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325 comments on “Club Verified
  1. Jestin says:

    I am too a left hander writer most probably the only one in the whole school. But i am using my right hand for most of the other uses…..Am i a proper left hander???Anyway great odea by creating a society for left handers..

  2. Adrian Ould says:

    I, Adrian, am writing a paper on how left handers are natural leaders to be presented to Flinders University, Adelaide, in August.
    In Australia, we lefties are called MOLLIES.
    One in 10 is a Molly.
    So look at the incredible list of American Presidents –
    Obama, Clinton, G W Bush, Reagan, Ford, Truman, Kennedy, Garfield, Hoover [he didn’t give a dam], all Mollies, all leaders!
    It is using the right side of the brain that won me 5000 to one on Leicester City. Tom Hanks used a different method & won Β£500000!

  3. Yve says:

    I’m a high school and in our classroom there are 3 (including me) lefties and we have left-handed arm chairs thou but no one want’s to use it . lol

  4. Purity Mwangi says:

    My name is Purity from Kenya. Am a born left handed.

  5. Andrew Jones says:

    I am interested in knots forlefthanded sailors

  6. Fawn says:

    Hello & thank you for letting me join. I am raising my grandson & he is left handed. My children are all right handed as I am too. I need help in what he needs. I am looking for scissors that he needs. Joining this site may show me more of what he will need. I sent him to school with right handed scissors, not thinking they won’t work for him. Help! Thanks, Fawn

  7. Peter Haddow says:

    Left handers are alright!

  8. Gabrielle says:

    Have any of you lefthanders noticed your microwave for instance. That I know of most or all of them over to the left. Which makes it hard to clean them out.. I used to be a housekeeper and every time I was cleaning out a microwave I hit my elbow on the door… Talk about painful…

  9. fathima musharrafa says:

    im left hander…proud about it..many say left handers can do math very well…its totally i did ma ordinary level examination…in that exam maths was the hardest exam…in our class only me amd one of ma freind got A pass…to see both of us are left handers…very strong left handers

  10. Andrea says:

    As a leftie, I feel that scissors are the most stressful. My teacher got mad when I got up to ask my left handed friend for scissors. Right handed people just don’t get it.

  11. Belkis. says:

    Hello everyone!! I am a proud lefty from Costa Rica and a Psychology student and I am glad to join this club. Most of the time I am the only lefty on my classroom.
    All the items on sale on this site are really awesome and helpful on a world that was not designed for us.
    Thanks a lot, cheers and pura vida!! πŸ˜€

  12. Sandra says:


    Delighted to be part of a left handed club and share ideas and frustrations. My Mother was left handed but sadly they bet it out of her at school . I also have a nephew who is a lefty too.
    I think we are good at adapting, after all we live in a right handed world!

    I recently took up crochet and was the only lefty in the group until last week when a new member joined and she’s a lefty too. I’ve noticed most patterns are printed with right handed instructions, very frustrating.

    Look forward to hearing all the bad and good sides of being a lefty.

    left thumb

  13. Bill says:

    I am left handed, left footed, left eyed, left brained; but, never left out. It is my opinion that being left handed in a right handed world make me that much more adaptable to almost any situation. I do everything left handed and do not apologize for it. When I discover another left handed I often comment “I see you are using the correct hand”. one thing I can easily do is write backwards, while a parlor trick, never ceases to garner many comments and occasionally some envy!

  14. Tom says:

    Hello from the USA! I’m a lefty that does almost everything lefthanded except throw a Frizzbe and fly a kite. Those two things I do right handed almost exclusively. My handwriting is atrocious (looks like a toddler did it), and I loath nearly every appliance in the kitchen cause it doesn’t work well for me. I also hate driving cars because we do do everything on the right side here. I’m envious of the UK way of driving. I found this page from a friend on
    The one thing I hate the most about being left handed is playing games. Back when I first learned to use a computer, most people played PC games with the numpad, not the traditional WSAD that most people use today, thus I learned how to use the mouse in my left hand. Now, whenever I get a new game, I have to spend about five hours customizing the keyboard just so I can complete the tutorial.
    This is really awesome and I love being a lefty!

  15. Deva says:

    Hello left handers,I am an upper secondary student from Mauritius and I’m glad to join the lefties club! I am the only left hander in my class…
    I use the left hand for almost everything- eating,writing,drawing,brushing my teeth,throwing something,playing games,sports(except football),handling tools etc
    Few exceptions are as follows: using mouse and playing guitar.

    Here are details about the football exception:
    When I was a kid (about seven yrs) I used to play football with my left foot. Gradually, I was able to tackle the ball with both feet (Including dribble, shoot and pass). Afterwards I noticed that my preffered foot became the right one until now, without willing to change my former playing style. Can somebody explain this change?

    I thank both members and founders for concretising this brilliant idea to create a lefty club (since we are only 10%-15% throughout the world!).
    Proud to be lefty and wish you all the best for the future.

    • B'Elanna says:

      Hey Deva,

      I’m also in secondary school, but from Australia and I’m glad that I have finally met another person that is left handed and goes to secondary school!!! (I’m literally the only one in my grade left handed)


    thank you for inviting me to join your club. it is my privilege to be one. thank you. I am a left handed Court Stenographer and I wonder if there are others like me out there because they say that writing shorthand is for the right handers but I humbly disagree.

  17. john faulds says:

    I am a left handed person and understand how modern technology and in the kitchen can be a bug bare to us. I am the only one of two people I know of in my family how is left handed. I hear that a castle in Edinburgh is based and structured in a left handed way due to the family Carr were predominantly lefties.

    • Matt says:

      That’s pretty intresting . I’ll have to see if I can find some pictures. I’m curios what all was done to the castle . Thanks for sharing that.

  18. Olugbenga Adegboyega says:

    I am a broadcaster/journalist from Nigeria and i’m proud to be a lefthander. I found this site while doing a news research on the International Lefthanders Day. I’m so glad we have such an interesting platform to chart a cause for global recognition and relevance.

  19. Cindy says:

    Hi all!
    It never occurred to me that I was different cuz of my LH writing. When my son came along, I took his LH side in stride. My first child Amy is a right hander. Guess my school didn’t try to change me.
    Stand your ground and defend your son’s style. We are all unique in this world and that includes our writing tendency.
    My son’s writing is rather bad and looks like his dad’s. My writing is very beautiful and can be either straight up ur slanted to the right. My moods dictate the style.
    Stay strong and remain a leftie. It’s just some gadgets thst make it hard to work in the kitchen. And even the toilets are backwards!
    Being a leftie is challenging but worth it! We are very talented people! =)

  20. Anthony Aguilera says:

    As both left-handed (and left footed to boot [pun intended] especially when I played football) and havinf the 13th August as a birthday, I feel doubly honoured to have joined the Club today – 13/08/2105.

  21. Lottie says:

    Hi, I live in Iowa, USA. I have always been left-handed. I write and eat with my left hand, and use a knife/cut with my left. But everything else I do right hand, I guess that was the way I was taught to do, like sports, hitting, kicking. Its very normal for me. I am also very creative with crafts, sewing, and can come up with simple solutions, when others can’t find a resolution. I love being left handed. πŸ™‚

  22. Lorraine Mukoya says:

    My name is Lorraine from Kenya. Am happy to join the lefties club. My handmates let us keep in touch and share our experiences since we have been discriminated in most areas. We need to form an association. What do you think guys?

  23. Rachael says:

    Hi, I am a leftie and found this page when looking at facts
    I dont really see it being fair that we have to use all the right handed stuff….. it is really hard to use DX
    I also wish that there was more left handed items.
    I would love a left handed desk at school and a left handed computer, i draw digital art with a laptop but i have to draw it with my right hand which is terribly hard.
    I hope the best for lefties out there and i hope they are doing better than me with this stuff ^^’

  24. Brenda says:

    I just found this site and had to join! I’m from the USA and have been the only leftie in my immediate family for years until my cousin had a son that turned out to be a leftie as well!! I’m happy to say that now there are 4 of us in the family that have turned out to be lefties, including my grandson!! How exciting!! I was never forced to change hands and am thankful for that. It has been a life of adaptation, but I wouldn’t change a thing!! I was a nurse for over 20 years with the majority of my career being in psychiatric patient care. I am a very good driver. And, I also write as a right handed person does and have beautiful penmanship. People are amazed when they see my writing that I’m a leftie!! πŸ™‚ I’ve always been proud to be a leftie and so glad we have our own special day to celebrate!! After all, we are the only ones in our right minds!! LOL πŸ˜‰ Thanks for having this club and allowing me to join!!

    • Ernest & Mozhgan Hudiburgh says:

      Hi. I am Ernest from California, USA. I was the only leftie in my family, but I am married to my beautiful Persian wife that happened to be the only lefie in her own family. Isnt that intersting?

  25. Anne Learmonth says:

    I have a 4 year old left handed son who will start school in September. I want to be able to help him with writing as much as possible because even though he knows all his letters he is struggling to write his name.

  26. Gavin says:

    Hello all.
    Levels of LH’ness have always interested me throughout my 51 years. I was always wondering how unusual my characteristics were:
    generally left handed (95% on the test) and right-footed (I play football), but…if I use two hands (eg golf, guitar, knife and fork, boxing, snooker) I am right-handed. When asked, I say LH for one-hand tasks, and RH for two-hand tasks. Am I an interesting freak ? Or are there plenty more of us out there ?

    • Clive Miller says:

      Hello Gavin! you are not a freak!! I am lefty at all things except batting at cricket, that is the only thing I do right handed, unless I reach 99 lol!!

    • Peter Moore says:

      Hi Just joined the club.

      I am very much like you – left handed for racket games,left hand bowler/right hand for bat in cricket,right footed football,left hand spoon but cack handed with knife and fork.Left hand writing.

      When I first started in architecture as a youngster writing on the drawings was italic – being left handed I had to stand at the top of the drawing and write up side down to get the thick and thin strokes the right way round. Awasome isn’t it!!

  27. trevor wilford says:

    Name: trevor wilford


    Subject: left-handed Surform blades?

    Message: I’m not 100% LH,and part ambidextrous. But I DO use a saw and
    rasps with my left hand.

    My original Surform file ( 1970-ish ?!) wore out, so bought an new
    one. The blade configuration means the scraping bits slantleft to
    right, so tha one cant get a full abrasive action when using it
    I ca’t find LH info from Stanley’s websites, nor elsewhere.
    Am I misubderstanding somethin? Has any other lefty remarked?

    Advice, please.

    Thanks and regards

  28. Iamkaliwete says:

    Ink all down the side of my hand #WRITINGPROBLEM πŸ™

    BTW the Certificate is pretty AWESOME!!!
    TY MUCH.

    • Patty says:

      If you go on Amazon I found the best pens for this by zebra. The ink is quick drying so you wont smudge.So far they work no smudging πŸ™‚
      Zebra Pen
      Zebra Sarasa SE Rapid Dry Ink Gel Retractable Pen, 0.7mm, Black, 4 Pack (46414)
      5 out of 5 stars(7)Reviews

  29. alex says:

    I use my left hand for everything except:

    Computer mouse and guitar…. why is this?

  30. Suzanne says:

    My son is left handed, the worst in drawing and cutting in his class. The teacher, however preschool, is in denial about my son needing some special training or adaptations in learning to, for example use his crayons/ pencils for the left hand… Many people say “left-handedness” is only fully realized at age 5, but at age almost 4, we can tell. We know we need to start young.

    • Fahmo says:

      Hey Suzanne,
      hope all is well πŸ™‚
      i think that your son being a leftie is amazing and you guys should embrace it and work on it.
      you should make him feel special, make him feel unique.
      you never know what could become it πŸ˜€
      if you really believe that he could improve his writing preformance, then you should work on th skills he already has as a left hander, just make sure he feels happy with this.
      i kno he’s only four but kids always feel insecure when they are different from others, make him feel like he has a talent and tell him that he should embrace it and work on it to make it better then it already is.
      hope this helps,
      have an amazing day. πŸ˜€

    • Vivienne says:

      Hi Suzanne, I know you left your message a while ago and I hope you pick this up. This is 3rd attempt – it keeps throwing me out. Must be because I’m left handed!!! The worst thing you can do is treat your son as though he has a disability – he does not and he will find his own way. He may just be no good at drawing – my left handed best friend at school was awful at drawing and her writing was pretty bad but she still got to the top of her tree professionally. The more you make something of it, the worse it will be for him. We do not feel awkward – it’s just right handed folk who think we look awkward. You try drawing a line of loops from the RIGHT side of a page to the left, as a right hander and you will understand better. Some things take practice and we all have different talents.

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