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Left handed / ambidextrous travel iron

Message from Jenny A

I have recently had to replace my very old travel iron.  To my surprise these all seem to be right handed I.e the flex comes out of the iron towards a  left handed person getting in the way.  I don't need an iron just for 2 weeks of the year, we do in fact own a caravan and have always travelled with very small caravan sized ironing board and travel iron.  There are so many caravan owners who must surely be left handed who would purchase such an item, as well as holiday makers.  I have lobbied Lakeland about this (their right handed iron was the best on the market) so I thought i would put the suggestion to
you.  Household irons mow come right or left handed, the cord simply comes out of the back.  It can't be that hard to modify an iron can it?

If you are aware of any travel irons that are suitable for use by lefthanders, please add details in a comment to this post and we will investigate.

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One comment on “Left handed / ambidextrous travel iron
  1. P Insall says:

    I have had similar problems getting a hand mixer suitable for left handers -all those I have seen so far, the cord is on the right hand side and gets in the way.

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