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Left handed steel ruler with inches wanted

We have had a product request in from Ian for left handed steel rulers with inches scale running form right to left

“Well done for getting some left handed rulers. However as an
engineer I want a left handed steel ruler 6″ size and 12″ size. The
ones I use at work are like this (235-7487 or 545-070 from”

We used to get a steel left handed ruler from a supplier in Korea but unfortunately they stopped making them and we did have some feedback from engineering users that the quality and accuracy of the scale was not good enough for their work.

We are not currently aware of any manufacturer making a left-handed steel ruler but if you do come across one please do let us know and we will contact them.

We do have plastic left-rulers with scales from right to left in both inches and centimetres:

Left handed 12 inch ruler

Left handed 12 inch ruler

Left handed 6 inch ruler

Left handed 6 inch ruler

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6 comments on “Left handed steel ruler with inches wanted
  1. Jefferson says:

    I believe I dropped a line awhile back if you guys knew where to get a lefty ruler…it is such a bother trying to read rulers upside-down. Yes a steel lefty ruler would be a great unit to have on hand..

  2. vikki says:

    I can not believe how hard it is getting hold of a left handed metal ruler.
    If anyone knows of anywhere, please let me know

  3. pauline woore says:

    I would also like a left-handed metal ruler, I have just started card making as a hobby, but I find like most lefties that the normal rulers and marker are no good and a plastic ruler would not be save when using a very sharpe blade.
    If any one comes across one could they please contact me, but I would like to mention as a newby left handed crafter, is their any where that does a left handed guilotine, and a paper cutter.
    I think this would be very interesting if some manufactures could start making craft tools for us lefties

    • Jefferson says:

      It does seem we (lefties) are left out of a lot of the things the right handed world takes for granted. I guess the demand for the unusual hasn’t reached its peak yet…but it will one day.!

  4. Bruce Reed says:

    I may know someone that can provide this.

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