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Left handed guillotine

Left handed guillotine - No!A left handed guillotine is not something we have come across as they are basically made for right -handed use with the blade on the right that has to be opened and closed with the right hand.   There is really no way this type of guillotine can be used left handed.

Left handed guillotine with bar at frontIt is possible to buy guillotines that have the cutting blade at the back and a bar at the front that can be pushed down with either hand (or both), but these tend to be more expensive “professional” models.


Left handed guillotine trimmerThere are various paper trimmers that work with a rotary blade and can be used with either hand, but they tend to be for fairly light work.


There are also a variety of rotary cutters that can be used with either hand but they are really more for decorative work and do not perform the function of cutting or trimming several sheets for paper with a straight cut.

You can see a selection of cutting tools suitable for left-handed use in our partner stores using thse links:

  Cutting tools in the ALH UK Partners Shop
  Cutting tools in the ALH USA Partners Store

Please add your thoughts on left handed guillotines as comments below and let us know of any sources for guillotines that work well for you.

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2 comments on “Left handed guillotine
  1. Susie Doyle says:

    I’m into crafts in a big way and it amazes me all the more that we do live in a right handed world. Scissors have been a difficulty for me. However more so paper trimmers. There is no acknowledgement from major craft companies of “left handed needs” (that’s makes it sound as if we have a disease. Surely there must me left hand people in the product testing etc. I can’t understand (in my head) that a guillotine can’t be made left handed-that’s only me. I do have a paper trimmer (finally) but it is set out for right handed people, just means I have to think harder. I can’t be the only frustrated left handed crafter.

    • hegasaer says:

      You are definitely NOT the only frustrated lefthanded guillotine user out there. My sister and I are equally baffled by the suggestion that they aren’t possible. It takes quite a bit of physical awkwardness to use a ”normal’ guillotine. It must create more risks to be doing it so awkwardly. And in my dreams I can imagine how much simpler it would be to use a LH one when book-making etc.

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