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325 comments on “Club Verified
  1. caleb says:

    im just grateful to be left handed and ilike the fact that i use de same hand with barack obama.

  2. Tammy says:

    I would have loved a left handed club when I was growing up!!! I am a sewer and just yesterday I found a pair of applique scissors made for the left handed. I really like all you products. Thank you.

  3. Janet says:

    My father, husband, son and granddaughter are also left-handed. My teachers tried to change me in school but my father would not permit it as he was forced to change and it caused him difficulties all his life.

    It is wonderful society is becoming more accepting of our unique gifts and talents.
    I wonder if a larger percentage of the population will become lefties when children are not pressured to choose right instead of left dominance.

  4. Vivek Singh says:

    I just learned about your club on facebook from the left handers club on facebook and have also found your page on facebook too…It feels great to be part of the Left Handed community. I feel its an exclusive club :))

  5. rehan says:

    My son dayyan is lefty and iam very happy to had a lefty.

  6. melanie says:

    In my family, 3 out of 4 of us are lefties. I have always been proud to be left handed. I definitely think we are more creative than our right handed friends.

  7. brian says:

    i have no regrets to b a lefty, i just have praises fo being one.

  8. Dhalys says:

    So proud to be left-handed!!

    Bien orgullosa de ser zurda!!!!

  9. matthew says:

    as the saying goes only lefthanded people are in their right mind!!!

  10. Ayoma says:

    proud to be a left hander and glad to join with u as a group..thanks for the builders of this group and Hi to everybody

  11. samuel says:

    nice to join this club…..hope i will find lots of friends here………peace

  12. Debby says:

    Hello Left handed Fam!!!

    Wow this is cool!!!!!!!

  13. Tony says:

    I have been through so much in my life as a lefty. It’s my honor and treasure to be member. And extremely fortunately, i am home now. 🙂

  14. Reginald says:

    Hello to all my fellow lefties.I am happy to join with you all.It was always cool for me to stand out among my brothers,my dad called me the south-paw.Lefties Rock lol.

  15. Christopher says:

    I am proud to be left-handed!!!

  16. Jefferson says:


    I was so happy joining the group and I wish all the best for us lef-handed people. 🙂

  17. Dr. Chai Charles Moua says:

    Dear Lefted-Handers Club,

    It is with great honor to finally find something of useful for me. I have been through so much in my life as a lefty. I was never comfortable when I used my left-hand in front of people, especially when I was very young. I feel that I am different in a lot of ways: using my left hand to write, do heavy chores, etc. I feel very awkward. Not only that I am left-hand person, but also have soft cleft. Trying to know who I am is not easy. It takes time to discover my comfort zone. Through morethan 20 years of schooling, I ovecome all the hardship of being a left-hander and soft cleft.

    More to come…

    Dr. Chai Charles Moua,
    Central California, USA

  18. Chris says:

    On top of being left handed Im a twin and a leap year baby.

  19. badhand says:

    Man, this is a great club and website. I feel like I’m among kindred spirits.

  20. Johnnie Calhoun says:

    Greetings fellow left-handers,

    I am surprised to know that there is a club for those of us whom were born with the gift of being left-handed. I am proud to be a part of this club, and shall do all that I can to let people know about this club’s existence.

  21. stacey griffin says:

    I feel so at home now lol, mmy name is Stacey and im the 10th of 10 children, Im the only lefthanded child my mother has. I take it as if I was special lol. Thanks, Stacey

  22. Chuck Lobb says:

    Left Handers are the only ones in their right minds.

  23. Dennis says:

    Hi been a leftie for 56 years i have 6 kids my 4 girls are lefted handed what are the odds looking forward for your mail

  24. mary says:

    My daughter is a lefty, and i am so proud of her. Even though I have trouble finding things for her to use. She is only 6 but i refuse to make her use her right hand. I am a righty, and sometimes it bothers me when kids make fun of my daughter. I am Proud of the Left handers out there.

  25. Brandee says:

    so excited to officialy be part of the club I’ve belonged to my whole life! Thanks for such a cool opportunity to celebrate and unite lefties!!

  26. Craig says:

    Left-handers rock! Happy left-handers day everyone.

  27. Linda Houle says:

    I am so thrilled to find out that there is a website just for us South Paws!! My husband and I are both Lefties and so is our son, Our daughter is the only right handed person in our house lol. We hunt with our rifles left handed as most anything else.
    Thank you

  28. kira says:

    I am relieved that I do have people in my life that are leftys. We can understand each other in abstract thinking! I was the one with the GREEN handled scissors in elementary school, now it’s cool to be a lefty.

  29. marcelo mamani mullisaca says:

    hola, relamente no crei que existia un club para zurdos. bueno mis saludos a todos los zurdos del mundo.

  30. Nathan Terry says:

    If you need to chnage your email address or other details or want to TYPE O above. ; )

    • Keith says:

      Thanks Nathan – well spotted, have fixed it now.
      I do think that proof reading is something that lefthanders are good at, what do others think?

      • John says:

        They say Robert DeNiro, Brad Pitt, Sly Stallone and Tom Cruise are all left handed, Actually there is substantial evidence of
        all 4 actors signing autographs on youtube there is no evidence what so eve

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