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New product requests

This page shows items that people have asked us for, our feedback and notes on our progress in finding them.

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Product request Response and progress

Cutting boards

I’ve been meaning to ask if you have ever considered left-handed cutting boards? I do quite a lot of patchwork & the most popular suppliers of materials looked at me as if I was mad when I enquired at a large patchwork event. They told me just to turn the board around! This doesn’t work as one side is shown in inches & the other in centimetres, both going from left to right. (I hope this makes sense – you might like to try it out on an old envelope!). I usually just subtract e.g. 18″ – 7″ = 11″, but it would be much easier with a left-handed board! I would imagine other left-handed quilters & craftspeople would be glad of this too.

We have not come across anything like this – we had to have our own left-handed rulers made with the scales going form right to left and I guess this is something that would need to be custom-made as well.   This normally requires a large volume (minimum for our rulers is 2,000 of each size at a time) so is not easy for specialist products like your cutting board.

We’ll keep a look out and if anyone knows of a source for these please add a comment to this page.


Right-handed full size hacksaws (not the puny junior hacksaw types) have the blade flush to the left and the frame to the right, so the right-handed person can make a flush cut with the right hand.   A left-handed hacksaw naturally would be a mirror image with the blade flush to the right.   I can't find one anywhere.   Do you have a tool supplier who would make a left-handed hacksaw?

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130 comments on “New product requests
  1. Liz says:

    Hello! I found this site today because I am fuming at the hassle and time-wasting I have just endured because of a new prejudice that, as far as I know, did not exist with older products. My old food blender – jug on a stand type – died, so I bought a new one, reliable make, put it firmly together and heard the jug and lid click into place, but nothing happened. Took it back to the shop, and the shop assistant made it work and refused to give me a refund, saying I can’t have assembled it correctly, and the customer is not always right. Back home, slaved over it for hours more and could NOT make anything happen. Back to the shop and insisted on an exchange for a blender of another brand, and guess what, this one was dead too. During the struggle, the machine turned so it had its back to me. I put the jug on, and it worked. Look at all the photos, and the jug-handle is on the right, but the instructions do not tell us the machines ONLY work with the handle on the right. The jug clicks into place equally well and locks properly when inserted left-handed so there is nothing to indicate that this is ‘wrong’. My old one, I could put the jug on left-handed and it was fine. It seems the latest models are designed for right-handers only, which is very inconvenient because I want to operate the switch with my right hand so that my left hand is ready to remove the jug and pour, as well as using my left hand to hold the blender steady, should the vibrations cause it to move. The only way to use this new one is to have the machine sideways on rather than facing me, and reach round to the far side to release the jug. What a pain! Has anyone else come across this new drawback? Does anyone know of a manufacturer that still makes the ‘either way round’ type? Does everyone agree it’s disgusting they don’t even warn us we have to put it on cock-eyed? I looked up reviews of these appliances and five others said they couldn’t get them to work; now I’m betting they were all lefties, too. That’s three trips to the shop, hours of messing around, and an argument with the assistant – all because of the way nature made me. And this is 2018.

  2. margery angus says:

    MOBILR PHONE COVERS. I have so far used flip over the top cases but these are not so good for larger phones with cases hinged on the left and upside down does not work. with so many designs it probably needs generic sizes suitable for cutting your own apertures for camera etc or has anyone found a solution. margery

  3. Chris says:

    I need a steel left handed rule for woodworking and metalwork. Do you stock these or know where one can be otained?

  4. leonie holmes says:

    I have been searching everywhere for left handed pinking shears for dress making. I can only find ones stating “for right or left handed use” but surely that’s not correct. Proper left handed scissors & shears make so much difference, I don’t see why it should be different for pinking shears.

  5. Gillian says:

    Love if you could identify a good left handed rotary cutter for dressmaking.

  6. Peter stone says:


    I am a paramedic and am looking for some left handed tuffcut style scissors as the ones we are issued with require feats of ingenuity for me to use, not great in an emergency.

  7. Jacky Batterson says:


    Years ago my husband had a mug that my parents had bought him but unfortunately it broke. I have been looking for a similar mug and have been unable to find one anywhere. It was a left handed mug with the words ‘Specially designed for left handers in mind’ and had 3 holes cut out on right side so only a left handed person could use it. Do you stock anything like this? or would you be able to get hold of one or know where I could get one from please?

  8. Mickey Ward says:

    I would like to find a left handed stainless steel Turkish coffee pot, like the following. I have seen copper wooden handle ones, but not stainless.

  9. Klaus Kirchner says:

    Dear Lefthanders,

    My brother was left handed so I know very well about this issue.

    I am teaching how to cut with a scythe and noticed, that there were no scythes for left handers available. To change this I got Austrian scythe smiths to create new left scythes. They are available now with ergonomic holds of all sizes.

    If you want to learn scything or get your left hander scythe feel free to contact us on

    More informations:

    Best regards,

    Klaus Kirchner

  10. Monica Collins says:

    I’m not sure if the last one went through. I’m wearing bifocal contacts and some of the tiny images were hard to make out.

    I am not trying to sell anything; I’m merely telling you about an item I use.

    For a few years now, I have been using widescreen notepads (see below, it should be page 4). I came across them at FedEx Office, then I ordered some for myself directly from Roaring Springs. They are nice because you have much more room to write; very nice for us that don’t write as small and as pretty as a right-hander lol. Also, there is not wire on any side of the paper. I’ve yet to find notebook covers for them that work well, however I am still looking. I just thought that you might be interested in looking at them.

  11. Peter Sobocki says:

    I’m a 55 year old lefty looking for a left hand fountain pen for myself. I’m quite interested in the Lamy Safari with the L/H nib option. I like the idea of the profiled finger grip and the pen has some good reviews, but I am keen to hear from left handed users as to how this performs for them. I have not used a fountain pen since my college days, where I used an old Parker Aerometric with a 14k nib. I really loved using that old pen until someone stepped on it. I never found another pen I could use, and I tried loads, even other Parkers. It was originally my fathers (another lefty) who had run it in for a good 10 years before I had it.

  12. Helen Hodis says:

    I would really love a left handed filo fax.

  13. Keith says:

    Sorry, we still cannot find anyone to make these for us again.

  14. ellizzabeth says:

    I am trying to get hold of a left handers address book…I have had one in the past and now with so many alterations in it …I need a new one !!! any idea where I can get hold of one ///

  15. s says:

    Hello,Do you have any left-handed index address books, mine is falling apart, I think I got it from you guys about 10 years ago.Thank-youS

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