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Language translation – newsletters

We often get emails asking if we can send our newsletter out in other languages. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to do a full translation to all the languages for the countries all round the world where we have members but we have set up a translation facility on our website which seems to work pretty well.

Here is how it works…

View newsletter online Click the link at the top of your email newsletter to view the online version
Select language drop-down Click the “Select Language” drop-down at the top right of the page
Select language required Choose the language you want from the wide selection available.

You should fairly quickly see a pretty good translation of the newsletter!

Please let us know how you get on with this by posting a comment below.

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One comment on “Language translation – newsletters
  1. Christopher Pipe says:

    While in York WJJB was able to obtain a sickle made for a left-handed man on the farm . . .”

    (from A Victorian gentleman’s north Norfolk: WJJ Bolding and his place in early photography” by Richard Jefferson (Hindringham: JJG Publishing, 2013), page 56, citing as source a journal written in 1844)

    Interesting (a) that the need for a left-handed sickle was recognised as early as 1844, and (b) that the need could not be satisfied more locally (Bolding lived in Weybourne) though of course he might simply not have thought of getting one made in Norfolk and just happened upon someone in York who was more clued up.

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