12 colouring pencils
Set of 6 colouring pencils
Set of 6 graphite pencils
pencut folding scissors

This is an innovative new products that we really like – a pair of scissors than can genuinely be converted to work left or right handed and which also folds away with a pen cap to put them in your pocket.

Watch Keith's video of them in action to see how they work.
Click here for more info and to order

pencil grip

We have just taken delivery of a new design of pencil grip that has been designed by Dr Barbara Sattler and we think is better than all our previous ones.

It is made of very soft rubber so it fits over most pencils and pens and gives a great grip position. It can be used by left and right handers depending on where you place your thumb (lefties on the side marked L).

We have had them put into packs of 3 mixed colours as we know how easily they get lost or borrowed!

Watch Keith's video about our new pencil grip
Click here for more info and to order

That's all for this month – we will be in touch again soon

Best wishes

Keith & Lauren

and all at the Left Handers Club

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15 comments on “LHC NL August 2010
  1. Ayodeji says:

    Hello fellow lefties! It’s great to have received this newsletter from ALH. I have come to believe that lefties are generally exceptional and extra intelligent. We need much more products which are customized for lefties because it’s high time we stopped using everything right-handed . I can barely manipulate a scissors for a cut and a few other tools. However, I want to know if any leftie like me has trouble with people thinking you’re disrespectful when you give them things with the left hand? In Africa, many years ago, it’s a sign of disrespect to do that. A lot of people still believe that around here.

  2. Bindi says:


    another lefty here and an artist too. I used to have problems with drawing and smudging but taught myself top draw standing up at an easel, no smudging anymore coz my hand never touches the surface of either the paper or canvas.

    Here in the Netherlands being right or lefthanded is a non issue as far as I can tell.
    I don’t mind, there’s enought dismcrimination (as in discerning differences and needing this to be special or noticed in our over individualised world )as it is. And we lefties have a built in solution I’d say. We are creative and can figure out how to deal with the little probs like scissors and such. All relatively harmless when there are real probs to deal with on the planet. I personaly have had enough of exclusive thinging. Left or right handed is just a case of DNA.

  3. Gerin Moblo says:

    Hello. I am a left handed artist and something I have always had a major problem with in making my sketches is the side of my hand drags across the paper as I draw. It is easy to just wash the pencil lead off of my hand, but it is not so easy to prevent the action from spoiling the piece. I try to maintain awareness of it to stop myself but as soon as I get into the zone with my art, it flees my mind to be careful with my hand. I was wondering if you have any kind of product that could help with this issue, or even any tips/suggestions would be helpful. Thanks a lot!

    • Jason says:

      I don’t mean to take business from ALH but, I imagine the simplest solution is having a piece paper between your hand and your work.

  4. Jamie says:

    Glad to see you back, just starting to learn to play the guitar. I bought a standard one but am thinking about exchanging it for a lefty. The choices we have to make sigh:)

  5. Marsha says:

    i searched and searched for 20+years (no kidding!) to find a lefty paring and utility knife. I cant thank u enough its wonderful to not have my hand hurt the rest of the night just because i made dinner.5 kids and only 1 lefty shes getting knives when she gets her own place.

  6. julie says:

    I have missed your newsletters also, and look forward to sharing this site with children that will discover the obstacles that life will present to them.
    Good for Darcelle.

  7. Darcelle says:

    The clerk at the Office Supply store actually laugh when I asked for left handed school supplies for my daughter. Thank goodness for your website, I learned how show my daughter the proper left handed grip. Thank you for your newsletters and website.

  8. Daydree says:

    I really missed these newsletters and I am glad to see this one. Keep up the good work! We left-handers need to have a joint conscious effort to remind us that we are not awkward or ‘the Devil’s helpers’ because we are different. We are proud of our uniqueness!

  9. Mark says:

    When I came to work for my current employer, a trade association, in 1994 all 10 male employees were left-handed (save 1 who was the first to go) and every female employee was right-handed. 16 years later we’ve added a couple right-handed “oddballs” but the male staff remains predominately left-handed. Going out for dinner is fun since we can all sit next to each other without getting in each others way!!!

  10. adriana meza says:

    I was looking at the left handed watches and i noticed that the little knob that you use to put the correct time on it, is still on the right side of the watch. i wear my watch on my right hand so if i need to change the time, its difficult and i have to take my watch off to do it. the knob needs to be on the left side. when you find a watch like that, please let us know!!

    • Brigit I. Pajonk says:


      Why bother to invent a left-handed watch if the knob is in the same location ! I am certain a righty had something to do with this….isn’t the purpose to wear the on the right wrist so we can write without the disruption of a watch getting in our way ? Al of us would surely like to wind the watch with ease right. ?

      We need a watch with the knob on the LEFT SIDE!!!!!!!

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