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Left Handers Anthem

This was sent to us recently by Nelson Allen Jr, a.k.a nel-sonofafrica, from Tanzania (the land endowed with the highest mountain and the deepest lake in Africa) and is posted here with his permission. If you come across any songs or poems about left-handers or being left-handed let us know and we will share them.

Have you seen the Left-Handers Lament song?

This is for the LEFT handed man whose LEFT rib
I suppose created a LEFTY Eve,

for the LEFT handed poet
whose pen found the pages
‘LEFT blank' and wrote  verses that LEFT us

for the LEFT handers who have LEFT earth
But their ‘LEFT legacies' still live on
for they lived their lives the right  way,

This is for the LEFT handed boxer whose left hook LEFT his opponent
Lying down the ring floor

for the LEFT handed painters
like DaVinci and  Michelangelo who have gone
but  LEFT paintings that still glow

I wrote this with my LEFT hand
For the LEFTY man who want to marry a LEFTY lady
have LEFTY kids
create a LEFTY trinity that
he is yearning for,

I wrote it for the LEFT handed kids who were LEFT scared
when told the devil uses a LEFT hand

For  the LEFT handers
who were born LEFT handed
on the planet earth
living with right handed people who think with their LEFT brain

I too was born  LEFT handed
but LEFT stranded,
had to lean on my mother's
LEFT shoulder,
And she raised a LEFT soldier

I salute her with my LEFT hand

so I wrote this with my LEFT hand
for all the LEFT handers
living on the planet earth
doing everything in a LEFT  way,
to the melodious beats of the heart in our LEFT chest
Until   we kick the bucket

I suppose with our LEFT leg

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4 comments on “Left Handers Anthem
  1. Angela says:

    I once told someone who I work with that all the best people are left handed. This brilliant anthem proves it!

  2. Terry says:

    I enjoyed the anthem very much. Both of my parents were lefties. My mom was changed in Catholic school but my dad remained a true lefty. I have 3 children who are all righthanded but I love them anyway. 🙂
    Philadelphia, Pa.

  3. Terrence Walston says:

    That is one beautiful poem. Thanks, Allen

  4. Shawn Tanberg says:

    Awsome! Now I’m LEFT wondering what will come next!

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