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Left-Handed and Proud

Left Handers DayWe are so excited about this year's Left-Handers' Day on August 13! We've been gearing up for it this year with a brand new website, and we would love you to be involved, spreading the word online to everyone you know about how proud you are of being left handed. You'll probably discover lots of new left-handed friends you never knew you had!

Here are some of the ways you'll be able to get involved:

  • Change your profile picture on twitter or Facebook to one of our special ones for Left-Handers Day.
  • Share our fun left-handed quotes online.
  • Use the hashtag #lefthandersday on twitter and Facebook – let's see if we can get it trending!
  • Download and print out our posters to decorate your home or office.

Left Handers' Day on August 13th is an unmissable opportunity to raise the profile of left-handers all over the world, and remind everyone how proud we are of our differences.

Watch out for our next newsletter in early August for all the details of how you can join in and leave us a comment below with any ideas you have for sharing Left Handers Day


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29 comments on “Left-Handed and Proud
  1. Stephen Kemp says:

    I love left-handed chopsticks.

  2. George Allen says:

    I smiled when I read of lefties moving over to right for the mouse……..the time to change.. and change fast was when you were issued with a LEE ENFIELD rifle in the forces…… I adapted quickly …the army had a way of making you do things quickly….but odd ones just couldn’t get it over to the right shoulder.. I felt sorry for them.

  3. George Allen says:

    They must have got this 13th. part wrong……I’ve had 83 birthdays on the 12th…been lefthanded from the start……

  4. George Allen says:

    Many years ago I would teach myself ITALIC writing and bought a LEFT handed dip-pen purposely shaped. I couldn’t get the pen to move over the paper !! and after careful study!! I realised the shaft of the pen didn’t point back over my left shoulder….the way I held any pen or pencil in my left hand sent the shank over my right shoulder !!! Bought a righthand ITALIC pen! problem solved.

  5. Al says:

    Grow up and move on…

  6. shruthi says:

    hii am proud of being a left hander

  7. joseph finlayson says:

    oh yeah I forgot !!! i was the smallest kid in the neighborhood and picked on constantly. Around 13 i decided to fight back. at the time I was about 5’6 105 lbs, the 3 bums already hassling me, I was running to get home. The caught me and surrounded me with their buddy ready to fight me.. I was scared to death and when he threw the first punch I just closed my and swung! He was knocked out cold by my left had.

    I had to revisit that same occasion as I got older and still beating butts of guys 6ft 220, 6’4 250 and me myself and I was only 5’8 130 lbs. Kicked their butts. The LEFT IS A DANGEROUS THING!

  8. joseph finlayson says:

    My Dad was a lefty, I am a lefty. My Mom, bro and sisters are all righthanded. Matter of fact I am the only lefthander left. Includes cousins, aunts and uncles.

  9. Wu says:

    Being proud of being a lefty is not good. I warn you all. Pride destroys my life with my love and relationship. To the point, left hand controls the right brain and emotion. I shouted at my boyfriend. I was easy to get angry. I destroy my love and relationship. Now I cry everynight and regret. I want to turn back the time and fix. God please give mercy. I want my love one back.

  10. Ed says:

    Did you know!

    Did you know that more left handed people were/are born in the month of May than any other month of the year!

    Did you know that more left handed people are descendants of a European blood line than any other in the world, especially Irish!

    Did you know that there are more blue eyed left handed people in the world that any other eye color!

    Did you know?

  11. jim says:

    nice to hear about left-handed day,as it’s on my birthday.Sill hav’nt found any left-handed watches,being left-handed I wear mine on my right wrist.Could be money in it for someone. Jim.

    • Al says:

      Hey Jim I know what you mean I wore mine on my right wrist for years then finally got used to wearing it on my left. I also learned to use a mouse with my right hand..Took awhile but it is ok..

      • jim says:

        why use the mouse with your right hand?just change the buttons over.Go into control panel and click on mouse to change over,and then use your LEFT hand,ok

        • Al says:

          Thanx for the info. I have been using my right hand for quite awhile so it feels very natural..Great idea about changing over however…Others may not know

  12. Paul says:

    Ask your church leaders to publish it in their bulletin.

  13. cherotich daisy says:

    hi there lefties. i am a proud lefty from Kenya and to mark our day am creating an event i.e a night out for lefties around Kenya mainly Nairobi. i have created a page in Facebook called Proudly Left handed in 254. by next year i want to have opened a pure left handed shop which i cannot afford at the moment. i lack capital. if i open this shop it will be a dream come true when i get capital and just see my shop grow.

  14. Shyanne Lester says:

    I am pumped about left-handers day, I am a lefty and so is my mother and sister. And to make it even more out of this world, Aug. 13th is my Birthday!!!! So lets celebrate!

  15. Kisha says:

    Can this be recognized as a national holiday?

  16. Bethany says:

    where do you get the picture to change profile on facebook for left handers day?

  17. Victoria LaBouff Lanza says:

    I teach a class called Brain Aerobics to our senior population. On Aug. 13 we are all going to attempt to use our left hand as our dominant hand for the day. IE: Eat, brush hair, brush teeth, hold cup, pick things up with, etc. Great exercise for the brain! Yay (for us lefty’s we will use our righty)

  18. Jane Parrett says:

    Why not ask how many members who celebrate left hander’s day were actually born on August 13th? I am left handed and was born on August 13th. Just a thought.

  19. Cathi says:

    I think Left-handed day should be during term time – that way teachers could be made more aware of left-handed pupils and their needs. Most of the teachers in the school I work in have very limited awareness of how many left-handed pupils are in their class let alone the problems faced by them.

  20. Kathleen Sharp says:

    Don’t forget to share on Google+!

  21. David Aldred says:

    Regarding the new website: Good Luck! – and wouldn’t it be great to have a left handed website, with a scroll bar on the left?

  22. Al Manfred says:

    Good day to teach our right-handed(less gifted) friends the correct way to twirl spaghetti..!!

  23. Shelagh says:

    Just a comment with regards to the logo. Shouldn’t it be the other way around to show as a left-handed thumbs up?

    • David says:

      I Agree with Shelag. The logo does not clearly show the fingers or palm. It could be a left hand or a right hand. Unless it was done on purpose trying to show a non-biased hand!

      • Victoria LaBouff Lanza says:

        I just held my left hand with thumb up and it looks just like the logo. (Logo shows knuckles as a left hand would hold), plus it says Left Hander’s Day. I don’t know what you guys are picking apart there. Just sayin

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