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About the Left Handers Club

Left Handers Club

We started The Left Handers Club back in 1990 in response to requests from customers to produce a newsletter and campaign on behalf of left-handers. Our aims from the beginning were to get more left-handed products made and raise awareness of the issues facing left-handers – particularly left-handed children in school.

Our Newsletters

Our newsletters are sent out once or twice a month and cover a wide range of topics to do with being left-handed including:

  • Latest research and reports on left-handedness
  • Our own surveys and analysis
  • Latest product information and explanations of left-handed items, plus member discounts and offers
  • Highlighting the things left-handers do differently
  • Picking up on language, customs and myths about left-handers

We try our best to entertain members as well as providing useful and interesting information and resources. Use this link to see an index with links to our past newsletters 

Backwards Calendar

Backwards Calendar for left-handers

Left-Handers Club membership is completely free and as a member you will receive our unique “backwards” calendar, with days running right to left – which left-handers often find easier to read .

Member Certificate

You will also get access to a free Membership Certificate which you can personalise with your own name for printing.

Left-Handers Club member certificate
We will protect your email

We value your privacy and will never give out, lease or sell any of your personal details. All newsletters contain an unsubscribe link which you can click to remove yourself if you wish, although not many people do!

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107 comments on “Join the Club
  1. Jojo Amarante says:

    Hello all left handed friends …First of all when I was 4 years old I was force by my mother and teacher to use my right hand,so Up today I am using my right haned for writing …but the rest of all of the things I am using all left handed …when was been force to use my right hand to use a pencil I was really so unhappy …

  2. Hayley Davison says:

    My 6 year old is left handed and both myself and his Dad are right handed. I am looking into everything I can that will help my son and seeing what options are there are for him, such as writing aids etc.

  3. Janice Desler says:

    My funniest moments are when I go for a Chinese meal.with friends who are all right handed and whoever is sitting next to me and I have a sort of chopstick fencing match when the ends clash as we eat. I try to get the end seat if it’s a square table but when it’s a round one there is no escape!

  4. Jackie Horsley says:

    There aren’t enough things for the growing population of left handers !

  5. Liana O'Bannon says:

    Sounds wonderful. I’m am a retired teacher K-12 and have taught for over 20 years. I also adopted 3 kids and married a man who are all left handed to one degree or another but I am the only one truly lefty in the family.

  6. Marsha Elaine Thrower says:

    It’s very good to know some things about myself that I often wondered about!

  7. Kate Blunt says:

    When I did my nurse training in university there were single chairs with a writing desk attachment that we had to use. Inevitably they were always positioned on the right side meaning my elbow kept falling through the gap on the left ( and proper) side. Oh the difficulties out there for us lefties!

  8. Gary says:

    My mom beat me up for being a leftie when I was young and now whenever I eat with left hand she scolds me

  9. Ajaver says:

    So many challenges goes with lefthandedness especially in Africa. Thank God we are beginning to overcome with much education. We re indeed unique

  10. Jacquelyn McBain says:

    After 63 years without paying attention to my left-handedness…except when seating with a group at a table, in which I always choose a left corner so I don’t bump elbows while cutting my food, I have finally taken the plunge and bought some scissors.
    I am so impressed I am going to order just about everything you sell and have a left-fest!
    Thank you. I wish you also sold power tools, like drills. The torque is dangerous.

    • Juanita says:

      I have just married a 75 year old lefty and he can’t understand why nail clippers, scissors, peelers etc never work for him. I just showed him this site and he is excited to try some new gadgets!

    • Marilyn Gail says:

      I know the old seating dilemma! Nothing worse than colliding with a righty. Also, asking to change seats and having to go into detail, because they don’t get it. I try and take a left corner seat or head of the table. Being a lefty has helped me develop a good sense of humor!

  11. Danny Estridge says:

    Just like to get what you have on sale (or otherwise) for left handers. My questions are about pens and other stationary, I can’t understand what’s better with a left handed pen versus a right handed pen, plus some other stuff I kind of question.
    You have a lot of cool stuff, just wonder, outside of kitchen knives and stuff like that I wonder if your really looking after left handers, like a left handed ruler? I don’t understand, I’m more than willing to get left handed note books and stuff like that, just it seems left handers are kind of a weird bunch to cater to. Love your scissors though, I got them threw Amazon though, I’d rather like dealing with you guys though.
    Thanx, Danny

  12. Wendy says:

    I wish i had found this group years ago when my sons teachers jept telling me ge was lazy and was actually right handed and not left which i always knew he was from a very young age. The pages i have seen so far make many of the issues he has had so far in life much easier and i will be printing and purchasing a few more products that i didnt know about. Keep up the amazing qork and thank you so much

  13. Becca Entrikin says:

    I’m proud to be a unique individual and being a lefty makes me that more unique, sure there are A LOT of struggles. But I know that if I was right handed my uniqueness would go down. I just love being apart of the few 10% of the community. ^_^

  14. Vijay says:

    Being left handed I have gone through lots of troubles and many time I found myself in problems.When I was learning in my school days doing additions,substractions was big task for me even I had understand rules of these and other mathematical operations.many people forced to me to be right handed.Handling some objects challeng me.I love music too much but could’nt have managed to do career in this lovely field.I am studying science now.

  15. Jayamini Dakshini Jayalath says:

    Hi..I m so happy to join this club and I am very proud of being a left hander although it makes some difficulties in day today activities. Thank u for accepting me.

  16. John Daly says:

    Other than being necessary to shift gears as a truck driver I really don’t use my right hand for much in daily living!

  17. Fawn Alexander says:

    National Left Handers Day was founded 8/13/1976 that is my exact DOB.!

  18. SusaninNapa says:

    Got a smile out of your information on twins. I have an identical twin and of course I was the lucky one and blessed with being left-handed! Her children are lefties and mine are right-handed, but my grandson is left-handed. My dad was also a lefty and we both were somewhat dyslexic. He earned 2 doctorates by possessing an incredible photographic memory. (Due to his tendency towards dyslexia). My dad helped me accommodate and was great to play catch with. I have one brother as well who is left-handed. I am glad the legacy of left carries on!

  19. Tara Schroeder says:

    I remember when I was in 3rd grade I tried writing with my right hand because I didn’t want to be different. The teacher noticed my troubles of attempting to be a righty and made me switch back.

    I wonder now, if being left handed is the reason I like to read a magazine from back to front? Hmmm

    • Jacquelyn McBain says:

      Yes…that’s a common trait among left-handers. Can’t remember where I read it but it’s a real thing.

  20. peter kent says:

    not only am I left-handed , I Have rh neg blood, My birthdate 6.9. 1938 adds up to
    6+9+1+9+3+8+ =36 —3+6 =9 divided by 3=3
    My parents dad 3 children 2 girls 1 boy
    I had 3 children 2 girls 1boy
    My daughter had 2girls 1 boy

    It has also been suggested that I am an INDIGO person. Need I go on ?

  21. Eve says:

    I have for decades wondered if my mother may have forced me to be right handed. My grandfather was left handed and everything I do besides write, I do better left handed. It has always been something I have wondered about until I found this site and other people’s comments. Many of their problems I also have, and especially the people who know they were forced to be right, is very helpful for me to find more information about it. Thank you for this site!!

  22. Kris Hendry says:

    In my family, being left-handed makes me unique… I get looked at weird, people just don’t understand how I hold things a certain way, they try to copy me and fail miserably… and I love it…! Being a leftie is something to be embraced… we’re indeed lucky people 🙂

  23. Mayra says:

    I am very proud of joining this wonderful club i ove being a left handed person so this is amazing for me <3 please publish this

  24. Said Ghanmi says:

    Hello Keith ,

    What I can be proud of it , is that I’m left handed and I’m born on 13 August 1980 the same day is national day of women in my country . Such an amazing coincidence .

  25. Pat says:

    Wow great find. This site will enable me to help my little grandson to learn to write big thanks.

  26. John Law ll says:

    to keith

    I noticed my results of my test. I’m proud of being left handed, I’ve been through some bad times and problems with this. One time a teacher told me she would fail me if I didn’t switch hands. She kept giving me low scores because she knew me by my name and knew I was the left handed one. Then one time a friend who was right handed, I asked since we had a report to do. Could he write his and don’t sign it, and I’d do the same. That Monday came around we checked and we did what I asked. Then we both laid them on her desk, she read both of them very clear. them she wondered who wrote these, after that he signed his and I signed mine. She couldn’t believe one of those was mine. then I told her afterwards, don’t you ever say you couldn’t read my writing at all

  27. Jane Cordner says:

    I can’t cut bread straight ,I leave big gashes in paper using scissors ,I can’t open door locks , and you should see me opening a bottle of wine. ….pah But my hubby thinks I’m making it all up No way hose .im a true Lefty and proud of it. LEFTIES RULE

  28. david speers says:

    i bought the school kit for my daughter,she loves it and uses it every day ,thank you

  29. Alexis Roque says:

    Really me too, I’m not going to lie it’s kind of hard to be left handed when everyone in my family thinks it’s really wearied to be left handed.

  30. Michael says:

    Dear Madam/sir. Not sure if I qualify for this membership of such an illustrious club. I was born left handed,living in the countryside where superstition was rife a left hander was considered to be at least unlucky at best: or work of the devil at worst. So one of the cheesemakers/cooks made it her mission to rid me of this awful curse. (she was a Methodist) She largely succeeded as she was on hand for meals etc., I do not know left from right & have to think about it. But my big revenge is that I still throw left handed!!
    Please excommunicate me if I am not eligible for your club, but do remember that if I am accepted you will be heaping revenge on our departed cheesemaker/cook. Amy was her name if you wish to insert pointed objects into dolls on my behalf.
    ttekcoL leahciM

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