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Common questions

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92 comments on “Common questions
  1. Kimi says:

    Hey everyone! Its me again.

    Here is the book i was talking about a week or so ago. (By the way, my previous comment i accidently posted on one of the newsletter comments category. thats why you probably didnt see my comment in THISs category.

    Sorry, i cropped the picture off mircosoft word a few minutes ago and it wont let me paste the photo of the book. Bummer. However, here is some better info on the book than my last post:

    Author-David Wolman-Title-“A Left-Hand Turn Around the World; Chasing the Mystery of All Things SouthPaw”.) Believe me, it’s an excellent book! One of Wolfman’s reviewers who read his book commented this; “Wolman’s book offers an informative and often humorous look at southpaws”-Science News.” I totally agree with that, personally, at least!

    Anyway, I probably already mentioned this before on my previous post, “I have one sister and SIX brothers! Two of them are also leftys. I am, too. So are my two uncles!

    However it doesnt run in my family. I was adopted into this family of mine. Interestingly enough, ALL of my seven siblings, except for two, are all from seperate families and backrounds. The other two I mentioned above are blood related to my adoptive parents.

    People who come to visit us, for example, new neighbors and what not, are boggled about the majority of the Leftys in our family. We often get comments like, What a rare coinsedince! It feels kind of like being a celebrity.

    Anyway, I would really enjoy comments from others out there like my family, that is, if its an okay thing to ask for. C U Later Lefty-ators. (Made that word up) -Kimi, aka, Chatter-Box:-) 6/22/2011

  2. Emily says:

    I am a chef and have a lot of troubles with my knives. I know there is a difference between left and right handed knives when dealing with serrations (ie bread knives) but is there a difference with regular kitchen knives. Can anyone please help me?

  3. Susan says:

    Hi,I am 44yrs old and finally got a left handed scissors as a christmas present this past christmas.This might sound odd but I find it difficult to use,my husband got me a left-handed pen a couple of years ago and I can’t use that either.Is it me or did anyone else have this problem starting off.

    • Mark says:

      I too am of a similar age. I have had left handed scissors bought for me but I cannot use them without a conscious effort to use them with a left-handed purpose. The reason is that I am so used to having to deal with the right-handed kind that I am now conditioned to use scissors a specific way as soon as ai pick them up.
      My natural reaction is now to push apart the handles, thus creating the familiar dented groove in my left thumb,as per right handed scissors which causes the blades to come close together. Unfortunately this action has the opposite effect with the left handed scissors and this pushes the blades apart.

      I have now given up. Using them as my conditioning is too ingrained to keep using the left hand scissors.

  4. melanie says:

    do any other left handed people have big problems with locks and keys also things like fitting a food mixure on the right way

  5. Dave Mildren says:

    I need a new cordless LHand PC Mouse, My logitech has decided to pack up on me so, I need a new one. Oh and I have Arthritis in my fingers so I need quitwe a large one please. Any help please?


  6. Christine says:

    My five-year old is a lefty. Should I teach him to hold cutlery in a left or right handed fashion?

    • Izzy says:

      My little sister’s left handed, but she grew up with my parents and I teaching her to be right handed with most things, and now she’s ambidextris!!

      Just do what your 5 year old feels comfortable with and she/he can begin to make to decisions themself as they grow to what they feel comfortable with.

      • Emily says:

        Ha! Im the only leftie in a family of righties and find that some thing i can also do right handed such as peeling vegetables. I am now 18 and find that most people are a little puzzled as to whether im left handed or right handed, Especially at the dinner table!!

    • Lawrence says:

      I’m left handed.. But would say the one thing to teach your child to do right handed is eating..

      Eating etiquette and service layout is always on the right, if you are at a dining table having cutlery all switched about causes you to bump in to the people next to you, even drinking glasses etc .. the available space is arranged in the way to make it easy for righties..

      Learning to eat that way for a left handed person will save them a power of hurt, if not awkwardness..

  7. Rob Hackney. says:

    To JC COLSON’S question about illness’ more common with left handers than right handers
    I would like the answer as well ,in one of your older issues.Thanks.
    [email protected]

  8. Magpie says:

    I to am one of 6 daughters who are all Left Handed, born to a right handed father.

    But to 5 different mothers (yes my dear father was a bit of a wild one); all of whom are also were right-handed.

    Anyone else got a similar background ?

  9. Kev Corcoran says:

    Looking for a ‘Left-Hand Only’ beer glass or mug for a gift to a left handed friend. Any suggestions?



  10. Liz says:

    Are all your cartridge pens refillable?

    • Keith says:

      Yes – they all take standard size cartridges and we recommend the half length 38mm cartridges – put one in the body of the pen to give ink flow and a spare upside down in the barrel to keep the live one in place and be there as a spare if you run out of ink at an important moment.

  11. Margie says:

    In the USA, most ATM signature pads have the pen/stylus attached to the right side of the equipment, which makes it quite difficult to sign as a lefty. Most times my signature simply is not legible. Why or why can’t they just attach the cord in the middle at the bottom of the unit?????


  12. JC Colson says:

    I have been a member for acouple years…I have enjoyed your newsletter very much.
    I do remember a long time ago that you had an article about common illnesses/diseases that are more common with left handiers apposed to right handed people.
    Do you still have that article in your archives that I could receive?
    Thank You for any information that you can send to me or post.


    Jc Colson

  13. Ak says:

    Im a muslim and im really confused whether in Islam it is permissible to use the left hand for eating….because everyone says its not??? because of this i’ve REALLY TRIED, like really really hard to make use of my right hand, but i might as well wish the sky was red>>:(:(:(


    • Gill Henderson says:

      I went to a quite posh school where manners at the dinner table were considered important. I was told it was very bad mannered to use my soup spoon with my left hand. I thought it was worse mannered to tip my soup into my ear with my right hand !

  14. Margaret says:


    I purchased the Left-handed Letter guide using Paypal. I printed it out. The only problem is when I make copies, the lines do not show up because they are gray. I can’t find the original link or download. Can I use it to copy several sets of these sheets? Can you please send this to me again so I can do so? Please see my information below…

    Margaret Hatfield

    Transaction ID: 3NB53292AW5722343
    Hello Margaret Hatfield,

    You sent a payment of 2.95 GBP to Anything Left-Handed Ltd ([email protected])

    It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.

  15. Lori says:

    I have an odd situation. My husband and I are both right handed. We only had two children together and both of our boys are left handed!! Anyone know the odds of this happening?

    • chance gomez says:

      to have a left handed child when both parents are right handed is 25% chance are the boys twins?

    • Galen says:


      I have an even odder case. My sister-in law is 1 of 5 children born to right handers. All 5 children are left handed. While visiting family in Alaska last week,we were discussing this and wondering what the odds that 5 out of 5 children are leftys. Any info out there?

    • Hiba says:

      lori ,
      am a left-handed person , my parents are both righties , and my two siblings and my whole family !!!

  16. chance gomez says:

    my question is there away to reduce my smugges when i write

    • Heather says:

      yeah they sell pens that have some kinda ink in them that prevents smudges, i know its hard to not do so with some pens, but u just gotta find the right pen

    • Tara says:

      To help prevent smudges I tend to slip a small piece of paper underneath my hand…when I was younger I used to pull my sleeve down underneath my hand…I can’t quite remember when I stopped doing that but I just know I don’t do it anymore.

    • Susan says:

      Yes, turn the paper to approx a 45 degree angle so your hand sits naturally under your writing. This way your hand isn’t obscuring what you are writing so your hand writing will improve dramatically and you won’t smudge the ink. My primary 6 teacher showed me how to do this. You are in charge of the paper and pen, they are not in charge of you. You don’t need to bend your hand around the words, make the words conform to you. It’s very easy to get used to, may cause the odd comment but mainly about your beautiful hand writing.

  17. chance gomez says:

    my name is chance gomez and i am spainsh fork utah U.S.A and i am proud that i am left handed. it is the greatest thing that is in my life (besides my fiance’ saryha) i play the bass guitar left handed. i dont use scissors left handed though. i dont know why i think that is really weird. but ya being left handed is great and it is too bad we only make up ten percent of the worlds popultaion!!!!!!!!!! thats it
    P.S. if being left handed is wrong i never want to be right

  18. Terry says:

    My son is not only left-handed, but he has no use of his right hand and arm due to a stroke at a very young age. Although, his right leg is not fully functional (hemiplegic) and is aphasic, he is a 29-year old adult, married, holding down a job and drives a car which has been modified to fit his needs.

    Is there anything out there (and I do mean anything) that is specifically meant for use with the left hand only?

    Would love to see such items.

    Thanks a million!

    • Victoria says:

      Your son sounds amazing, I wish him well and hope he continues to enjoy a good life. I have always felt that being left handed makes me feel ‘different’ and as I like to stand out from the crowd, not a bad thing. Left handed people are not sheep and therefore deserve to be recognised as different!
      I cant offer you any assistant Im afraid but moral support counts for a lot. So I hope your son feels as proud as I do to be using his left hand instead of his right.



  19. Julie says:

    I’m a lefty and have found difficulties in my aerobic/dance classes. Has anyone else noticed that dancing tends to favor right-handed movements? This includes symmetrical moves (one side, than the other; I find right-handed instructors will often forget the left side) and moves that require 180 degree turns (I’d prefer to turn to the left using my left foot for balance but hip-hop dancing generally has you turn to your right).

  20. bijit says:

    i am a left hander or i can simply say that i only use my left hand in writing other than that i am used to use my right hand in other activities.
    i am very popular in my class because i have the best handwriting of all inspite of writing with left hand so left hand also sometimes dominates over the right hand

  21. Madeline says:

    I’ll repeat this just not knowing if it “took” first time…
    I write exclusively with my left hand, cannot use my right. Yet I seem to do most everything else with my right hand.
    I am superinterested in your diary/notebook type of products.
    But would anyone have any idea why my brain works this way?
    I am not upset just very curious

  22. Madeline says:

    I write exclusively with my left hand but seem to do most everything else with my right. I am very interested in your products like the diaries etc. But does anyone have any information on why my brain is this way?
    I’m not upset, just ultra curious!

  23. Kate says:

    Why do left-handed watches have the numbers going the other way yet still have the little time adjuster knob on the right hand side? I was alway taught to have my watch on the opposite hand to which I right, which makes using that function very difficult. I’d have thought having the numbers going the correct way round but with the knob on the other side would be more benefical to most. Any ideas?

    • Lori says:

      That makes absolute sense to me!

    • Christopher Bradford says:

      This is news to me. I am completely left handed, but I’ve never had a left handed watch. I always assumed the only difference would be the knob to adjust the time would be on the left side of the watch. If left handed watches are the way you describe, I’ll never want one.

  24. Heather says:

    Does anybody know where you can buy a joystick for either the XBox or PS2? I ask because my dad lost his right arm in an accident, and now finds simple tasks such as using a controller quite difficult.

  25. linda says:


    i would like to find some left handed pencil grips for large thick pencils used by very young children, any ideas?

  26. Philip says:

    This is great i am so glad i found this website. Now i can talk to other left handed people. But i do have a question where can i be in a lefthanded study and how can i start a lefthanded day celibration in my town if you have an answer please email me at [email protected] put left handed in the subject line thanks be proud your left handed thanks Philip

  27. Jan says:

    Configure mouse settings in control panel & change use of primary button to right, click mouse, tick switch primary button, apply and ok. Then place mouse left hand side of keyboard, simple this is how I use mine. I presume this is what you were asking about.

  28. Sadig Mhamoud says:

    what you believe of the suggesiton that most of lift handed were intellegent or has aptitude to consider things different to their right handed colleagues, otherwise lifthanded has better chance to activate the lift sid of their minds in which intellectual visoin were found

  29. Steven Carroll says:

    Not sure how to answer that question about operating a computer with the just the left hand!
    But, I have another question: Are there any other left handers out there who have difficulty in forward planning. i don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s a common trait with left handedness.
    Also, sense of direction, or lack of it! There have been many a time I have taken a wrong turn down a street and before I know it, hopelessly lost. Thereafter, find it very difficult in working out how to get my bearings right again.

    Steve Carroll

  30. babu says:

    how to operate computer with left hand only

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