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202 comments on “Questions & help
  1. Heather Massey says:

    I have had a problem with pens unscrewing as I write. Can anyone recommend a good fountain pen for a leftie.

  2. Helen Buckingham says:

    I have a problem with my driving as I am so used to leading with my left side that I want to be sitting on the left hand side of the car in a Left Hand Drive. Unfortunately it is difficult to find people who will teach in a LHD car so I still have not passed my test.

    Any ideas?

  3. S.J. Humphrey says:

    Where can I buy left handed pinking scissors, please? Obviously by email would be ideal.

  4. Mrs Clark says:

    I was brought up to be right handed, but am left footed, eyed, paint better left handed,can write with both hands, iron left handed, am quite ambidextrous etc my son is a lefty. Now I think I should probably be a lefty, should I try to use my left more and stop using my right hand so much, or will that mess my brain up more???

  5. Carol Stripe says:

    Sorry my comment about the tape measures for dressmaking should say I cannot get them via the US website ans not connecting to server!

  6. Carol Stripe says:

    Hi, on the US website you have left handed tape measures for dresmaking. However it appears that I can get the site there to accept my order via paypal. Is there any chance that you could get me a couple or at least have them sent to you so I can pay you here in the UK. Ever hopefulCarol StripeA stitcher who loves her left handed tape measures but the need replacing.

  7. Helen says:

    Hello,I am very left handed and have really struggled with lessons on a right hand drive car. Do you know of anywhere I get get lessons in a LHD car and take my test in a LHD?

  8. Nicholas says:

    Cameras for Left handers.

    I have a camera for right handed people, about 50% of my photos are not correct as when I take a picture my hand brushes off the dials and changes settings (mainly the ISO 🙁

    I have thought this out in my mind and have realised that I am left handed and left eyed. And that handling cameras particularly I find that I am very awkward.

    Is there any left handers out there who has a DSLR that they are happy using. You can lock the buttons or whatever, I would like to hear from you. I am not interested in ancient models. I am looking for the latest technology.

    What percentage of the world is left handed? One day the manufacturers may build something for us.

  9. Calvin Kendall says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Hi. As someone not only left handed but also totally left sided, if perhaps you are not already aware of the work of Stanley Coren on handedness and sidedness, I wish to bring the neuropsychology research work of Stanley Coren with regards to handedness and sidedness to your attention, particularly as presented in his book, “The Left-Hander Syndrome” [ ISBN 0-679-74469-1 (pbk.) { © 1993 } ]. Although he he has found his fame in his “golden years” vis-à-vis psychology of dogs, he did much valid and ground-breaking and thereby controversial research on handedness and sidedness thanks to copious amounts of grant money from my government, that is, the Canadian Federal Government, via the National Research Council (Canada).
    Thank you kindly for Your precious time and valuable undivided attention.

    Yours via my Vocation,
    Calvin E. Kendall, S.F.O.

    (No big deal in putting my email in here just in case any left-handers might want to contact me, the spammers of the world already have it…)

  10. sailesh says:

    all Web Browsers seem to be designed for right handed as a left hander feel awkward using them. I was wondering if anyone else have raised this point or have solution to this problem.

  11. Stephen says:

    Kindly I like to know if there is a market for left handed products in Tanzania…and I like to know also famous people from Africa…I actually late to join coz I didn’t know if this special universe have people with awesome unification ideas.


  12. tony ater says:

    i am a lefty and play a right hand guitar upside down. do any other leftys play like this? ive got a song on utube, i wrote called citys gone country. type in tony ater or citys gone country. looking forward to hearing from you thanks

  13. sandra says:

    How come when I get an email that has a person making an inquiry ….is it just me or do I hang my cloths up backwards….and it show comment or reply.. I tried both clicked on comments and then
    Clicked reply… with both I did not get a discussion thread i got to the store.
    I clicked on home same thing got the store.
    I don’t want to buy anything left handed but I am interested in the lefthanded responses..
    If this is how it is going to be I find it frustrating an will be taking my name from your website.
    Sandra Russell

  14. Jyothi.k says:

    Hi i have a son who is six years old now he hesitates alot to write at when he was 4.5yr old he was doing the same thing so we consulted occupational therapist there they told us he is left hander so we made him practice writing and doing things with left handed now they have started writing cursive writing in school but he does not want to write and overlaps alot and keeps erasing so we just told him to write with his right hand see his writing is good and does not overlap so please suggest me what to do i am confused what to do are there any tests to know he is born right handed or left handed please me.

    • Christopher says:

      Ask him to write the same sentence using each hand. Ask him which felt more comfortable. Talk with him about each version, comfort, readability, what feels best to him. Let him decide what feels natural.

      I’m 54 and my handwriting is still rubbish. I took up electronics from a young age. My employer, with 20 years of experience over me, asked – on more that one occasion – “That can’t work. How did you make it work?”

      I wouldn’t focus on handwriting. We lefties are famous for making doctors look good. As with any child, find out what he’s good at and focus on that. Are you left-handed?

      Being a lefty – even in the twenty-first century – is challenging work. Let him play. He’ll find what he is good at and will amaze you. Give him a few editions of NewScientist. That’s what got me started.

      Get him a laptop. Teach him to touch-type. He will be happier.

      Best of luck.


    • Nicholas says:

      Word processors

      I had the first one (1971). I could not be without it. It corrects my spelling, people can read what I write. Before word processors, I could not construct a sentence I was happy with, and it did not matter as no one could read what I wrote.

      Get your child in front of a computer and see what happens.

  15. jen says:

    Hi I was wondering if there were any left handed cameras? I am disabled and only have the use of my left hand and wanted to know if there’s anything available’ please let me know thank you

  16. nick whitchurch says:

    I’m a left handed accountant and thought… do they make a left handed computer keyboard. Answer: Yes!… but apparently only corded ones! Why does no one make a wireless one? I’ve searched everywhere and I’m not paranoid… but one begins to think that we are viewed as ‘disabled’ and really don’t require modern technology.. only enough to cope with our condition…

    • Thomas says:

      I never imagined a “left-handed keyboard” would make any difference, since we type with both hands. Or are you speaking of a keyboard with the number pad on the left side instead of the right?

      I just got used to using the number pad with my right hand, which is actually more convenient since I can still hold my pen in my left hand at the same time. I can’t say the same for the mouse, however!

  17. Frank J. Saffa says:

    just wanted to say i was born a twin on 6/19/1952…i’m left handed but my brother is right handed…

    frank j. saffa

  18. Thomas Kelly says:

    I love the newsletter, but am not a long time subscriber. I looked through the questions but could not find an answer to my question. I would not consider myself technically ambidextrous. I write/draw and eat with my left hand. But, my strongest is my right. I use scissors and causes opebers with my right. And yet, it doesn’t seem to be a solid left-dextrous and right-strongest distinction because I ten-key with my right without ever having to think about it. Also, when I type with one hand, I usually default to my right hand. I assume truly ambidextrous individuals can use either hand. But that is not the case with me (for example, I absolutely cannot use left-handed scissors).

    I have heard of others that gave similar differences, so while it may be an even smaller segment of the population, it seemed common enough to have been addressed or have a name.

    Is there a link to a segment where this has been addressed that you can share? Or something you can tell me? Or if you would be willing to address this in the future, I would be most appreciative.

  19. maddy says:

    dear sir/madam
    im 21 yr old right handed… doing medicine learnin to write in left hand from three or four months and i think i hav reached 25-30% of my right hand writing…. but now my question s will it hav any adverse effect on my intelligence? memory? concentration? or s it usefull? pls clarify my doubts….

  20. Suzy says:

    My husband has a question, as being his wife, I’m also the only left handed family member. Steve wants to know if there is such a thing as a “left-handed coffee mug?”



    • Thomas says:

      Believe it or not, there certainly are left-handed coffee mugs or cups. Those have a design or graphic printed on the side facing away from the user when the handle is held in the left hand.

  21. Krysta says:


    I had an ackward couple of questions regarding left-handers.

    Do they usually walk starting off on the left foot?

    Do they have trouble driving on the right side of the road? Or driving a car?

    I don’t know if I’m a natural leftie or not, but I do know of some idiosynchrasies. For instance, I never drove overseas, but when I got back from Okinawa (they drive on the left) I could not adapt to driving on the right again. I’m glad I live in the country because occasionally I still start off wrong (14 years later). I was also a wierd kid growing up, but don’t know if it had anything to do with handedness. I call my self a right-hand ambidextrous. I’ve been that way since childhood.

    Thank you for your time.


  22. Emily says:

    All this lefty talk got me thinking…
    I was on holiday in Gran Canaria (they drive on the right)
    I’d never driven on right of the roads anywhere before.
    Really wanted to.. In I got and out of car park I drove…
    on to the left roadside lane!!
    A polizia officer soon saw the car luckily I was stationary at the traffic lights.
    My friend & I got out walked with him to our hotel ground, I couldn’t stop giggling (think it my nerves) As to my friend did also! Well this was not funny to the polizia! He thought we were laughing in his face at him (we were not) luckily the hotel manageress came to the rescue!! 😃
    Kindly translated between us and him. ‘almost’ got a ticket / fine
    Since then havnt tried driving right roadside again it worried me as I could have been up the creek without any paddle!!!
    has any fellow lefty’s successfully driven on the right-hand roadside with ease…? Be good to hear from you 😊

  23. Sarah says:

    Last week, I heard an ad on radio 4 for a programme that was going to talk about the (supposed) perils of being left handed. It said it would be broadcast on Friday at 16:30 (presumably as part of “more or less”) but my son and I tuned in and listened to the whole thing and there wasn’t so much as a mention of left handed ness. So my question is do you know what programme they were promoting? Can a link be put on your website to it? I would really like to listen so if you have any further info on it, I would be very pleased to have it. Thanks, from Sarah and Lewis (all-left household!)

  24. Steen Schmidt Nielsen says:

    Good morning everybody
    I never start with a cold bath which means opnening for cold water first – because I start to open the cold water first with my left hand, which is rather surprising and very hot.
    Yours sincerely Steen.

  25. Chrissie says:

    I’m tired, so tired, of having to adapt. What’s that saying about my brain..? On the left, nothing is right. On the right, nothing is left.

  26. Juliet says:

    Kindly let me know if there is a shop selling left handed goods in South Africa.
    Thank you. Juliet

  27. Shelley says:

    One other person has asked about engraving, however there is no response from the site.
    I’d be interested in getting a pen.



    • Chrissie says:

      Don’t bother. I bought a “left handed” pen and my right handed sons have stolen it! My right handed daughter used it before the sons got hold of it. It begs the question. Are we being ripped off because we’re left handed? I think so.

  28. Advait Rathod says:

    How about an idea of calling left handers spread all over the world for a conference or get together? I would love to meet fellows like me personally.

  29. Camino says:


    My 8 years old is lefthanded. He has just started tennis lessons and the teacher tells me that he might be LH for everything else, but that he is RH for tennis…..???
    In every sport he has showed to be LH…. I have the impression that the teacher wants him to play RH for his convinience, am I right?

    Thank you

    • Alison Harrison says:

      Hello. You are not necessarily correct. I am left handed yet at school I could only play hockey right handed. This was strange, because I could only play tennis LEFT handed.
      I seem to be a bit ambidextrous though, as I sew left handed, yet peel potatoes right handed. Even though we had left handed potato peelers at school, I could not use them!
      So your son may be like me – left handed for most things, but right handed for some.
      Tell him good luck with the tennis!
      Kind regards,

    • Patricia says:

      This is interesting to me because I don’t know anyone else like myself who writes with their left hand but does most other things with their right hand. For sports I am consistently right-handed.

  30. Heather says:

    Hi, I was just wondering is it true that us left handers will live a shorter life than right handers by about 9 years?

    • Heather says:

      Also is it weird that when ever i go to open a door and it says pull ill push and then on my way out ill pull instead of push? I all ways feel really embarrassed when this happens.pls answer 🙂

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