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Latest on children and education

This is where we will post the latest news, articles and advice on anything to do with left-handed children and education.

Lauren's book “Your Left-Handed Child” is a great source of information for helping left-handed children of all ages.

Your left handed child book

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4 comments on “Latest on children and education
  1. Heather says:

    I am still young, and still face many challenges with being a left handed child. When it comes to sports i found it very hard to learn correct form at first, but now my mind has ujusted to flip everything that is being show to me in sports such as tennis and basketball. As a child though, i found it extreamly hard to adjust to some customs, such as placing your right hand over your heart when saying the pledge of alligence, i always used my left hand and was scolded for it. I also found cronic writing problems when smuding words with a pen, or just feeling cluttered sitting next to a right handed person on the left side of my chair. I am the only lefty in my family and its still hard to ajust to some customs, i think this book was a great idea

  2. Ada says:

    Dear Lauren,

    I want to thank you for writing this book. It’s helped me (a righty) to understand the difficulty my three year old lefty daughter faces daily. I wish I had it five years ago when my eldest began displaying her left preference. My in-laws forced her to ‘switch’ to the right despite my objections and I agree with what you say about the adverse effect of forced change handedness. I wonder, is there any way to correct it now? She’s going to be six soon and started grade school. Would that be too confusing? Your book doesn’t explore that.

    Once again, thanks for the book, I know my youngest will benefit from it!

    On a separate note, does your shop stock lefty digital cameras & children’s cutlery/kitchen utensils?

  3. Dorothy Gordon says:

    I work in education, and in particular with children with special needs such as cerebral palsy . Can anyone advise me where I might obtain a left-handed hockey stick? The children would love to join in the game and it would be a fantastic confidence booster.

    • Lauren says:

      The rules of field hockey do not allow left-handed hockey sticks, so no such thing exists. However, that does not mean left handers cannot play the game – and play it with a distinct advantage, so I’m led to believe! Have a look at our article on left-handed sport, for some excellent tips on left-handed hockey moves from our members:

      and a site with some specific examples of left handed hockey moves here:

      Hope this helps, and inspires your children to join in and enjoy the game.

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