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Helping Left Handed Children infographic

We are often asked about the things parents of young left-handed children need to watch out for and how they can help, so we have put our best advice into an “infographic” that can easily be shared online so as many people as possible can see it.

Helping young left-handed children

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8 comments on “Helping Left Handed Children infographic
  1. Dr Billy Levin says:

    It is important to understand school readiness is when left brain becomes dominant and right handed. With left handedness they are naturally right brain dominant. This will often result in the child having ADHD, which will possibly present with behavior and/or learning problem. They will need to be diagnosed and sometimes require medical treatment and remediation. As ADHD is inherited one of the patents might also of had ADHD. It is now possible to recognize and treat the condition from 4 years of age in nursery school and not have to wait till the child starts big school at 6 years.

  2. Jana Barthold says:

    Thanks for making this information easily shared. I grew up as a left-handed child of 2 left-handed parents-so I had it a bit easier than some. However, none of my teachers were left-handed, and I had no help with problems at school that related to being a lefty. I did not know for YEARS that left-handed scissors even existed, much less how much they would affect my scissoring skills.

    I am so happy to share this infographic with all of my teacher friends and all of the young parents that I know.

  3. Mrs. Lucille Burns says:

    Remember, also, paper needs to be parallel to left arm when child learns to write or draw. Hooray for lefties!

  4. Elise Dee Beraru says:

    Not a comment per se, but in the US we say “zippers” instead of “zips,” “counter-clockwise” instead of “anti-clockwise,” and “pre-school” instead of “nursery.” Is it possible to get your poster people to do a US English version as well as this excellent poster? (As Shaw said, England and the US are two countries divided by a common language.)

  5. Ken Johnson says:

    The left handed child in the bottom picture on the flyer does not appear to be holding the pen correctly. If you are left handed, your left hand has to be wholly below the line of writing. Otherwise you smudge the writing as you go along.

  6. Poomping says:

    As a left handed person – I wouldn’t want to have my teachers make allowances for me at school and center me out. I think I speak for a lot of left handed people when I say that we are very adaptable and when left to our own devices we figure things out pretty quickly. For example, there were left handed scissors available at school but there were a few other left-handed kids in my class and I didn’t want to “wait” to have my turn using them, so I quickly adapted to using the right handed ones if I wanted to move on faster with my classmates. Anything that I really wanted to do and didn’t want to be singled out, or held back in any way I adapted to the right…, baseball and using scissors…..everything else I’m all left :). Thanks to my parents they didn’t make concessions for me and neither did my teachers at school – and it’s all good because now I truly feel I have the best of both 🙂

  7. Raymond Gray says:

    This might be a bit early for the target age group.

    Most power tools are designed for right handed users. A circular saw may discharge saw-dust to the right, toward the face if used left-handed. And I’ve had power tools that, when gripped left handed, will depress the LOCK ON button, dangerous if not intended.

    • roy meals says:

      there is no doubt that left handed people can adapt to using their other hand than right handed people can. I always looks at this as having an advantage instead of being handicapped …

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