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Golf Online use a left-handed golfer!

Golf OnlineThe Golf Online website in the UK has a great golf animated game in the header of their site and… It is a left-handed golfer.   Click here to give it a try – move your mouse arrow to  set the trajectory, or height of the shot, then click and the red “shot strength” arrow starts pulsing.    Click again at the strength you want to hit the ball and the left-handed golfer gives it a swing and hits the ball.

If you can get a hole in one, you win a voucher for a free “Golfer's Pocket Referee” guide when you place an order (and it's fun anyway!).

Keith's guide to getting a hole in one – For direction, point at the top of the blue sky edge, directly above the far left tree in the background.   For strength, give it the full whack! (you can actually click to start the swing just after the arrow has filled with dark red.

It is a bit tricky but let's show them what us lefties can do.   If you make it, add a comment below!

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One comment on “Golf Online use a left-handed golfer!
  1. admin says:

    I made it on only the second try, but I must have been lucky because it took me another 20 or so goes to do it again so I could explain how I did it! (the things I do to help our visitors!)

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