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325 comments on “Club Verified
  1. Iris Misquitta says:

    I am a retired school teacher.l am left handed by birth.This trait is from my father,s side but,mum did not like it.So,she used to make me practise writing with my right hand after l returned from school.Infact,at school too,the teachers would look at my writing with great curiosity.Though at that time, l did not realise why it looked so weird to be a lefty,it suddenly struck me that,some people are not so informed about it.
    It could be that,they are not so well read,especially about left handedness.
    After l graduated,l did my teachers,s training and,started teaching in a boy,s school.Here,I used to write on the blackboard with my right hand but on books with my left hand.Likewise,when l use a pair of scissors,l use my right hand but,when l need to use a knife to chop veggies etc,l use my left hand.l am fine with myself,and even today at seventy years of age,l have a strong desire to study even though l am a post graduate in Sociology.I am very happy about myself but,cannot understand why people are so stuck with their old mode of thinking.

  2. Alex says:

    15% of the population, 50% of the Beatles (Ringo was a born lefty!). Where you find world changing creativity, you’ll find lefties.

  3. Josh mccullough says:

    Stoked to be part of the lower 10% club & blue eyes. Double recessive i believe. Slainte.

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