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Left handed backwards calendar for 2011 ready

Our backwards” calendar running from right to left is now ready with 2011 dates.   Like anti-clockwise watches, lefthanders find it a lot easier to read than right-handers and we get a lot of people asking for it each year.

Use this link to get more information and download it free

Left handed calendar - dates run from right to left
We also have our left-handed spiral bound desk diary and Left handed page to a day block calendar available in 2011 versions:

Left handed ring bound desk diary
Left handed block calendar with one tear-off sheet per day

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6 comments on “Left handed backwards calendar for 2011 ready
  1. Leslie says:

    I thought it was an Irish calendar – their clocks go anti-clockwise.

  2. Sarah says:

    lefties rock and no one can say different.

  3. Very Rev says:

    No “point” needed. Not particular about celebrating differences either. I am a lefty, and I LIKE IT!

  4. Ian L. says:

    The point? How about celebrating our differences, building awareness and putting a smile on our faces. Why do calendars all read from left to right? For that matter, why do all books read that way? Because right handers are dominant in the world, and it’s easier for them if things are set out that way. It points out the fact that left handers have difficulties with a right-handed world in the smallest of things. We’re just turning the tables a little showing what we have to cope with every day of our lives without getting dramatic about it 😉 I for one like it and have downloaded it, vive la difference

    • Lloyd says:

      Ian, I concur, righties have no idea what we lefties go through on a daily basis.
      Opening the front door is easy when the locks are on the left side, but when they
      are on the right side we have to turn the locks, then open the door with our right hand;
      then there are the walls in homes and businesses, I don’t know about you but I always
      bump into them, why? They were built by right handed people. I study online but when
      I go to the library most of the cubicles with the outlets are…you got it, on the right side by
      the windows, the ones on the left side are dark and there are no windows. When you’re
      not a left handed person you just don’t get it, but when you are a lefty like we are we
      all know the horrors that we have to go through every day.

  5. Carolyn Jackson says:

    Sorry, but as a left-hander I really don’t see the point of this at all.

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