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325 comments on “Club Verified
  1. Tom says:

    Nice to see a lefty’s club. My 2 brothers and I are all left handed! My parents were both right handed but my mom was kind of ambidextrous. Are there any other families out there where all siblings are left handed? I also have one son and he is left handed. I have always believed southpaws were special people. If you look at any sport you will find a remarkable number of left handers at the top. Take a look at the last few US presidents….mostly left handed

  2. Derek says:

    Brought up in a tolerant but not particularly considerate environment, in the 1940s and 1950s, I have actually relearned some tasks with the left hand since. Fortunately there was no interference with writing while music facilitated use of the right hand, where appropriate.

    Not sporting but a right-handed world may have something to answer for in that respect.

  3. Brooks Moore says:

    Thanks. I am ninety years old and and have been discriminated against all of my years. I look forward to learning how other left-handers cope with the discriminatory majority. However, I do take great comfort in knowing that we are smarter than the other 85%!!!

  4. Gloria says:

    Hi there, I just found out about National Lefties Day. They had it on the news and I found the site when I looked it up on the web.
    I’m a 62 year old woman from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I was born left handed and am totally that way. I do everything lefty, except, of course the computer keyboard where there was no choice.
    Being left handed runs in the family. My mother was left handed as well as her mother and some of my aunts (there were 6 altogether). We wound up with 2 lefties (me and my older brother and one rightie (my younger sister) My father was right handed.
    My “left handed thing ” is writing backwards. I can write so that if you hold it up to a mirror you could read it.
    I glad to now be in a lefty club.
    I have always been proud to be different as a lefty and fortunate that no one tried to change that in school. That was the thing in my mothers day, but she stood her ground and stayed a lefty all the way too! I liked having to stand different for archery or softball.

  5. Claudia Vickers says:

    I am the only left hander in my family and I was the only left hander when I was at school. I often play games on my Nintendo 3ds and it is so frustrating try to play the games because so many of them do not take lefthandedness into consideration.

  6. Rusty Schrubba says:

    Thanks for letting me join. I am a 23 year veteran Firefighter with Captain status at my home town Fire Department in St. Joseph, Michigan.
    Go Lefties!

  7. Cliff center says:

    Nice to read all the comments from like handed folks. I gravitated to track over other organized sports. I believe the creativity attributes are true. Proud to be a lefty.

  8. Nelson says:

    I couldn’t understand myself and how certain things turned out until I researched and found out that as a left hander I’m quite different from my right handed friends -feels good to be a part of this lot. Cheers

  9. Vasudha says:

    Thanks for left handers club members. Infact my 7 yrs old son is a lefty. As his classwork n home work is increasing his writing s become slow. That time i find this club to help my son. With ur advises if he improves i will be very greatful to u all

  10. rohan says:

    This is rohan 30 years old and I am from mumbai India and I am left’s feeling good that I am lefty I think it’s special being lefty

  11. Raymond Lopez says:

    Some say its pure coincident some say its inherited I cant say for sure although my mother is also a leftie but from what i found out basically everyone whos ever impacted the world has been left handed geniuses in almost every category from good to evil I feel myself im more intelligent in my mind then in actual reality alsomst like a alternate secret idenity I wish I could revile maybe that explains my fascination with superheros but even as I write this comment this is not how I actually talk in person but in my head I talk like this all the time Iv done some reasech on lefties just out of curiosity and found out alot of interesting facts im not saying were better then anyone else but I do think we have a different perspective on life”the left handed view in a right handed world”have you ever felt like you think diffently than everyone else and always question life and its existence thats because we are part of the rare 10% of somthing special I believe is no coincidence at all everyone who is left handed seems to have mastered a art in some type of way even me I consider myself a prodigy of my art im not saying im the best or famous or even rich I dont even know for sure if iv reached my full potential yet but when I draw im focused on what im doing everyone around me is always so amazed at what I can do even thou its so easy for me its not for them iv even tried teaching my skills and cant get how someone cant see or skip the minor details that I see but they get it when i explain it to them
    unfortunately that seems to be one of the main skills im good at that Iv acquired naturally I dont think left handed people are superior to anyone else but I do believe every left handed person has a god gifted talent that blows everyone else out the water it could be anything this cant be a coincidence that such a thing comes so natural for left handers whatever it is embrass it and become what your meant to be,on that note unpon my research I found out apparently left handed people live a shorter life but happen to be bigger then life itself maybe its cause we use the right side of our brain witch apparently isnt the normal “right side” according to some people who are right handed

  12. Kameswari says:

    I am Kameswari from Narsapur, W.G.Distr, A.P, India. I’m glad there is a club I’m the only person in my family left handed. I am working as Social Teacher. I’m the only Teacher in my School left handed out of 80 Teachers-

  13. Akshika says:

    Hi, I am right handed but have joined this club because my son is left handed. He is 5 years old. Till now i had no problem but now he is lacking in school as his writing is bad and slow..otherwise he is a bright kid. I don’t know how to make him write in a proper left handed way.. But now I have started reading articles on this and many other pages on net. I’m also going to give Print outs of pages to his teacher so that she can handle him properly. I never knew they write in a different way. Hope in some time, he will overcome his problems.

  14. G CADMAN says:

    Thank you for your welcome, I am no longer left out
    Geoff Cadman.

  15. Angela says:

    Thanks for accepting me into left-handers club I always felt odd for being left handed but have come to find out I’m more creative and artistic than those I know that are right handed!!! Thanks again all u lefties!! Angela

  16. Sophie says:

    I love this website so much and can’t wait for the 25th annual Left Handers day!
    As a 16 yr old, I’ve already found many struggles in society such as having to ask for the “specially made”, left handed tools and products as everyone assumes I’m right handed. It is such a pain!

  17. Kule John says:

    Hello there.
    Thank you very much for welcoming me to the association.
    I am kule John 22yrs, a left hander and I am a medical laboratory technician from Kampala Uganda.

    Best regards.

  18. Esther says:

    I am glad to find out that we are the minority. God blessed us with this for his purpose. I have a 3 year old girl who is a leftie , but her teachers are forcing her to use the right hand, dear ones please advise me on how to handle this. From Uganda, the pearl of Africa

    • Raymond Lopez says:

      I went thru the same thing when i was a kid i rember remember my teacher kept telling me that wasnt my pencil holding hand they put me in a room where a man gave me test like whats wrong with this picture kind of stuff i was with my mom after that they sent me back to class and from then on the tracher never bothered me but i think if you just let the teacher know they will assist her in any way it really is a gift you’ll find out thru reasech how successful left handed people are

  19. Imeldah says:

    Am a Kenyan a student at moi university and am happy to be a left hander and being a member of left handers club too.thank you

  20. Sharon Braly says:

    Have i got a good story for you!My name is Sharon Braly, 66 yrs. born right-handed. At the age of 41 yrs, my right forearm was amputated, due to a long term autoimmune disease. It felt like hitting a brick wall, as i knew it was the biggest challange of my life! Nothing would ever b the same.I realized I’d always would b learning to be a lefty. this is my destiny. Grace, spiritual strenght, courage, and an incredable sense of humor! I’d love to hear other stories similar to mine. when my story is shared, it gives people strenght. thrilled to join your club…Thankyou for listening, Blessings to all. Sharon

  21. Ruth says:

    Hi, you lovely left-handers………I can’t say fellow left-handers because I am actually a right-hander who has seen the light and realised I should be taking my left-handed husband more seriously.

    He has commented to me on several occasions over the years that being left-handed has probably taken years off his life because of the stress it can cause on a daily basis!

    I discovered this first hand when he needed to use our lovely new designer,( naming no names here, but the company has been contacted!) kitchen tongs. As usual, against my better judgement, I was swayed by the ergonomic design and perfect colour for my kitchen line!!! Note to self….not the best way to choose a piece of equipment you use everyday. I should know better after nearly fifty years.

    Anyway, getting back to the point here! My husband was just about to turn over the steaks he was cooking to perfection…….”UUrrrrggh, I can’t use these, they don’t work”, as I then discovered for myself when I held them in my left hand. “LIGHT BULB” moment……We do not consider the left-hander enough,including our nearest and dearest……Time to acknowledge and be proud of it.

    I also work in a school with Reception children and feel throughly ashamed not to have realised how important it is to support our left-handed children properly. (Don’t worry, I shall be shouting the message loud and clear from now on).

    There is a beautifully written piece on the “families online” website about this, which I believe directed me to yours. It not only points out the problems, but demonstrates how, with a little consideration, we can support our left-handed students quite easily and not submit them to several years of frustration and misery at school and beyond.

    Be LOUD and PROUD left-handers!!! You are often very creative thinkers…..well, you’ve had to be to survive a dominating right-handed world xx

  22. Aija says:

    I’m glad there is a club I’m the only person in my family left handed including my grandpa I’m the only kid in class left handed

  23. Federico Morgan says:

    Hello! I am Federico Morgan from Argentina and I am on a project making the First International Left Handed Orchestra.
    If you want to collaborate It will be great!

  24. Olivia says:

    Hi! I am so glad to be a lefty.I found out about this website by trying to prove to my mother(a right) that left hander pens exist. This site prove me correct so thank you.

  25. Olga says:

    Very helpful info from your campaigns on how to support best the child who has a preference for the left hand. As a Nursery practitioner it has really helped me to support such children with the right resources such as hand sharpeners, scissors and triangular pencils! They are great!

  26. Deizel-Ash says:

    I’m ambidextrous so I’m right and left handed. I was mainly left handed up until age 8 when I sprained my wrist and I started writing more with my right hand. I always have and will write with both hands, I just want to do it more equally. I’m 13 on Monday and I’m going to try to person ere this year with my ambidextrous adventure and also some other more serious things but Yeh.

  27. uttam says:

    Hello left handers,I am an upper secondary student from Mauritius and I’m glad to join the lefties club! I am the only left hander in my class…
    I use the left hand for almost everything- eating,writing,drawing,brushing my teeth,throwing something,playing games,sports(except football),handling tools etc
    Few exceptions are as follows: using mouse and playing guitar.

    Here are details about the football exception:
    When I was a kid (about seven yrs) I used to play football with my left foot. Gradually, I was able to tackle the ball with both feet (Including dribble, shoot and pass). Afterwards I noticed that my preffered foot became the right one until now, without willing to change my former playing style. Can somebody explain this change?

    I thank both members and founders for concretising this brilliant idea to create a lefty club (since we are only 10%-15% throughout the world!).
    Proud to be lefty and wish you all the best for the future.

    – See more at:

  28. ken makweya says:

    i am very happy to be the member of left handers club,i strongly believe i will enjoy to be part of this Club.i am a medical student at University of Malawi,college of medicine,in Southern Africa

  29. Rose Ngina says:

    Am Rose from Kenya am glad to join the club.Am lefthanded in everything even playing netball and handball.It’s hard to cope with everything being right handed especially for desks in school makes me feel out of place,i struggle to use them.Am happy to have found this club for people like me.

  30. CESAR G. BONILLA says:

    Thank you very much for being a part of left handed club. Since I was born, my left hand is predominant in everything I do.Sometimes, I felt being isolated from a group because I can only use my left hand in eating, spoon in my left hand. Thank you for this privilege and greatness of heart.

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