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Follow LeftHandersClub on Twitter

Twitter now has over 175 Million subscribers and receives over 100 Million Tweets per day and it has become an great way to keep up with what is going on with other people and organisations you are interested in. Basically, you can make “mini-posts” of up to 140 characters called Tweets to update the world on what you are up to and anything important that has happened – in the case of LeftHandersClub we use it to announce any new articles or products on our website and interesting bits of news related to left-handedness.

Follow LeftHandersClub on Twitter
Once you have opened a free account, you can “follow” other subscribers and whenever they make a post you will immediately see it in your Twitter feed on your computer, mobile phone or emails depending how you want it set up. There are lots of easy to use tools to help you reply to messages, either publicly or privately, and to pass on messages from others to your own followers. If you follow LeftHandersClub you will be the first to know about anything we do and any new products and special offers and our Tweets typically include a shortened link to the appropriate page on our own website..

LeftHandersClub TweetIf you already have a Twitter account, great and please follow LeftHandersClub. If not, you are missing out on quite a lot of fun so why not give it a go – make LeftHandersClub the first one you follow.
Use this link to see our feed and click the “Sign Up” button to get started

Once you are set up and have some people folowing you, please send out a Tweet to let other know about us – something like this:

Follow LeftHandersClub on Twitter for the latest left-handed news, products, offers and fun – please ReTweet to tell the world's lefthanders

and feel free to reply or ReTweet any of our own messages so that all your followers can see them as well – just click the actions links under any of our messages while you are logged in.

Join in the fun and let us know how you get on by posting a comment on this article.

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3 comments on “Follow LeftHandersClub on Twitter
  1. Koyie says:

    Cheers pal. I do apprciaete the writing.

  2. Ken says:

    Good evening Keith, I am what my daughter calls a
    twitterphobiac lol. I refuse to use it. Please tell me that we are
    not going over to there to get our news and views? Many thanks Ken

    • Keith says:

      Hi Ken

      I was the same until recently but now I have started using it to keep in contact with my son I have become a fan. We will not be moving the newsletter to it (can only type max 140 characters!) but we are trying to keep people informed about what we are doing in as many of the ways THEY prefer to use as we can.

      Give Twitter a try – you may like it!

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