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Left handed pencils improve child behaviour

A lot of what we do at The Left Handers Club is trying to help left-handed children who may be struggling with basic tasks like writing because of their handedness and also to educate parents and teachers in the small changes they can make that will result in huge benefits for the children. It is always great to hear success stories and we had an email this week from Joannee that we have reproduced in full below:

“I bought a pack of Stabilo Easy Graph pencils (left handed) for my daughter. She loves them. My husband took one to try with a left-handed child at school who had been finding writing incredibly stressful. This child does have some challenging behaviour, but was getting into trouble on each occasion when asked to do a writing based activity. My husband gave him a Stabilo Easy Graph pencil and later the same day he found my husband and thanked him, as it had helped make writing much easier with the knock-on effect of an improvement in his behaviour during writing tasks. This was about three weeks ago and the improvement (in his writing and behaviour) has been sustained, allowing this child to have a much happier and more rewarding experience in school. I am going to pass this story onto my daughter's school, in the hopes that they will consider using these pencils too.

A teaching assistant (left-handed) working at my daughter's school directed me to your site, and I am so glad she did. I feel your site has helped me to increase my awareness of some of the issues and challenges my daughter faces, so I can help her develop an understanding of her own needs and the confidence to speak up when necessary.
Thank you”

It's always nice when things work! If you have any experiences of improving things for a left-handed child or making changes through their teacher, do let us know by adding a comment to this post or use our contact form

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