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Fooling right-handers

Our article on left-handed April Fools Day pranks and hoaxes got us thinking how our GENUINE left-handed products can cause great confusion for right-handers if they try to use them.   Here are our top 3 items that will fool right-handers if you leave them around and they try to use them.

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Left-handed corkscrewLeft-Handed Corkscrew

This can provide loads of laughs if picked up by a right-hander.  Of course, it has a screw that turns ANTI-clockwise to make it easy for us to use with our left hand, but that means a right-hander will just keep turning away without making any impression on the cork.  When they do work it out (or you have to tell them!) they will try to turn it anti-clockwise with their right hand and see just how difficult that is (and exactly why we needed to make a left-handed version).

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Left-Handed Tin Opener

Like the corkscrew, this is designed completely “backwards” for a right-hander and is very difficult to use unless you are left-handed.

We left-handers will naturally position it on the left edge of the tin and use our left-hand to turn the handle.  Right-handers won't know what to do with it and will get in a proper mess and be completely unable to open the tin.

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Left-handed Buero scissorsLeft-Handed Scissors

These seem so obvious to us but most right-handers have never heard of such a thing.  They have the blades reversed so the top blade is always on the left and we can see our cutting line and get a clean cutting action using them in our left hand.  A right-hander will not be able to cut along a line with them as the line will be covered by the blade.  Also, when they do start to cut, their natural hand action will push the blades apart and they will not cut properly.  The best way to demonstrate this is to draw a circle on a piece of card or paper and ask them to cut it out!

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