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Left Handers’ Day is coming – August 13th 2014

Lefty Zone - no right hands allowedLeft-Handers' Day is a great opportunity to celebrate being left-handed with millions of other left-handers all over the world. All year long, we lefties have to fit in with a right-handed world, but on August 13th it is time to demonstrate our left-handed solidarity and superiority.

Here at the Left Handers Club we are preparing some great ideas and special offers to celebrate the day, but why not share some of your own ideas for Left-Handers' Day with some comments over on our website [link].

Ideas for celebrating Left-Handers Day could be:

  • Show your right-handed family members what you have to deal with every day. Why not ask them to help with cooking a meal using only their left hand? They'll soon see how difficult regular peelers, spatulas, microwaves and bread-knives are to use with their left hand.
  • Maybe have a drinking game with your right-handed friends, where everyone has to just use their left hand – and anyone who touches the glass with their right hand has to do a forfeit.
  • Create a ‘Left-Handed Zone' in your office with some of our posters that are available to download from

Any other ideas? Share them by making a comment below.

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6 comments on “Left Handers’ Day is coming – August 13th 2014
  1. G6JPG says:

    Surely – and I speak as a left-hander, though one who hasn’t learnt to use them! – there’s nothing about chopsticks that is right- or left-handed, and your RH friends who “soon get my point” are just experiencing the normal difficulty involved in the use of the wrong hand, not anything handed as such about the ‘sticks?

  2. Brent says:

    I am still searching for the perfect pair of left-handed chopsticks. Righthanders scoff at me, but I ask them to try using chopsticks left handed and they soon get my point.

    In the meantime, I wish my rightie children would stop stealing my leftie scissors.

  3. carlos gonzalez says:

    why is dificult to found a keyboard for my computer? all of this hardware are made for the right handers

    • G6JPG says:

      It isn’t hard to find left-handed (computer) keyboards – they’re just (hideously) expensive! The cheapest I could find at a quick scan is a rather ugly (IMO) one at £43.2 + carriage ( or, or $29.69 (swiz!) if you’re in the USA

    • Garry Flowers says:

      Carlos you might want to try here :-

  4. dave notman says:

    I’ve never heard of a band where all the musicians are left-handed. I’m sure we could assemble some kind of scratch-band where we all play our instuments left-handedly. It could be a concert, local radio appearance, a youtube video or just busking.

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