Left handed children – Training Video (DOWNLOAD)

Left handed children – Training Video (DOWNLOAD)

Left handed children – Training Video (DOWNLOAD)

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Left handed children – a guide for teachers & parents - training video

Mark Stewart – the co-creator of the fantastic Left Handed Writing skills book series (amongst other vital materials) – has just produced a brilliant training video that we hope will help tackle this situation.

Whilst it’s aimed primarily at teachers & support staff, we believe many parents will also find it of interest as well. View a short promo by clicking on the image below

The training video itself is just under 40 minutes in duration & covers:

  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. Why left-handed?
  4. Laterality Tests
  5. Scissors
  6. Handwriting
  7. Assessment
  8. Benefits of good handwriting
  9. Resources
  10. Other tips
  11. Conclusion
  12. Final Thought
  13. Extra Resources

It's available in 2 versions:

1) This version - Standard Defintion - A zipped file downloadable from our site - please note that this is a large file (nearly 1/2Gb) so please be patient when downloading. We do not recommend purchasing this item if you have a slow internet connection, limited data plan or limited space on your computer. You will need to open an account with us in order to purchase & then access your download(s).

2) High Definition - USB drive sent by post - this version is nearly 1.5Gb. Click here to purchase this option

Both versions also include:

  • Instructions for use
  • Teachers Checklist / School Audit
  • The tick sheet / cutting snakes referred to in the video

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