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Left-handed April Fool jokes

April Fools Day is an annual celebration in the U.K, Europe and some other western countries commemorated on 1st April each year by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes.  The theme of left-handedness has been incorporated into this by some companies in recent years, based on promoting a “left-handed” version of something that clearly has no possible handedness, like a hamburger!

The origin of April Fools Day, also know as All Fools Day, is uncertain but it seems to have been celebrated in Britain and other parts of Northern Europe since at least the 18th century.

Here are a couple of our favourite corporate “left-handed” April Fool pranks:

The Left-Handed Whopper(1998)

Left-Handed Burger King WhopperBurger King published a full page advertisement in USA Today announcing the “Left-Handed Whopper”. It had “all condiments rotated 180 degrees, thereby redistributing the weight of the sandwich so that the bulk of the condiments will skew to the left, thereby reducing the amount of lettuce and other toppings from spilling out the right side of the burger.” Jim Watkins, senior vice president for marketing at Burger King, was quoted as saying that the new sandwich was the “ultimate ‘HAVE IT YOUR WAY' for our left-handed customers.”

The following day Burger King admitted it was a hoax, but said thousands of customers had gone into restaurants to request the new sandwich.

IKEA Left-Handed Allen Key (2012)

Left-handed Ikea Allen keyIKEA ran an advert in Australian papers apologizing to customers who had received left-handed Allen keys with a product. “To exchange your incorrect key,” the ad said, “we'll provide a swap box at the store entrance.”

Fooling Right-Handers

All this foolery got us thinking about how our GENUINE left-handed products cause great confusion for right-handers if they try to use them. 
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2 comments on “Left-handed April Fool jokes
  1. Karen says:

    I am left-handed AND I was born on April Fool’s Day. No joke! Surely there’s a deeper meaning here

  2. Richard Gessner says:

    As a sinistral lion I only hunt zebras and wildebeests with counterclockwise hair whorls I subdue my prey with my left paw , biting the carotid artery of my live meal with my left incisors, leaving table scraps for right winged vultures

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