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Left Handers Day 2009

Media Activity

The media always seem fascinated by left-handedness, and are hugely supportive of our efforts.     The Left-Handers Club promote the Day in radio, TV and press interviews both in the UK and worldwide.       In a recent blog, I posted links to some of the international reports,   which included Australia, Malaysia, Kenya and Sri Lanka,   showing how far-reaching news of the Day has become.   Read that blog here.

In addition, I have come across a piece from the Washington Post by Alexandra Petri that you might like – taking the somewhat alternative stance that we left-handers don't need a day of our own, since we are better at everything anyway! How refreshing!

Washington Post article:   I'm Right Handed, and I'm proud by Alexandra Petri


Lefty Zone Poster

Lefty Zone Poster

How left-handers mark the day

We've made it easy for you to download posters to create “Leftie Zones” and celebrate Left Handers Day without having to contact us, and this year over 400 of you downloaded the set of posters from our site to display on the Day.

However, we always like to hear back from our LHC Members with your comments and plans for marking Left-Handers Day if you have time to drop us an email.   Here are extracts from a few of your emails about this year:

On left handed day it is also my explorer night so as I am the only left handed person there the leaders have organised a series of challenges for the rest of the group to do using only there left hand.   I think it will be fun to see all the right handed people struggle for once 🙂   James France

  • On the 13th I will turn left ONLY, on foot or driving, for the entire day. Not sure where I will be at midnight!     Maurie Roche
  • I just discovered you today! Lefty day!
  • I am so excited! I am going home to use my right handed wine opener to open a lovely bottle of wine and toast Lefties everywhere! By the way I am one of 5 lefthanded siblings! Lefties rule!   Mary, Springfield MA
  • I will be celebrating lefthanders day with cake, as I do every year.   You see, I was born on August 13th.   I feel privilaged to be left handed and to have my birthday on lefthanders day.   I taunt my family and friends to put up being lefties themselves for that day (at least around me).   Throughout the year I ask any lefties I see if they know about our special day and I'm always surprised to find that no one ever knows about it.   So I am spreading the word.   Tammy

A huge Thank You to everyone who celebrated Left-Handers Day2009   in some way, however small, and helped to show the right handers in your world how special we lefties are!!


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2 comments on “Left Handers Day 2009
  1. Ellen Ternes says:

    Speaking of left turns, the title of a book about J. Edgar Hoover and his FBI days is called “No Left Turns,” because, according to the book, “In California several months before, the Director’s chauffeur-driven car, while making a left turn, had been struck by another car from behind. The Director had been shaken up. He had been sitting on the left side behind the driver. Now he refused to sit on the left rear seat any more and had forbidden all left turns on auto trips.” Go left!

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