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Jarspoon featured in Daily Mail

Our uniquely designed and patented jar spoon for getting the last bits out of jars and tins without making a mess has recently been featured in a short article in the Daily Mail.

Jarspoon left handed long handle spoon

If you haven't tried one yet – it works a treat! You will no longer have to throw away the last of your favourite jam or that smidgen of mayonnaise because yours knife can't reach it and you will not get it all over your hand while trying. The specially designed square corner will reach into the bottom of cans and jars and the extra long handle keeps your hand clean.   And of course we had a left-handed version specially made so you can scoop in your natural anti-clockwise direction and get the benefit of the square corner.

The left-handed spoon is 25cm / 9.5″ long with a 19cm / 7″ handle and will enable you to reach to bottom of almost any jar. We have a right-handed version of the spoon as well but it is slightly shorter at 17cm / 7.5″ with a 13cm / 5″ handle. Both spoons are made of heavy surgical quality stainless steel and are dishwasher safe.

Click here to see more details and order your own Jarspoon
(left handed and right handed version available)

Click the play button below to see our video demonstrating the Jarspoon

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