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Left handed pencils

Some years ago we got fed up with the fact that all pencils are printed for right-handers and if you hold them in your left hand the slogan or other printing is upside down. We have found a manufacturer who can produce left handed pencils for us with our own custom print, and printed the correct way round for left-handers. The slogan on our left handed pencil reads:

It's a left-handed thing…
You wouldn't understand!

This is aimed at the right-handers who pick up YOUR pencil and are confused by the printing being “upside down”.

Left handed pencils

Use this link to see our short video explaining the left-handed pencils and order you own

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4 comments on “Left handed pencils
  1. Sandy says:

    I’m glad to find this site. My third grandchild is a leftie. I have bought him the left handed scissors, but I never could get him left handed pencils. It is good not to let the lefties be “left out” in these things.

  2. bongi mkhonza says:

    HI left handed san is left handers and I need shop for children`s products in johannesburg eg. pencil and scissors thank you .

  3. Laura P. James says:


  4. Laura P. James says:

    I truly enjoy your products. I would like to be an agent here in New York….

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