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Do you need a left-handed dinner knife?

We used to have a left-handed steak knife made with a small serration on the right side of the blade but the demand for it was very low so we had to stop it.

We do now have an alternative – click here to see our left handed serrated 4 inch blade knife

For most food, a standard knife will be fine.   It is only the heavily serrated knives that are sometimes used for steak and other meats that are particularly one-side and even with them it is not a big problem as the food is usually fairly thin and a straight slice is not essential.

Where it does become an issue is when you need to slice bread or joints of meat like a ham and it is important to get a fairly thin and straight slice.   Then, if you are using a serrated knife, it is a big help to have it serrated on the right side of the blade if you are left-handed.   Some serrated knives are also  have a “scalloped” blade and that is heavily one sided and will cause you to cut curved slices so needs a proper left handed  version.

You can see my feature about this here:

And you can see our range of left-handed bread and kitchen knives here


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