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Left Handed Survey and Scissors

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In this issue..

1. Is it Me? – The things left-handers do differently
2. Our Left Handed Survey
3. Left handed scissors and cutting

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1. Is it Me? – The things left-handers do differently

There are all sorts of things that we, as lefthanders, find awkward or difficult in some way and often we are not aware that it is a direct result of our handedness. We have had a lot of emails on this subject with people mentioned lots of other things they find awkward that, once they started thinking about it, were actually left-handed things. These included:

left handed belt upside down
  • crossing other peoples paths/position on pavement
  • hugging
  • taking neighbours drink/bread roll at dining table
  • direction of work, decorating/painting rooms
  • being helped to put on a jacket
  • receiving change
  • putting children’s socks and shoes on
  • using your left-hand as a point of reference when giving directions
  • feeling more comfortable sitting on the left hand side of things
  • putting belts on upside down
  • visualise things the opposite way around
  • trouble opening/locking locks
  • work stations flow the opposite way around
  • organising files back to front”

CUse this link to see the full list plus member comments and experiences plus add your own.

2. Our Left handed Survey

Left handed surveyWe are very interested to know more about which hand left-handers use for various activities, how left-handedness runs in families and how left-handers lives are affected by their hand preference. We have created a short survey form to tell us about you and your family and we will keep updating our results and the conclusions we draw from them and reporting in our newsletters.

Here are the initial results from the section on which hand people use for various activities:


Writing and drawing
Cutting with scissors
Brushing / combing your hair
Holding a toothbrush
Using a knife to cut, without a fork
Using a knife with a fork (knife hand)
Using a spoon (on its own)
Throwing a ball
Holding a racquet (e.g. tennis, squash)
Unscrewing the lid from a jar (lid hand)
Kicking a ball (kicking foot)
Holding a golf club, cricket or baseball bat

(left hand on top, facing to left side = right-handed!)

Looking with one eye (e.g. telescope)
Listening with one ear (cupping to hear more clearly)
  • Writing is the most common indicator of handedness so we can expect a very high percentage of people who consider themselves left-handed to use that hand for writing
  • Where left-handers have a free choice, they usually use their left-hand, giving high percentages for all the tasks where the “tools” are ambidextrous, such as brushing hair
  • The low percentage for using scissors probably reflects the lack of availability of left-handed scissors causing many people to change their hand rather than struggling with backwards scissors that don't cut properly
  • There is a very low percentage of people who eat left-handed with knife and fork (i.e. with the knife in their left hand and fork in the right). We don't find this surprising as it is consistent to always feed yourself with your dominant hand – 95% of left-handers use a spoon on its own in their left hand and 74% also use a fork in their left hand. We think there has been some historic mistake here – using the fork in your left hand should be called “eating left-handed” and it is the right-handers who have got it all wrong and change their feeding hand depending on whether they are using a spoon or a fork!

Use this link to complete the survey yourself

Or this link to see the full survey results and analysis

3. Left handed scissors and cutting

Cut with left-handed scissorsA lot of left-handers struggle with using scissors because they are made for right-handers – especially young children when they first start cutting out shapes at school. If you use a right-handed scissor in your left hand there are two big problems:

  1. The top blade is in the way of the cutting line so you cannot see where you are cutting and will usually end up at least a blade's width outside the line
  2. The natural squeezing motion of your hand will tend to push the blades apart rather than together so you don't get a guillotine effect and the blades don't cut properly, often bending the material you are trying to cut and trapping it between the blades instead.

Proper left handed scissors are manufactured with the blades reversed so the top blade is always on the LEFT so you can see your cutting line and get a clean cut. If the top blade is not on the left as you look while you are cutting, they are NOT left-handed!. Can you just turn a pair of right-handed scissors upside down – NO!

VIdeo on left handed scissors Use this link to see our short video explaining left-handed scissors (40 secs)

Use this link to see our full length video on left-handed scissor and cutting (6:40)

We have had specially designed left-handed scissors made for lots of different uses. You can see our full range here and there are examples of the different types of left handed scissors with links below:

General purpose scissors

General purpose scissors are suitable for a wide variety of tasks including cutting paper, card and thin material

Use this link to see our range of general purpose scissors

Child scissors

Left handed child scissors have smaller grips and rounded blade tips for safety.

Use this link to see our range of child purpose scissors

Nail scissors

Left handed nail scissors have pointed blades and are available in curved or straight blade designs

Use this link to see our range of nail scissors and sets

Dressmaking scissors

Left handed dressmaking scissors have sharpened blades to easily cut material and “cranked” or offset handles so they can sit flat on the cutting surface while you cut.

Use this link to see our range of dressmaking and embroidery scissors

Kitchen scissors

Left handed kitchen scissors have a serrated blade to hold food while you cut

Use this link to see our kitchen scissors

and this one for other special purpose scissors

Pruners / secateurs Left handed garden pruners or secateurs are designed the same way as scissors, with the left blade on top and also with the locking mechanism positioned to use with the left thumb

Use this link to see our range of pruning shares

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18 comments on “LHC Intro 2 Scissors
  1. David Robinson says:

    If you ever journey on the cross channel ferry you might observe that in the on board gift shop the mugs which are decorated with the Union flag are left handed! How can that be you cry. Well, hold one in your right hand and the flag is shown upside down. Hold the mug in your left hand and the flag is the right way up!!! A result yes? Left handers 1 Others nil

  2. Fara Captain says:

    After buying the newest and most expensive left hand scissors from Fiskars, I found out they were designed all wrong and were not usuable. I sent a letter to Fiskars explaining that their design was messed up and they simply responded that they dont plan on changing anything. I was livid. Will never buy Fiskars again wish there was a company that cared. If anyone knows of one-would love to know!

  3. Lindsay says:

    Hello! Just today I was thinking about which hand lefties use to use their smartphones. I write left handed, but I both hold my phone and text with my right hand only. It surprised me actually when I sat down and thought about it. What does everyone else do?

  4. Pat says:

    I’m a musician. I started playing the piano when I was 4 years old. I believe this taught me to use my right hand with much more dexterity than I naturally have been able to. It seems the only time I have to use my left hand is to write and for really fine motor skill activites/repairs etc… I play a number of stringed instruments as well, and I play them all righthanded. That is what was available to me. One of things I always wanted to do was play great lead guitar. I can only do this ‘air guitar’ style while listening to music. The weird thing I just noticed lately is that when I do the Air guitar thing, I always do it left Handed!! To late to switch now after 37 years of playing guitar right handed I think. Also my right arm is much stronger than mt left, anyone else have a similar situation?

  5. Joyce says:

    Here is my biggest left-hand pet peeve: There are absolutely NO cameras made for left handers or even ambidextrous. EVERY single camera has the hand grip and controls to shoot pictures set up for right handed users. Many right handed things can be manipulated to use by a left hander, but not these cameras. Turning it up-side down, for example, puts the buttons on the bottom where you could not reach them. VERY FRUSTRATING!! I am willing to pay extra for a left handed camera, but NONE exist!!

  6. Moira - UK says:

    Know all about the scissors thing and like my left-handed ones, and the secatuers too. However I also have trouble with garden shears. Whilst you use them in both hands they are like scissors and not symmetrical. My strong left hand pushes the left (top) blade away from the right (bottom) blade. Does anyone else have this problem and who makes left-handed shears?

  7. Rachael says:

    I have had trouble cutting things with right handed scissors but my mum found me a pair of left handed scissors at a car boot one year, I work at a supermarket and everything is catered for right handed people, I like to write as well but find it difficult as everything is right handed but know I have this site again I will be looking to order some stuff from this site including a guitar as I used to play I found the clarinet easy to play. I also find it difficult to hug people even my own family I have never played golf so its never bothered me. most of the sports that I have played do not require what hand I used.

  8. rabelani lidzhade says:

    i am from south africa cape town and i am completely lefty which means i do almost everything with my left side/hand so i struggle with cutting at work as my work required lot of cutting so i approached my boss so on my birthday 26 June he bought me left handed set of different scissors so now i am working smoothly .. big up to the left handed nation

  9. Anne Marie says:

    I am a left-hander but, I tend to use both hands for different things. I think this happened because when I was younger, my Grandmother pushed me to learn to use both hands to do things. As I read the article about left handed scissors, I use my right hand, I write left handed, but can use my right also. As I was reading the article I have used both hands all of my 70 years, that it is not something I have to think about. Does that sound strange or what.

  10. Lefty Loo says:

    My 16th Christmas (MANY moons ago!) was so cool! My Mother and Maternal Grandmother made sure that Everything I received for Christmas that year was a Left-Handed product! Even a spiral notebook that had the wire binder on the right side of the book (that way your hand is not resting on the wire as you write…. very annoying to me!) Lefty scissors, rulers, kitchen gadgets, book about lefties/famous lefties, etc. It was the most fun Christmas ever and I’ve never forgotten it almost 40 years later! I am the only Lefty kid of 5 siblings, and the “baby”, so the hand-me-downs didn’t always help. My Dad made sure I had a left-handed baseball glove. Only my Maternal Grandfather and Uncle were lefties, before me. They died before I was born so I didn’t know them, yet I feel a ‘kindred Spirit’ with them, even so!

  11. Davy says:

    I do everything with my left hand, when it comes to crossing other people’s path on the pavement to me its like one of the commandments, I always make way for everyone. I am also left footed but what makes it special is that I have an older sister who is left handed and guess what? we also share a birthday 10 June.

  12. Judie says:

    It is awkward. I’ve adapted to using my right hand for such tasks because the left-handed tools are not available.

  13. Edwin says:

    I’m left handed n Iv’e been using the right handed scissors with my left hand and now i know why it is has been difficult to cut properly

  14. maryann says:

    I am so happy I found you. Its so hard to find left handed items. I have a magnet that says God only made a few perfect people the rest are right handed. I do emerything with my left hand.

  15. monkey girl says:

    i am very happy i have found you. until recently i have used right handed scissors upside down. in fact i have used a lot of righted things upside down. which not always safe

  16. juliet says:

    More hairdressing scissors are required please. It’d make our lifes much easier and cheaper! I have to pay out £200 on scissors that are sharp enough to cut as well as right handed scissors, which are usually sharper, cheaper and are more varied!

  17. Daphne ford says:

    I have joined the club as my grand-daughter is left handed. Her sister is the only one of her father’s five children who is right handed! We have found her school do not help her at all with her left handedness. I downloaded the left handed calendar for her and she showed it to her teacher, only to be asked “What on earth have you got that for? What use is it?” Hopefully when she opens her stocking on Christmas Day and finds a pair of left handed scissors, a left handed ruler and a left handed pen (for which she has been asking) she will be absolutely delighted.

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