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Free eBooks for left-handed children and their parents

We are making our 3 best-selling guides and our most popular eBook COMPLETELY FREE to members of the Left-Handers Club until the end of March 2020. Just add the items you want to your cart, enter Coupon Code LHCEB in the checkout and click update to see all their prices disappear.
  • Your Left-Handed Child by Lauren Milsom – the ultimate guide to understanding and helping left-handed children
    (normally £9.95 / USD $11.80, now £0.00!)

  • Left-Handed Letter Formation Guide – how left-handers form some letter in a different way to right-handers, including practice sheets for you to print
    (normally £3.95 / USD $4.68, now Nothing!)

  • Left-Handed Cutting and Scissors Guide – why left-handed children can't cut with right-handed scissors and how to make it really easy with their left-handed ones, plus a selection of cutting images for them to practice on.
    (normally £3.95 / USD $4.68, now Zero!)

  • Helping Your Left-Handed Pre-School Child – recognising handedness early and helping with development and learning of basic skills.
    (normally £3.95 / USD $4.68, now Nada, Zilch, Gratis, £0.00!)

Ordering your free eBooks

If you have not placed an order with us before this is the perfect time to start as you can use our systems and not spend anything.

Click this link to see the 4 free eBooks and start your order

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