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How do you write a letter X?

Lefthanders form some letters in a different direction to right-handers because it is easier to move the pen left-handed in an anti-clockwise or right-to-left motion – it gives a smoother flow and minimises scratching and digging-in of the tip. It is also easier to draw lines towards you rather than away.

So… which direction do you write a letter “X” in?

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The result so far was 58% for number 7 and 32% for number 8, which surprised me as I thought everyone would do 8!

Personally, I (Keith) would do number 8 as the first stroke goes right to left for a smooth flow and the second one is an easier move towards the body and leads naturally into starting the next letter.

If you are left-handed – which way do you do it?
(the coloured arrow is the first stroke)

Which way do you write the letter X?

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We have written a Letter Formation Guide and practice sheets for left-handers and we also have an A3 size laminated writing mat with the letter formations and correct writing position guide.

Left-handed child guides
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45 comments on “How do you write a letter X?
  1. Angel says:

    Number 7 for me also!!!

  2. Judy Carrick says:

    I asked 2 left handed people from work how they write the letter X and they are both #7.

  3. Angela Eccleston says:

    I’d use 7 as it’s the easiest, but probably use 6 when the x forms part of a word/

  4. Angela says:

    I’d use 7. I find it easier.

  5. Daniel Vieira says:

    8. Of course!

  6. Christa says:

    I’m ambi and I generally do #7; it’s how it flows in cursive, and also feels very natural in my left-hand printing. The only exception is when I print with my right hand; then it’s #8. It seems downward strokes are more natural than upward ones, in general.

  7. Laura says:

    It depends whether I am seeing an X alone or as part of a word

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