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Left handed golf tournament

The 2013 Left Handers Open Golf Tournament will be held at North Hants Golf Club, Fleet, Hampshire on Monday 15th July 2013 starting at 9.00 am.   For entry forms and further details please contact Katie Fewster, o1252 616443, email

If you know of any other “Left Handers Only” sports events of any type please let us now and send details and we will feature them on our website and newsletter.

We were advised last year of an unusual golf tournament where you had to be lefthanded to play.   This is what founder John Lidstone had to say about it:

“Yesterday, Monday 23rd July 2012, we held a postponed inaugural Left-handers Open at the North hants Golf Club. This was originally instigated by me 20 years ago when I was the Club's first and in 107 years, only left-handed captain. It has taken all this time to get the open off the ground. Now North hants Golf Club has, reputedly, at 4 perdcent of the playing membership the largest number of left-handed golfers of any club within the EGU 25.   I presented the firrst winner of the Salver to Julia Taylor, a past lady captain of St George's Hill GC.”

Here is the Press Release from the club and their picture of winner Julia:

North Hants host inaugural Left Handers Championship

Left handed golf tournament winners 2012What a unique occasion!     North Hants Golf Club in Fleet hosted their first Open event for Left Handed Golfers on 23rd July, the day after Ernie Els triumphed at Royal Lytham & St Annes.     It is believed to be the only event of its kind in England and entrants from over 30 clubs participated – there were individual prizes and team prizes with each club being able to enter up to 3 players.   North Hants, currently home of the Hampshire Hog and a past Open qualifying course, was in excellent condition and the event was won by Julia Smith, a 14-handicap member of St George’s Hill Golf Club in Surrey.       Players came from all over the country and, given the success of this first playing, the Left handers Championship is sure to become even more popular in the future.     The team event was won by Maidenhead Golf Club with Royal Wimbledon second.       North Hants has over 20 left-handers in its own ranks and a Trophy was presented to Julia by John Lidstone, the Club’s only left-handed   Captain in its 108 year history.       For information on next years event please contact General Manager Chris Gotla on



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3 comments on “Left handed golf tournament
  1. cicely murphy says:

    Me and my step dad are the only left handed people in my house. I just found out about this day and I’m so excited to do this cuz it is very hard to be the opposite in the world but I am happy to be different! I’ve told my friends about it but none of them know about this day and it makes me sad!! I wish the whole world new about this wonderful day cuz we are important too and the right handed people get to be normal everyday of their life so why can’t we leftys have one day to feel normal for once!? This day should be like new years or like ground hog day where everyone is aware of this day so we leftys can get a ” happy lefty day” to know that right handed people do see how hard it is for us in everyday life. If I just found out about this awesome day than that means a lot more people don’t even know this is a day for us!!! 🙁 but I wish all the leftys a HAPPY LEFTYS DAY and proud to be one myself!!!!

  2. Ian Mackay says:

    The Lefthanders’ World Curling Championships are held in Oakville Curling Club each year, this year’s competition in early April was the 40th men’s and the 34th ladies’ championship.
    There has been a Scottish Corriefisters team going for some years but we decided this was to be our last- one of our team has been 12 times, another 11 and myself 6. My wife, who is also a leftie, played for 5 years and became the first from outwith North America to win the world title in 2012.
    The event is a like a huge family gathering; about 250 leftie curlers all together. All handshakes have to be with the left hand or a round of drinks is the fine, the programme opens left handed and drinks must be held in the left hand.
    We will miss not being there next year, we have so many good friends there any, from what they say, they will miss us being there.
    There are some pictures/videos on Youtube & Facebook — try Oakville curling 2013 or Lefthanders world Curling Championships 2013.
    Incidentally golf is the only thing I don’t do lefthanded.

  3. David Dawber says:

    The nearest that I can relate to that above was when I played in the (long since defunct) British Aerospace (Warton) chess team, based in Lytham. In a match at Blackpool on 14 March 1988, the Aerospace team was Malcolm Peacock, David Spicer, David Dawber, Mark Cayton, George Waller and Frank Brown. 5 of these were left-handers; Spicer was the only right-hander. We had a sixth left-hander in the club, Allan Wilson, but he was unavailable. And for the record, Aerospace won!

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