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The Story of Left-Handed Billy

Left-Handed BillyWe recently came across an interesting bit of history that demonstrates the general attitude to left-handedness in the America of the 1850's.  It is a story called “Left-Handed Billy” that appeared in a popular children's magazine of the time called “Robert Merry's Museum”. 

Here are a few extracts that give you the idea of how it ran…

  • Bill was naturally left-handed…. his mother used great care to break him of this fault, but still careless Bill kept on using his left hand instead of his right.
  • He adopted the habit of being left-handed and he never got over it. This made him appear very awkward, and was a great trouble to him as long as he lived. Nor was this the only evil that flowed from his heedlessness…
  • He became what is called an unlucky fellow. The people used to say, if there was a wrong side, Bill was sure to take it. Such were the evils of growing up in habits of carelessness.

And poor Billy goes on to a predictably bad end!

Well, there you go!  If you want to read the full article, follow the link below:

The Story of Left-Handed Billy

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2 comments on “The Story of Left-Handed Billy
  1. Johnny B. Hall says:

    Isn’t this William Bonnie, AKA “Billy the Kid?”

  2. Dr. Billy Levin says:

    I am a left handed doctor specialized in ADHD. Are you interested in my story?

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